Idaho’s Top 5 Must-Visit Amusement Parks for Ultimate Family Fun

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Idaho is a scenic state in the United States, known as an ideal holiday destination. When planning your holidays in Idaho, amusement parks will flash across your mind.

From enjoying different rides and games to creating long-lasting memories with your family, you will love everything about amusement parks in Idaho.

Top 5 Amusement Parks in Idaho

Idaho has various theme parks and amusement parks, like Roaring Springs Water Park and Lava Hot Springs. But you must know which will be perfect for a fun-filled holiday and what you can expect from them.

Here are the details about the top amusement parks in Idaho you must visit:

1. Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park Boulder Beach Water Park Idaho - So Much to Do

Adorning the beautiful city of Athol in Northern Idaho, Silverwood Theme Park is one of Idaho’s most attractive amusement parks.

This park is situated near Coeur d’Alene, approximately 76 km from Spokane, and is the largest theme park in the Pacific Northwest.

1.1 Things to Do at Silverwood Theme Park

There are numerous activities you can do at Silverwood Theme Park.

This amusement park has enormous roller coasters for you and your kids. These roller coasters will bring out the adventure hidden in you. The steam engine train of this park attracts most of the visitors.

Silverwood Park is also known for different kinds of shows. From train shows to Mad Mike’s magic show, you will find everything to keep yourself entertained.

Games add extra fun to your holidays if you are visiting Silverwood Park. From old and classic arcade games to shooting galleries, this amusement park has many games to test your skills.

If you are a foodie, you will enjoy many food options at Silverwood Park. You can go to Cabana Cooler if you are looking for an icy companion for your sun bath. You can enjoy personal pizza at Caselli’s Pizzeria.

Chicken Shack is a must-visit place for you if you are a chicken lover. It serves delicious and juicy chicken.

You will get many Idaho shopping spots near this theme park as well.


You will also find Boulder Beach Water Park on the premises of Silverwood Theme Park.

If you plan to take your kids to Boulder Beach Water Park, you will not regret your choice. Both kids and adults enjoy amusement rides and the lazy river in this water park. Water slides are thrilling at Boulder Beach Water Park.

You should visit Boulder Beach Water Park on Weekdays. Weekends are hectic at this water park.

You don’t have to pay separately for Beach Water Park, Idaho, admission tickets. Tickets for Silverwood Theme Park cover the entry in both the parks in Idaho.

2. Silver Rapids Indoor Water Park

When finding the largest indoor water park in Idaho, Silver Rapids Waterpark is your stop.

This indoor water park is primarily operated for guests staying at Silver Mountain Lodging. However, this water park sells limited tickets to individuals and allows a group of 15 or more people.

If you are planning your holidays at Silver Rapids Indoor Water Park, you must purchase tickets online ahead of your visit, as this water park does not allow walk-up keys.

You can easily book tickets for this indoor aquatic center online or over the phone.

2.1 Things to Do at Silver Rapids Water Park

At Silver Rapids Waterpark, you will get plenty of fun activities and water slides to keep yourself occupied. This water park attracts younger children as well as the older crowd.

For a thrilling experience, you can go surfing in the flow rider. Here, you can enjoy surfing and boarding with 60000 gallons of water flowing at 35 miles per hour.

Silver Rapids Waterpark has the North Fork Lazy River flowing slowly. This lazy river takes you around the water park.

You should not miss Minor’s Island to spray water and have fun with your family. However, Minor’s Island has some restrictions as well. Children younger than 13 years old are supposed to be accompanied by a guardian. Lap riding is to be avoided at all costs.

You will love Moose Sluice if you are with your family. Moose Sluice is a water slide in a 12-foot inflated raft. The whole family Can enjoy this waterslide together.

Besides these exciting activities, you can enjoy Warm Springs and Crossing over floating obstacles.

You can visit Silver Rapids Waterpark in winter as well. You will get a very comfortable temperature inside this indoor water park.

3. Triple Play Family Fun Park

Triple Play Family Fun Park

A center for endless fun, Triple Play Family Fun Park is connected to Triple Play Resort Hotel in Hayden Lake, Idaho.

This fun park has outdoor and indoor attractions to suit the needs of each guest. You will get hotel-class popular amenities at this amusement park.

3.1 Things to Do at Triple Play Fun Park

If you are about to visit Triple Play Fun Park, you should know what to expect. You are going to have so much fun at Triple Play Fun Park. There are many recreational activities at this amusement park.

