What To Wear With Leather Pants?

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What to wear with leather pants? There are numerous attractive ways to style yourself with leather pants. When you think of style leather pants as your outfit.

The first thing that comes to mind is the images of popular rock stars like Joan Jett and Mick Jagger. However, most of us can also think of bikers who are head to toe covered with leather. Meanwhile, leather gives a classy as well as chic look.

It is one of the recommended outfits when thinking of partying as this is funky as well. Leather outfits are also in trend nowadays.

When you look at models, they nailed their looks in leather on the ramp. If you also want to be like a model on a ramp, you need to go through the article below.

So, let’s not waste more time and get into it.

1. What To Wear With Leather Pants – 10 Best Nailing Outfits!

Wearing leather pants is a trendy look for styling different attires. But, when it comes to styling these leather pants.

It takes a lot of time to think and make a perfect look. Meanwhile, it has always been a great fashion trend. Despite the 90s era, as you look for the 2000s and till now, these are a fashion trends.

Decade by decade, leather pants have become more trendy. The leather pants usually give a more authentic look to you than the leather leggings.

Wearing leather pants always keeps you ever-ready and opportunistic. Whether you are going out with friends or shopping, or want a professional look or partying. These leather pants are a perfect fit for every type of situation.

Meanwhile, this is always a huge question about what to style with leather pants. It is a must thinking what to style for the top and what pair of shoes should you go for.

Given below are the 10 best outfits with leather pants.

1.1. High Waist Pants with a combination of T-Shirt and Blazer

Style the best-suited colored high-waist leather pants with a T-shirt. Add a classy blazer to make your look flawless. This look is also one of the best looks for the office.

Meanwhile, you can go shopping with this look, and you’ll be notable enough. For an ideal professional look, you can style a ground-colored high-waist leather with a dark-navy blazer and a white T-shirt.


However, it is among the best looks for office outings. Adding a T-shirt with sneakers will be a perfect fit for a weekend. 

1.2. Button-Down Shirt with Straight Leg Trousers and a pair of Ankle Boots

Wearing a button-down shirt always rocks with straight leather pants. It is the simplest way to style your looks with straight leather pants.

Meanwhile, you can choose any colorful leather pants you like. Leather pants of any color will give you a flawless look with a white shirt.

Elegant Classic Leather Pant Outfits #shorts #fashion #leatherpants

Style a white shirt with a button-down look and straight pants along with a combination of ankle boots that always look authentic. You can make you look much better if your shoes have a hue-contrasting look.

1.3. Fine Black Leather with Fleece or Sporty Jacket

The combination of a sporty jacket or a fleece mainly works with straight leather pants. Loose and flared straight-legs pants will give a glamorous look.

Ankle-length pants will work as a cherry on the cake. Color-block fleeces are also a good styling choice. Besides, zip-ups over light-colored sweatshirts will be an amazing fit.

what to wear with leather pants
Image by Skylar Kang at pexels

Complete your styling with decent pointy-toe shoes. Either you can also opt for pure white sneakers.

You can add a clutch or a cross-body bag to style your look. It’s a pretty look, which makes you perfect for an outing as well as a shopping or day-out look.

1.4. Textured Pants and Knits with Patterned Shoes

Try textured leather pants for a distinct classy look. If you find textured leather, then go for textured knits or tops as well.

You can also go for leopard print pointy shoes. Meanwhile, stripes or floral looks will also be acceptable here. This is the best look for oversized tucked knits with textured straight-leg leather pants.

Furthermore, it’s more like an outing or day party styling. Moreover, you can add a bright thin chain around your neck, even better if a platinum color.

Hermes Summer 2023 Textured Leather Pant Try-On from the Ready to Wear Collection!

1.5. Style Dark Leather Trousers with a Denim Shirt

You can style dark-colored trousers of leather with an ethnic denim shirt. It is an ideal look for a styled day out with friends. This combination of a denim shirt with dark leather pants will keep you nice.

Besides, it will give you a decent look. Also, you do need to cover yourself up with too much thick clothing.

what to wear with leather pants
Image by Alan Garzón at pexels

Meanwhile, when you style a denim shirt, it gives you a decent regular look. In addition, denim shirts can also give you a funky look for joining concerts. You can wear goggles matching your leather pants, and try to keep your accessories simple.

