5 Exciting Manitoba Provincial Parks to Explore

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Manitoba is a beautiful city in Canada where you can experience all the natural varieties like rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, wetlands, and landscapes. Manitoba Provincial parks help you explore the diverse nature of Canada. This magnificent city is surrounded by Hudson bay in the north, Ontario in the east, Saskatchewan in the west, US states of North Dakota, and Minnesota in the south.

This province is a natural repository of more than 100000 lakes, including lake Winnipeg, which is considered one of the largest freshwater bodies on this planet. Manitoba is home to many unique and exquisite animals like Caribou, lynx, Artic foxes, cougars, red squirrels, and many more. All this exquisite variety is enough to place Manitoba at the top of your travel list.

Provincial Parks

You will never get tired of exploring Manitoba as it has a long list of provincial parks which include Atikaki provincial park, Beaver Creek provincial park, Birch Island Provincial parks, Duck Island provincial park, Elk Island Provincial park, Fisher Bay Provincial park, Goose Island Provincial park and many more.

But among this long list of Manitoba provincial parks two of them are the most tranquil and close to nature. The spruce woods provincial park and Birds Hill Provincial park are must-visits if you really wish to explore the unique punch of adventure and serenity of Manitoba provincial parks.

1. Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Covering nearly 269 square kilometres, Spruce woods provincial park is situated in south central Manitoba near the Assiniboine River. The excellent topography of this provincial park helps in sustaining a variety of terrains including forest and sand dunes.

Spruce woods provincial park is home to many distinctive species of flora and fauna like grass prairies, cactuses, and animals like hognose snakes. The provincial park is also a cradle of 11 oxbow lakes and even though this provincial park can’t be considered a desert, it has one of the rare natural sand dunes in Canada.

2. Listen to the Music of Nature at Birds Hill Provincial Park

Shaded with Manitoba maple, paper birch, jack pine, balsam poplar, trembling aspen, bur oak, and white spruce, this provincial park can be a popular destination during summer. The park got its name from Dr Curtis Bird who was the first speaker of the Manitoba Provincial legislature. The park is the shelter for nearly 40 species of mammals including the White-tailed deer.

Birds Hill Provincial park can be an ideal spot for bird watching as it supports nearly 200 species of birds including Northern Shirke, Northern goshawk, American woodcock, Boreal chickadee, Northern saw-whet owl, Eastern towhee, Lark sparrow, Red-breasted nuthatch, Indigo bunting, Sprague’s pipit, etc.

3. Zed Lake Provincial Park

If you are in search of a calm and quiet place where you can go camping and picnic with your family then Zed Lake Provincial Park will be an ideal destination for you. The sandy beach nearby offers a playground where your kids can play around.

You can go boating, and fishing and have a fun time with your family and friends amid the heart of nature. This place offers complimentary firewood, a pit privy bathroom, and a hand water pump for your convenience.

4. Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

Discovering the Beauty of Winnipeg Beach

If you are looking for a cool and fun place to enjoy your summer in Manitoba then the coast of Lake Winnipeg is the right place for you.

From camping to swimming and fishing, Winnipeg beach is all about water, fun, and a cool breeze. This lake has a 9.5 rating out of 10. You can do all the fun activities with your family including, picnics, boating, swimming, cycling, fishing, board sailing, and many more.

5. Whiteshell Provincial Park

Expanding for up to 2729 square kilometres, this provincial park is an attractive spot for hikers. From granite cliffs to pine forests, Whitshell Provincial Park is all about adventure in the wilderness. Other than hiking this provincial park offers other nature-oriented recreational activities like cottaging, boating, camping, biking, snowmobiling, skiing, etc.

Park Vehicle Permit

The entry fees to Manitoba provincial parks are extremely affordable to make them accessible to everyone. The parks don’t require any special permit for self-propelled vehicles like bicycles but it requires a valid vehicle permit for motor-driven vehicles.

The park vehicle permit is non-refundable but often comes with several offers. While applying for a vehicle permit one must keep in mind that these vehicle permits are not applicable to national parks. There are some places in Manitoba where provincial park vehicle permits are not required. Overflowing River, Rocky Lake, Margaret Bruce, Grand Valley, and Sasaglu Rapids are a few of the instances.

Things To Do

Are you feeling tired and stressed out with your everyday monotonous and busy life? Maybe you just need a break and an escape to nature. Manitoba’s provincial parks can help you to reinvigorate by presenting you with a path of fun, adventure, and excitement. Here is a list of a few things you can do in Manitoba provincial parks.

Explore Manitoba’s Trails and Go for a Hike

If you are a nature lover who wishes to enjoy the blissful serenity of nature then you must follow the trails of Manitoba provincial parks which will lead you through wood and forests and will fill your mind with peace and excitement. Some of the famous trails in Manitoba are Hunt Lake trail, Pine Point trail, Ceder Bog Trail, Wild Grape and Elm Trail, etc.

Manitoba’s provincial parks have quite a lot of hiking trails as well where you can go for a hike. Such places include Spirit sands and the Devil’s Punchbowl, Disappearing Lake Interpretive trail, Pinawa trail, etc.


Manitoba provincial parks offer several biking trails and picnic spots. Whiteshell provincial park itself has 20 mountain biking trails. You can also bring your family to Pine Ridge Bicycle trail which is located in the north of Winnipeg. This trail shaded with woods and trembling aspen are made only for cyclists.

Camping and Picnic

Manitoba Provincial parks offer plenty of camping and picnic grounds. Moose Lake, Winnipeg Beach, Watchorn, Elk Island, Turtle Mountain, etc, are the names of a few of the provincial parks where you can set your tent and enjoy the wilderness.

Travel Manitoba’s Provincial Parks

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There are nearly 92 provincial parks in Manitoba that protect the spectacular beauty and cultural heritage of the province. Some of these Manitoba parks like the Trappist Monastery Provincial Park are also protected by IUCN.

The Manitoba government also offers free entry to some of these provincial parks on special days like Canada’s Parks Day. So, keep your eye on the necessary sites and travel to Manitoba’s Provincial Parks at the right time to gain a free experience of Canada’s beauty.


So, what are you waiting for? Book a resort or a cabin and set out to explore the wildlife and magnificent landscapes of Manitoba provincial parks. When it comes to adventure and excitement, Manitoba provincial parks have lots to offer.

Not only can you explore nature but also arrange dates for your man and create a beautiful moment with your family. Manitoba parks have fun activities planned for any season be it summer or winter. So, without any further delay, get prepared for exploring the exquisite beauty of wild Canada.

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