6 Must-Visit Osoyoos Campgrounds

Canada offers numerous campgrounds which offer a wide range of fun adventurous activities as well as sights that you would want to capture with your eyes and camera as well. British Columbia, Canada brings you the eye-blinding sights of Osoyoos.

Osoyoos campgrounds offer varieties of RV parks and resorts which bring guests plenty of fun activities while enjoying the hotel-class amenities and splendid sights. Located in the Okanagan valley, Osoyoos campgrounds and campsites have turned into a great tourist attraction for the perfectly situated region with breathtaking views of the Sonora desert situated on the edge of the Osoyoos lake.

RV park and RV sites are some of the best attractions that attract a lot of RV enthusiast who visit with their family while living in a personal space and enjoying the facilities of the campgrounds.

Osoyoos Camping Essentials

As per the fitness of the weather as well the regional challenges, there are a few precautions we must all be aware of before visiting. These are the few key precautions that should be given notice if you plan on visiting the Osoyoos campgrounds.

  • Take your steps carefully, and make sure where you are landing your feet during the hikes, this might be one of the most basic precautions but should be kept in mind all the time.
  • It might be extremely hot and dry in Okanagan during the summers can result in extended periods spent under the sun. Individually everybody is responsible enough to wear sunscreen and especially apply it to their children who are traveling along with them.
  • People who are enthusiastic about swimming must be very cautious while swimming and walking around the shallow waters in the campground. Supervise the kids or children while in the waters. Also, be careful about the steep drop-offs surrounding the exposed sandbar at the tip of the sand point.
  • There is a chance of harsh wind on unexpected occasions, make sure you tie your tents and equipment to the ground firmly to prevent any damage to your equipment as well as your belongings.
  • With the presence of plants like poison ivy, guests and campers should be well educated about this plant so that they can avoid this plant on hiking trails and even on a free walk.
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6 Best Osoyoos Campgrounds

Osoyoos, located in British Columbia, Canada, is a stunning destination for camping enthusiasts. Sights during the warm summers of the beautiful lakes, and wide range of outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, wildlife viewing,

Osoyoos is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature with so many campgrounds and RV parks. Most of these Osoyoos campgrounds are first-served, so it’s best to arrive early to secure a preferred spot for you and your family.

All of the Osoyoos campgrounds on this curated list offer a variety of hotel-class amenities and activities to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the six best Osoyoos campgrounds, to help you make the most of your camping experience in Osoyoos campgrounds.

1. Sẁiẁs Provincial Park

Sẁiẁs provincial park or Haynes point has been proudly managed by the Osoyoos Indian band. Located on the shore of Canada’s warmest lake, Haynes point offers a family campground RV park that is set to delight you with its facilities, services, and beauty. Provincial park Haynes point provides you with basic hotel amenities like free wi-fi and flush toilets.

Make sure to make campsite reservations if you prefer to have your private space and a special spot on the lakeside campsites. Many other Osoyoos campgrounds have a real high standard to meet if they want to compete with Sẁiẁs provincial park and its degree of facilities.

Sẁiẁs park is a cultural heritage site with rich historic importance and archeological significance. It was traditionally used by the Secwepemc First Nations people which can now be accessed by visitors to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the area through guided tours and interpretive programs.

Haynes point offers a wide variety of recreational pursuits, including hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing, drawing many camping enthusiasts to the park. With the presence of a vast amount of diverse plants and animals, this RV park attracts many nature-caring enthusiasts.

The park also has several campsites, one of which is specifically designated for RVs, but they are for small RVs and regular RVs. The campers will have access to the bird watching session and fire pit while having some amazing food offered by the resort. You are also welcome to enjoy the boat launch facilities that Sẁiẁs provincial park Haynes point provide.


  • Spacious campsites with abundant private space for a family gathering.
  • Avail ice-creams shop and an amazing coffee bar.
  • There is an fully equipped convenience store.
  • Gift shop to take back gifts or memorabilia.
  • Free wi-fi facilities will be available for all guests.
  • Clean coin showers are also available.
  • Access to a boat launch to launch your kayak and dock to keep it on the shore.
  • Well built playground for kids.
  • Paddleboard and kayak rentals for guests who like a guided or supervised kayaking experience.

2. Island View RV Resort

Island View RV Resort is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and RV enthusiasts alike, also located in Haynes point. With its breathtaking views of Osoyoos lake, a wide range of recreational activities like hiking, and comfortable amenities like, the resort is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and reconnect with nature.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an action-packed adventure, Island View RV Resort is one of Osoyoos campgrounds that has something for everyone in store. Guests can take a hike on one of the resort’s well-maintained trails and explore the natural beauty of the Osoyoos region. Full hookups with Wi-Fi on this RV park with a lakeshore drive on the way to the Island view RV resort.

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For guests who are looking for an extra relaxing experience, the resort has an indoor pool, which is perfect for a refreshing dip or a leisurely swimming session. Guests can also take advantage of the resort’s hot tub and hot showers, which are perfect for unwinding after a day of hiking the outdoors.

The resort has a variety of RV sites, including full hookups and pull-through sites, as well as tent camping options.


