Night Clubs in Edmonton: 10 Hottest Clubs You Must Visit

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Night Clubs refer to the party area generally active at night. Canada is one of the famous countries for nightclubs. Edmonton is also famous worldwide.

Nightclubs in Edmonton have very popular nightclubs, with all the required and advanced facilities for their customers. They have a large dance floor, electronic and dance music system, blues music, gay bars, live music concerts, a good local watering hole, a comfortable and fun atmosphere, a great venue, pool tables, and a craft beer market.

These nightclubs in Edmonton also provide bottle service, Friday-night parties, and Saturday-night party facilities. They also have their commercial hotel, electronic music, conference rooms, and patrons’ notes.

These famous clubs are approached for private events, private parties, chill atmosphere for, chill evenings, boys’ nights, trivia nights, DJ music, a cozy atmosphere, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, and many more.

Best Night Clubs Edmonton

There are many nightclubs in Edmonton with facilities like bottle service, a great dance floor, live music, live bands, delicious food, local cuisine, board games, and many photo ops.

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1. 99ten Edmonton

The 99ten Edmonton is one of the best nightclubs in Edmonton. This nightclub is well known and is very famous for its live music venue and sticky alcoholic drinks. It offers affordable packages of drinks. They organize shows like comedy and music, and they especially organize shows by renowned jazz artists.

This nightclub has tasteful decor and audio Technik PA. You can enjoy the electro music with your friends and Edmonton nightlife. Saturday night long is an unforgettable night.

2. Evolution Wonderlounge Edmonton

Evolution Wonderlounge Edmonton is an urban hangout downtown place. Evolution Wonderlounge is a place where you can listen and enjoy the great music and live shows of the very famous blues bands. It invites guest performers like drag kings, queens, and many other guest performers.

They use the money for philanthropic causes earned from these events. The DJ plays all the latest hits to groove the people. They offer the best quality of alcohol and great bar chow.

3. Shade Gentlemen Club

This is the best place for a fun bachelor party. This place has awesome music, and you will get several discounts if you are involved in the lap dance with your partner. It is one of the best nightclubs in Edmonton because it has many female patrons, and they perform many shows here.

This nightclub is located in NW Edmonton, AB. The design of this club is awesome, and it is very spacious, having dark velour seats and splendid roofs. It has a great dance floor where strong and enormous music is played.

The staff of this club is very nice and helpful. This club is massive in terms of area and size. The vibes of this place are very cool, which attracts many visitors. This club has the best beer choice and offers the best service to the customers.

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4. Blues On Whyte

The Blues On Whyte’s nightclub is an extension of the Commercial Hotels. It has a chill atmosphere, and many patrons note it. You can also enjoy playing billiards here with Jam sessions on Saturday afternoons.

It is known as the best club in Edmonton because of the drinking clubgoers and blues fans. It has a cozy atmosphere and an inexpensive hangout. The neon lights, goliath palm trees, disco balls, and dance floor.

They serve special drinks to consumers, like red wine, tropical beverages, whisky, and cocktails. It has an amazing dance floor and special dance and music groups for live performances.

5. Y Afterhours

Y Afterhours is a perfect venue and the best urban hangouts place. It has three-level venues so you can enjoy your weekends along with your friends. They offer famous cocktails, mocktails, wine, and some cheap drinks.

They play ever-lasting music full of European-style negligible techno, electroclash, Italo disco, eccentric goth, and dull wave. You can dance the whole night long in this nightclub.

This nightclub has a very safe and energetic environment. This nightclub has no creep policy for ladies, so they can feel safer in that environment and go on the night out.

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6. The Billiards Club Edmonton

The Billiards Club Edmonton is one of the best nightclubs in Edmonton. This club is houseful on the weekends. This bar is open throughout the week, and you can also book a table in the bar for you and your friends.

They offer champagne, wines, and whiskey to the consumers. They also serve starters and appetizers along with drinks. There is a lot of crowd in nightclubs. The night you spend here is going to be memorable.

7. Cook Country Saloon Edmonton

Cook Country Saloon, Edmonton, is among the very popular nightclubs in Edmonton. It offers a speed networking style to its customers. Along with this, they offer cheap drinks and good music with crazy vibes. This club is near new Edmonton ab, which is very popular and famous for its hip-hop music. If you are tired from your busy work schedule and want to spend some time on yourself you must visit this place and enjoy your whole night with your friends. 

There is a special service provided by this nightclub to its customers, they can redeem their tokens and can buy anything of their choice, at any time. This nightclub is the perfect showcase of the owner’s graciously donated system.

They also have their private mechanical bull to ride, which is full of sun and a great visitor attraction. You can have a fun time in this club with your friends. From time to time, club management also organizes concerts, which keeps this club highlights.

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8. Envy Edmonton Social Scene

This is among the best clubs in Edmonton. Envy Edmonton is very popular for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and small get-togethers because they know how to treat their guests very well.

Charry on the top, they also have VIP table facilities available with them. They have their gay bar, bottle services, and a limousine to pick you and your loved ones up. They have all the stock of beer and wine, which are generally served at the bar with the special facilities of the DJ.

9. SoberUp Club, Edmonton

This is a high-end nightclub with some VIP clientele. This club is a soundproof club, which means the sound will not go out when you play the music in high sound inside it. They combine the latest and most famous music with its visual effects to provide a complete and fun-loving dance experience to its customers.

This club is the perfect venue for celebrating a party or any occasion. Since they also provide their facilities, they will work on your team to give you the best experience and make your occasion more memorable. They also have the facility to send a limousine to pick up the party’s special guests.

A special staff will be assigned to you to make your event or occasion more smooth. DJ in this club can play hip hop and techno music on the requirements and demands of their customers. Inside this, there are multiple bars so you can choose the drink of your choice.

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10. West Edmonton Mall

The nightclub in West Edmonton Mall name is Halley’s Club. This club is the fusion or combination of the nostalgic supper club, showcase, and classic cabaret of vintage eras. You can have a very great time here with your family and friends.

This mall is the 2nd largest mall in the country and this mall is very popular and famous in Canada. There are many other centers of attraction in the West Edmonton Mall. Due to the mall’s popularity, the other things and places inside also get many customers and visitors.

Final Note

After a busy weekday, every person in life wants some exciting and fun loving on weekends, and nightclubs are the best place for chilling, relaxing, and enjoying your weekends. Nigh Clubs Edmonton are world famous for night parties and as well as for night occasions.

Night Clubs Edmonton is full of fun and excitement; it provides all the best and necessary facilities for its customers. They have their music system, DJs, Gay bar, luminous facilities, music, and dance floor. These nightclubs have the best arrangements for the customers and visitors to make their visit valuable and memorable. Once you visit any of the nightclubs in Edmonton, you will forget about everything and enjoy your night.

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