Finally, it will give you a glamorous look and now you’re good to go!

1.6. Colorful Leather Pants with Matching Sweater

For making the best combo of this outfit, you better try the hue colors like purple, green, or red leather. Style your outfit with a matching sweater. It will be better if the sweater has vertical stripes.

This will help you give a classy and tall look. It’s a gorgeous day look that can be followed on roads, shopping, and friends outings.

STYLING LEATHER TROUSERS | Elegant And Timeless Style

It’s an authentic look with similar color of bottoms and tops. Meanwhile, you can also style these hue leather pants with a regular tee tucked inside pants.

Otherwise, you can also try a crop T-shirt or sweatshirt according to your choice. Try leather flared leather pants at the bottoms that cover your shoe gracefully.

1.7. Leather Jogger Pants with Oversized Sweaters and Loafers

This is one of the most authentic, natural, and perfect for many situation looks. Wearing too much oversize clothing in just one outfit will look vague.

But as for leather material, oversize can also be a perfect fit size. When you go for oversized sweaters with joggers, try ankle-length joggers.

what to wear with leather pants
Image by Keith Ward-Taylor at pexels

Additionally, keep your sleeves up to show your skin. Ankle-length joggers will also help show your skin.

It’ll give you a stunning look and show your actual figure, not the oversized one. Wear penny loafers that will suit the ankle-length joggers.

Leather joggers always give an ethnic look and they are classy enough to style with.

1.8. What To Wear With Leather Pants: Dark Hued Leather with Bright Shades

If you want to try some different patterns, go for a simple look. Wear neutral leather in colors like navy, brown, or black. Style it with highlighter bright colored tops.

Neither too heavy nor so light, it’s entirely a decent look. It will make you a perfect fit wherever you go. However, this will look even better with contrasting accessories with highlighted tops.

what to wear with leather pants
Image by EVG Kowalievska at pexels

Use accessories like a hued handbag with a pair of transparent highlighter heels. As per your look, you can also switch to clean white sneakers. If possible try to match a bit of highlighted lining on sneakers as your top.

1.9. Classic Leather Pants and Cropped Sweater with Sneakers

Straight-leg leather pants with classy dark colors have always been recommended for styling. Style it with cropped sweaters and tees will be an amazing fit.

It gives you a regular look as well as a classy fit look for regular day outs. However, this can also work as an airport-look like model.

what to wear with leather pants
Image by Jeff Denlea at pexels

Instead of using a fully embellished sweater, go for a knitted one with crop looks. This’ll give your outfit a modern and ideal look. Finish your look with sporty sneakers. As for accessories, go for a side bag or crossed handbags.

1.10. Ethnic Black From Head To Toe

When you are in a rush and cannot think of what to wear. Choose for a head-to-toe authentic black look. Shiny black leather pants with black tees or sweaters are just amazing.

Furthermore, you can also try cropped black zip-ups with a little touch of silver lining. It will help differentiate your zip-ups with pants.

what to wear with leather pants
Image by mehrab zahedbeigi at pexels

Black is an all-time favorite look of most people. However, it is also a classy look that makes you look glamorous and notable between crowds.

Even better if you try golden or silver accessories like bracelets, watches, and a bright shiny chain around your neck.

2. What To Wear With Leather Pants: Types of Leather Pants

There are many types of leather pants that you can choose for your styling. Given below are several types of leather pants to wear.

  • Straight Leg Leather Pants
  • Bell Bottom Leather Pants
  • Jogger Leather Pants
  • Leggings Leather Pants
  • Flared Leather Pants
  • Skinny Leather Pants
  • Bootcut Leather Pants
  • Jeans Leather Pants
  • Vinyl Leather Pants
  • Track Leather Pants
  • Wide Leg Leather Pants

3. Conclusion

Leather pants have always been a fashion rage from the 90s era till the era of 2023. Meanwhile, the question of what to wear with leather pants has always been the same in each era.

However, it gives a versatile and classy look that is almost the best fit either for regular outings or occasionally. Style yourself with the best-suited look of your choice with the help of above-mentioned looks.

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