  • Access to a boat launch deck.
  • Permissions for campfires under supervision of adults and on proper grounds.
  • Availability of drinking water almost everywhere.
  • Many picnic areas for your friends and family to enjoy together.
  • Availability of flush toilets and washrooms.

3. Cabana Beach Campground

This campground and RV park gives access to its sandy beach, clear waters, and breathtaking views, Cabana Beach is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with your childhood friends. The campsites come equipped with picnic tables, fire pits, and easy access to beach.

The sandy beach is great for relaxing and swimming for the children as well as kayaking and boating. As well as having the facility of beach access, visitors can take pleasure in the breathtaking lakeside sunsets. The sightings from the beach during the sunset in this Osoyoos campgrounds gives it a proper reputation.

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Cabana Beach Campground is also rich in history. The campground is located on the traditional territory of the Okanagan Nation, and guests are encouraged to learn about the culture and history of the Okanagan people.


  • Availability of drinking water at every place close to the ranch.
  • Abundant picnic areas with private areas for family and unique allocations.
  • Access to Pit as well flush toilets.
  • Playground for kids to enjoy and get to know each other.
  • Access to hot showers as well.

4. Nk’mip Campground

Nk’mip Campground and RV Park located in the South Okanagan, is a unique and exciting camping destination. The campground is situated just a short drive from downtown Osoyoos and offers guests the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Okanagan desert and learn about the culture and history of the Okanagan people. One of the finest Osoyoos campgrounds and RV sites among many in this region.

This campground offers a variety of campsites to accommodate RVs and tents surrounded by beautiful desert landscape. One of the best things about camping at Nk’mip Campground is the opportunity to explore the Nk’mip Desert Cultural Centre, which teaches you about the deep embedded richness of its historic times.

The swimming pool is absolutely perfect for lounging and swimming with friends, and is also a great spot for playing games and socializing with other guests. Nk’mip campground is also situated within close proximity to wineries and vineyards, making it a great destination for wine enthusiasts.

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Nk’mip Campground provides a distinctive and thrilling camping experience. Nk’mip Campground is the ideal place for those looking to explore the Okanagan desert and learn about the culture and history of the Okanagan people because of its stunning desert setting, opportunities for cultural and historical exploration, and a wealth of recreational activities.

This Osoyoos Campground is the ideal location whether you’re looking for a leisurely trip through the desert or an action-packed getaway.


  • There is an amazing bar, that will provide you wide varieties of drinks.
  • Private boat dock which is chargeable.
  • Availability of an well equipped convenience store.
  • Access to a well-built playground for children.
  • Personal boat and trailer storage is also available at this campground.
  • Access free wi-fi.
  • Take part in some horseback riding under the supervision of the professionals.

5. Arosa Ranch

For guests who love the outdoors, Arosa Ranch, British Columbia will give them the best experience in camping. With picturesque views of rolling hills, lush forests, and views of the sparkling lake. Whether you’re planning a solo excursion or a family vacation, Arosa Ranch has a campsite that will suit your needs.

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Arosa Ranch is an idyllic destination in Osoyoos British Columbia that offers guests the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. With its beautiful natural setting, ample recreational activities, and convenient location, Arosa Ranch is a top-rated campground that is sure to please even the most discerning campers.


  • High end washrooms and hot showers as per demand.
  • Fine outdoor dining facilities available at this campground.
  • Access to almost every water sport like swimming, canoeing, kayaking etc.
  • A swimming pool for adults and kids.
  • A beautiful playground for kids to play around and adults to relax.
  • A well built trampoline is also available here.
  • Many kinds of lawn games.
  • Availability of hot tubs.
  • Abundant forest hiking trails.
  • Access to a Nordic sauna.

6. Kettle River Recreation Area

As the name suggests in the title, this is an absolutely refreshing recreation area that will make you understand the need and necessities of your close ones as well as the nature. Among the Osoyoos campgrounds this is one of the Osoyoos campgrounds that will not have every kind of facility that many high end Osoyoos campgrounds have, but provides adequate services to keep you healthy, well fed and well sheltered.

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The sight of the hiking trails along the border of the USA welcomes guests. You can make a visit to the close town of Midway to find a museum that will display Kettle River recreation and the importance of the region around the Osoyoos campgrounds.


  • Accessible site options for viewing.
  • Campfires are allowed under the supervision of adults.
  • Availability of drinking water almost everywhere close to the ranch.
  • Abundant picnic areas with private areas and unique allocations.
  • Access to Pit as well flush toilets.
  • Playground for kids to enjoy and get to know each other.
  • Sanitary dump (counted as an additional extra charge)
  • Access to hot showers as well.

Concluding with Osoyoos Campgrounds

The Osoyoos campgrounds offer RV resorts that have been known to offer a wide range of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy. From the scenic views and wildlife viewing opportunities to the views of the Osoyoos campgrounds and lake, if you’re looking for a calming getaway or an action-packed vacation, these Osoyoos campgrounds are the perfect destinations for your next camping adventure.

With their beautiful natural setting, ample recreational activities, and convenient location, these Osoyoos campgrounds are top-rated and sure to please even the most discerning campers. Make sure to check these out if you plan on making an RV visit to these perfectly situated resorts and RV parks.

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