There are several adventurous rides at Triple Play Fun Park in Idaho. There is a 35″ drop Tower known as Nebula Drop, which takes people spinning. After spinning, this ride drops people several times in just 90 seconds.

80′ above ground, there is a very nice facility of a two-seater zip ride in Triple Play Fun Park. This zip ride asks for at least 42″ height and takes you on a 400-foot ride back and forth.

You can ride bumper boats in Triple Play Fun Park. At most, three people can ride these fun boats at a time. The minimum height requirement for driving bumper boats is 40″. You can always be a passenger if you are not tall enough to drive these boats.

Anyone above three years of age can drive bumper cars as well. The minimum height requirement for these single-seat bumper cars is 44“.

You can also take a ropes course at Triple Play Fun Park. This course allows people with a height of more than 42” and children between 42” and 48” need to have an adult accompanying them. Children with less height than 42″ can take the Sky Tykes Ropes Course, which is not too high from the ground.

Triple Play Family Fun Park has an area reserved just for the climbing wall. You can simply scale these walls with a bit of help.

4. Roaring Springs Water Park

Roaring Springs Water Park Meridian Idaho

The largest water park in Northwestern Idaho and one of the most colorful amusement parks in Idaho, Roaring Springs Water Park is a well-known spot in Meridian, Idaho, for providing excellent facilities for all ages.

Roaring Spring is established near Wahooz Family Fun Zone. You will experience a thrill laced with rejuvenation at Roaring Springs Water Park.

4.1 Things to Do at Roaring Springs Water Park

Roaring Springs Water Park offers the best experience of all the amusement parks in Idaho. Recreation looks so easy at Roaring Springs Water Park because of the vast range of thrilling activities.

You will find several water slides at Roaring Springs Water Park. For a rip-roaring experience, you must go to the Corkscrew Cavern. This water slide is in the shape of a 360° looping tunnel. At 38 feet per second, you will slide down the Corkscrew Cavern.

Roaring Springs Water Park is also famous for the Snake River Run. This ride perfectly combines gravitational force and acceleration to give you a thrilling experience.

This park has a Cliffhanger where you can experience falling from stories in about 4 seconds. This Cliffhanger is not for the faint-hearted.

Roaring Spring Water Park has a lazy river called Endless River or Leisure Lagoon. You can take a calm river trip of 0.25 miles and have a fantastic experience.

You will love bowling at Roaring Springs Water Park if you enjoy indoor sports. This theme park has a laser tag available. You can enjoy shooting with no pain. You can also play mini golf at this water park.

You can get swimming lessons at Roaring Springs. These lessons are fun yet safe for everyone. You will find lifeguards on duty. This park has a shallow pool and splash pool available too.

You can’t eat outside food in Roaring Springs Water Park. You can enjoy food at four restaurants and different food carts inside the premises.

5. Wahooz Family Fun Zone

Located 5 miles away from Boise, Wahooz Family Fun Zone is one of the most engaging amusement centers in Idaho. You can buy season tickets for this fun zone with the benefit of enjoying Roaring Springs Water Park.

5.1 Things to Do at Wahooz Fun Zone

As the name suggests, Wahooz Fun Zone is a fun and lovely park. You can do numerous things in this fun family zone, irrespective of your age. The hopper ride is one of the major attractions at this amusement center.

There are two mini golf courses for you at this family fun zone. You can explore mini-golf if you are into playing golf.

Your children will enjoy laser tags in this fun zone. There are over 80 arcade games available at this amusement park. Don’t forget to visit the Bowling Center.

Do you love bumper boat rides? Wahooz Fun Zone offers rides on bumper boats as well. These boat rides are fun for your entire family.

Other Fun Things to Do in Idaho

You can enjoy many other fun activities other than visiting amusement parks in Idaho.

You can take Idaho tours, explore Idaho nightlife, enjoy the beauty of Idaho sights, and visit Idaho museums. You can also take Idaho boat tours to enjoy Idaho nature. Hot air balloon rides in Idaho are also fun, as there are mountains in Idaho, and you will enjoy a beautiful view.

Bottom Line

Idaho is an ideal holiday destination. From enjoying beautiful scenes to exploring various recreational opportunities, you will get several occasions to praise Idaho.

Here, you have found Idaho’s top 5 amusement parks to add fun and thrill to your holidays. These amusement parks are very famous among college students.

At these theme parks, you will find numerous water slides, carnival rides, nice low-diving boards, and excellent Idaho food. They are the perfect refreshments for your entire family.

5 Best Amusement Parks in Idaho

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