Pigeon Lake Campground: Revealing Best Travel Tips

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Pigeon Lake Campground is a very spacious area suitable for group camping and family picnics. Easy access to them can be made through well-constructed highways supporting vehicles’ smooth running.

Pigeon Lake is located close to the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton. It is a preserved area known for various water and land activities. Around this place, there exist several villages with fishing communities.

Pigeon Lake campgrounds with amenities are mostly recommended for a comfortable stay. You can enjoy water activities like boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and biking on the ten-kilometre longer trail.

pigeon lake campground
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Alberta province has mineral resources, fossil fuels, and natural scenes. Some scenes include extensive grassy grounds, the longest trails, the end number of beaches, mixed forests, and lakes.

1. Pigeon Lake Campground Unveiled:

Pigeon Lake Campground has round tent-like camps made on wooden decks called yurts. They are called comfort camping sites because they have all the amenities to make your trip memorable and comfortable.

The camps are made wheelchair accessible with amenities. Some amenities include vault toilets, a fridge, barbeque, an electric heater, lights, cooking utensils, a dining table, chairs, and beds with mattresses.

They also provide seasonal services, like electric heaters for winter and a cross-ventilation system for summer. A prominent public shower is separated into men’s and women’s sections in the middle of the Pigeon Lake campground.

Pets and additional people are allowed on some sites, and there are four spacious sites for group camping: Moose, Squirrel, Jack Fish, and Deer. Each camping site is facilitated with its picnic shelter.

Reservations for camps can be made online and offline. It’s a great place to spend your family vacation and seek some adventure through land and water activities.

The nearby villages can be reached in less than twenty minutes for grocery shopping and other essentials. You need to fill picnic tables, and there is a lake called Pigeon Lake. You need to swim and raft into it.

2. Exploring Pigeon Lake Provincial Park

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park is a jam-packed area with a lot to offer and is perfect for summer holidays for families and larger groups. The area has more than one parking lot and a boardwalk in the middle of the park extending to the lake.

It is a perfect spot for high jumping, kayaking, fishing, or just sitting and enjoying the smooth waves of the pigeon lake.

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park has huge green grassy grounds with scattered picnic tables, garbage bins, and fire pits arranged for families to enjoy large gatherings.

It also offers swings, a monkey park with hangings, bridges, and slides set over white sand all over the park for kids to have unlimited fun.

There are longer trails with sign boards to let you hike all over, and the Pigeon Lake Campground is famous for camping, where some yurts have the Lakeview.

You must have got a rough idea about the place; there are some activities suggested to do in Pigeon Lake Provincial Park:

2.1. Swimming and Fishing

A dreamy dock in the middle of the park is a perfect spot to try high jumps, launch a kayak, and do some fishing, as the lake is home to various fish species.

Or you can sit over and enjoy the ever-extending lake with smooth running water. You don’t have to worry about high waves washing everything or making it hard to enjoy various water activities.

There are beachy spots where you can carry your kids to enjoy making sand castles, swimming, water skiing, windsurfing, birdwatching, rafting, or walking over a long.

But the smooth coastline gives you scenic views of the lake from different spots. Make sure to check out for toxic algae and blood-sucking leeches before you go swimming.

2.2. Hiking

There are approximately ten kilometers of shady forested hiking trails all over the park, so do not forget to carry your sun protection hat, water bottle, and sports shoes.

There is no problem with getting lost in the mixed forest because there are proper signboards to guide you over. Also, some trails will take you toward the coastline of Pigeon Lake.

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It is also suggested to bring your bicycle and bike as the trails are longer, so they will tire you up. These vehicles will preserve some of your energy to enjoy other land and water activities.

It would be interesting to explore the trails with the help of a bicycle and photograph some of the scenic spots and inside locations.

2.3. Biking

The area around Pigeon Lake is biking-appropriate, and carriages offer a ride towards the lake.

These places offer you to watch over while you make a road trip. There are nearby villages and some restaurants. Elmhurst Bay, on the eastern side of the lake, is a great place for boat rides.

3. Takeaways

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park & Campground 2022 ⛺️ | Alberta | Campground Review

The campsites are unique, fully furnished, spacious, and composed of everything you need. This is a reason why they are referred to as comfort camping sites.

Plus, inside the Pigeon Lake Provincial Park are long-running trails, beaches, playgrounds, picnic spots, and a dreamy dock, making it vacation-appropriate.

Year-round camping is suggested because they have different facilities for the winter season. So, do not limit yourself to seasons, hit the place whenever you feel like it and have your unique camping experience at the Pigeon Lake Campground.

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