7 Fun Activities to do at Parksville Beach

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Parksville community park is hutch to Parksville Beach, with amusing slides and swings for kids, water canons, great picnic spots, spectacular sandy beaches, and more in British Columbia, Canada.

There are beach volleyball courts, an outdoor gym and a skateboard park where everyone can have the best time of their life with their family.

Stroll the waterfront boardwalk and enjoy the very popular Parksville Beach Festival featuring sculpting competitions and exhibitions during July and August annually and a lot more.

7 Things That You Can Do On Parksville Beach

As the name suggests, Parksville Beach is home to several amazing parks. Nelson Parks was the first settlement which came to be known as Parksville later.

Its boundary is covered with water from 3 sides- the Salish Sea in the east, French Creek towards the north and the Englishman River in the southern direction. With its clear, lovely and cloudless weather the whole year, Parksville attracts many tourists for vacation.

1. Longest Beach Shoreline, Canada’s Riviera

Sunrise Ridge waterfront resort is the most known on the Parksville beach in Canada’s Riviera. You can experience a vast sandy landscape of fantastic beaches, Qualicum Beach picnic areas, and much more.

ethan robertson SYx3UCHZJlo unsplash
Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Vancouver Island’s eastern shore and the ocean floor come together to create the best stretch of sand where the ocean recedes almost a kilometre at the low tide. On summer days, the water is as warm as 20°C, and many tidal pools overflow with sea stars, sand dollars and crabs.

2. Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

Rathtrevor Beach is the chief attraction of the provincial park. It is covered with silky sand for about 2 kilometres, where you can go for long sand walks, make sandcastles, explore tide pools, chase, click pictures and learn many new things about marine life.

trevor pye KyaoT3NKN2s unsplash
Photo by Trevor Pye on Unsplash

You can even go for 3-4 kilometre loop trails at the park to enjoy sightseeing of forests, beaches and open meadows. In the open meadows, you might get a chance to witness browsing deer and raptors soaring.

Walking with your dog on this trail is also allowed, but protect the wildlife by putting a leash around your dog’s neck. Hunting for crabs and sand dollars at the beach, go beachcombing, and enjoy picnics with your family. In the Douglas fir forest, watch for spring wildflowers and shy bunnies.

3. Witness Goats At Coombs Old Country Market

Coombs old country market nearby Qualicum beach is famous for the iconic goats on its roof. The owners installed a sod roof by getting inspired by an old tradition.

Then goats were put in place to keep the edible greenery under control which by default became a top attraction among visitors heading to the west coast of Vancouver Island for more than 3 decades now.

alexas fotos DmuqS6KTf6M unsplash
Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

You can find a mixture of shops and eateries for locals and visitors. In this market, you will find a lot of Chinese antiques like Chinese furniture imported from Asia. The shops are scheduled to open at 9 A.M sharp and shut down by 6 the evening

4. Bird Watching

One hundred fifty types of birds are spotted in the Parksville community. Apart from the beaches in the province, the Sea Side nature park the off-Broadway of Qualicum Beach is a hotspot to find the birds that have migrated. The park’s pavilion welcomes you with many sign boards that guide you about the birds the park beholds for you.

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Photo by Ravi N Jha on Unsplash

You can even opt for the bird-watching course provided by Adventures tours of the Pacific Rainforest. Parksville visitor center even has a bird checklist according to the seasons for beach visitors.

5. Golfing

There are 7 golf courses in the Parksville community. Namely Arrowsmith, Brigadoon, Qualicum Beach Memorial, Fairwinds, Eaglecrest, Morningstar, and Pheasant Glen. Qualicum Beach is the favourite golf trail of Vancouver island.

robert ruggiero U5HMj5J6Opg unsplash
Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash

You can enroll in any one or all seven courses of golf- and you are promised to have the best game in the best suitable Canadian climate, with the ocean, mountains, shoreline and the most astonishing views ever.

6. Lighthouse Country

This area of Parksville-Qualicum beach you cannot afford to miss. It is a kilometre away from Qualicum beach. You can spend hours here exploring nature’s aquarium. One can watch seals and sea lions swimming offshore and discover sand dollars and starfish.

steve adams iy7F3hufI4M unsplash
Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash

Lighthouse Country is famous for fishing alongside eagles and herons. You can have the best family time by lighting the fire and baking your own fetched oysters from the shore. Visit the Salish Sea market for a fantastic collection of artisan work.

7. Brant Wildlife Festival

Parksville beach organizes a Met Gala, especially for their flying guests who have just migrated each year in the month of April, popularly known as the Little Sea geese.

Festival activities include wildlife viewing, river walking, nature camps and art exhibitions. The geese make an appearance in thousands during the migration period. At the same time, visitors adore them with clear, far-sighted binoculars and cameras.

charles jackson Nk7VAXZIjq0 unsplash
Photo by Charles Jackson on Unsplash

The festival celebrates nature and wildlife, particularly these little geese, as they comfortably rest and feed on the shoreline of Parksville Bay.

Closing Thoughts

In British Columbia, Canada, Parksville is the best place that you cannot afford to miss. It’s a complete package of fantastic resorts, filled with the best available amenities, a coastal mountain range, sunshine coast, sightseeing, oceanside, amusement parks, and more.

Visitors spend the best hours of their life in this community. Lighthouse country, Ratherevor beach, Parksville beach, and Parksville Bay are some of the significant astonishing spots crowded year-round.

Address- Parksville Community center, 223 Mills St, Parksville, BC V9P 2N5, Canada.

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