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Toronto Animal Services North Shelter is located in the city of Toronto, Canada. It gives the facility of veterinary hospitals as well as all different kinds of pet adoption facilities1. Toronto Animal Services, North Region, has many beneficial services to offer to its clients.

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Services You Will Get At Toronto Animal Services, North Shelter

  • Process licensing service for dogs and cats.
  • Provide home and take in stray animals and also those in need of care.
  • Provide quality vet treatment, and vaccination for homeless, sick, or injured animals.
  • Through their Lost and Found program2, they reunite around 2,000 lost pets with their owners every year.
  • Through their Pet Adoption program around 4,000 animals find loving homes.
  • They help to manage pet overpopulation and provide their expertise to do so.
  • They provide Volunteer and Donation programs that are beneficial to many small creatures.

Why We Need A Pet?

Imagine getting back home and a 4 legged animal runs to you, wagging its tail as you open your arms and engulf it, and then it starts sniffing you out of happiness and starts jumping for joy.

This is exactly what it is like to have a pet. They give the feeling of being home. There are many reasons as to why you should go for adoption.

  • If you are living alone, away from home, you can have a companion to spend your time with. They make you feel at home. You can play around with them, exercise, go out for walks, and socialize.
  • If you are family with kids or newborns then getting a pet dog is like having an angel around. Pet dogs are very gentle with babies and are also a great addition to the family.
  • If you want a companion to play with and stay active, get a dog.
  • If you want a companion to just be lazy around with, get a cat or maybe cats.
  • If you want a small companion that can even fit in your palms get a rodent.

There are many ways that you can think of adopting a pet and being happy is one of them. Apart from being a great addition to the home, pets are also proved to be of numerous health benefits for you.

Health benefits of having a pet

The most common pets are either a dog or a cat. Apart from being a part of your daily routine, pets are also of many health benefits to you. Pets make you exercise daily unknowingly. Regular walks and playing games with your pet can help decrease blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, and keep you fit and working.

Pets are medically approved to be beneficial in managing loneliness, anxiety3, and depression in people. A Dog or a Puppy is the first choice of any household and is also found beneficial in managing anxiety in kids.

However some people find managing dogs hard and instead go for a kitten or a cat. A kitten is perfect to hold and sleep with.

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Why Should We Go For Pet Adoption Instead Of Breeding?

When you visit and open the door to a Pet Adoption Animal Shelter and step inside, your view is filled with cute, innocent-looking animals. You see puppies loitering around, dogs wagging their tails, kittens purring softly and cats curiously looking at you.

A sight like this can melt your heart and you cannot help but rush towards those sweet animals and decide which one to get.

The difference between adopting a pet and buying one is huge. When going for a pet adoption you get to know a lot about their world, you come across the heartbreaking stories of these cute-looking munchkins. They have suffered a lot before reaching Animal Shelters4.

Some have suffered hunger to the extreme, some violence, and some were just abandoned or dumped on a street and this is how they end up in an Animal service center.

While thinking of getting a new pet, some people might just want a specific breed and end up going to breeders but know that these lost animals are also looking for a forever home. A family where they are taken and shown what true love feels like and what home means.

To get the love that they deserve and a life full of happiness. When going for a new pet, the most adoptable pets are either a dog or a cat.

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There are many reasons why you should choose adopted pets instead of going to a puppy breeder.

  • Happiness comes to you. Whether you buy a dog or adopt an abandoned dog, the love it shows will be the same. Money can’t buy you Happiness, You can just go and adopt a dog or any pet and fill it with love.
  • When you go to an Adoption Center, you find many pets who were abandoned and are innocent. These animals are eagerly waiting to shower their love on someone. When going for a pet adoption you get to pick which life you want to save.
  • Many pets are abandoned because of problems faced by families and so most of them are house-trained and don’t require training as they have already lived with humans.
  • As humans, we want to be loved and find happiness and so do these animals. They had a wrong past and now it is their right to feel happy and feel what pure love is like. Giving them a loving family, a home, and the love that they deserve.
  • Pets are not only the powerhouse of love but are also emotionally, psychologically, and physically beneficial for us. If they receive love, they feel less lonely and isolated and you end up finding a best friend.

Remember, millions of pets are waiting for your kind gesture. Be kind, kindness is a gift that makes you a better person. If you are adopting a pet or maybe pets like a dog or a cat, you can always smile and say that you have done life-saving work. Adopting pets is just like saving a life and you also get a new pet in your home.

Toronto Animal Services, North Shelter

  • Location: North York, ON M3K 2A6 1300, Sheppard Avenue West.
  • Phone no: (416)338-8723
  • Email: animalservices@toronto.ca
  • Website: http://www.toronto.ca/animalservices
  • Opening Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Off days (during Covid): Easter Monday, Remembrance Day, and Statutory holidays.

It has three shelters in the city of Toronto, West Shelter, North Shelter, and East Shelter.

West Region—146 The East Mall, Toronto City, ON.

North Region—1300 Sheppard Avenue West, North York, ON, City of Toronto.

East Region—821 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON, City of Toronto.

New COVID norms at Toronto Animal Services

As a protective measure, the organization has launched new COVID norms for their services to the public. Visitors who are interested in visiting the northern region for animal services have to process according to the COVID protocols.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people can only go there after getting an appointment. It is only open for emergencies, adoption, pet surrender, fostering, and pet redemption.

Things to know before you adopt at Toronto Animal Services, North Shelter

Before you go to adopt those adorable animals you need to make sure that you have the necessary items with you. These are also the items that you need when going to adopt a pet at Toronto Animal Services.

  • An Identification card or a Driver’s License can be used as address proof.
  • Cash, Visa, Debit, American Express5, or Master Card for the payment of the adoption fees.
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Things to consider before you adopt a pet at Toronto Animal Services, North Shelter

When you decide to adopt and be an owner of a pet, you also decide to care for it for the rest of your life. It can be 20 years. If you want a pet for a shorter duration then you should adopt an older pet. Pets require a lot of space as they run and play around. A dog or a cat needs exercise daily and so needs a lot of space.

Food, Vet charges, Pet License, and other pet supplements are a constant expense when going for pet adoption. Pet food is specially designed for them, so make sure to get the right one for your pet. Make sure to get your pet regular vaccinations6 and checkups so that they don’t get sick.

So, as you see these are the needs and basics of adopting a pet. Not only do you help them find homes but also save many lives by adopting. If you need more information you can go to their site and also read some reviews.

Reviews are really helpful in determining what’s right for you and also for your pet. All three branches are located in the City of Toronto including Toronto Animal Services, and North Shelter.

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Closing Thoughts

Toronto Animal Services North Shelter promises to provide all the proper details of the pet that you will adopt. They provide all the information. Toronto Animal Services also provides you with the proper license for the pet that you will adopt.

Toronto Animal Services also vaccinated their rescued animal by their vet on time so you don’t have to worry about the animal being ill or being problemed by any pesticide.

You can put your trust in North Shelter and adopt a pet right away.

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