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Seeking calm amongst the chaos? Look no further.

Selkirk Manitoba is a little town with a big city vibe, located 20 kilometres north of Winnipeg on the shores of the fascinating Red River. Visitors can enjoy the finest of urban living while maintaining a small-town feel, leading to a close-knit society with a welcoming attitude. Whenever visiting Selkirk, Manitoba, remember to use the westbound traffic path to avoid delay.

Selkirk is known for its braes, beauty, friendly culture, and wynds, as well as its breathtaking landscapes. This medieval city has several well-known patrons.

Selkirk, Manitoba and the outlying areas have plenty to explore to ensure it is a memorable experience. Ice hockey tournaments, rodeos, historical landmarks, and casinos are among the activities available for tourists in the small community.

Must-do Things in Selkirk. Manitoba

The best 5 must-do things in Selkirk Manitoba are:

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1. Explore the Marine Museum of Manitoba

On the meadows, who would have guessed there would be a maritime landmark? Selkirk. Manitoba is an essential visit for marine history enthusiasts because of this heritage site. The Marine Museum of Manitoba, which opened in 1972, gives tourists a hands-on historical adventure.

From 1850 to the present, this chronicle describes the tale of the growth and functioning of marine species on the Red River and Winnipeg Lake. Tourists can explore the real ships that crossed the shores of the globe’s tenth-largest lake and discover the importance of the Ports of Selkirk in Manitoba’s growth.

From May to September, it is accessible from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m from Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on holidays and weekends.

The Marine Museum of Manitoba, barely 35 kilometres from central Winnipeg, is an intriguing day-trip attraction for maritime lovers and scholars alike. They are prepared to start sailing for fun and excitement all season long.

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2. Wander the Breath-Taking Winnipeg Lake

Lake Winnipeg is among Manitoba’s most valuable aquatic resources, with its lovely beaches and vast open waterways. In Selkirk, Manitoba, Winnipeg Lake, the world’s tenth biggest river basin by porous structure, is notable for leisure, tourism, commerce and sport fishing, and hydropower generating.

All along the banks of Lake, approximately 23,000 inhabitants dwell in 30 villages, including several First Nation and Métis settlements. Here on the east and west coastlines of the southern basin, Lake Winnipeg’s world-class shores draw many tourists to the region and provide several options for sunbathing, canoeing, swimming, and sailing.

Environment Canada often issues warnings if the water level rises dangerously, so keep an eye out for any possible dangers. Around 800 commercial fishermen work on Winnipeg Lake every year, capturing a range of species such as renowned trout, goldeye, sauger, redfish, and other species.

If you are tired after a day full of adventure, try out the 10 must-eat restaurants and Street food stalls in Selkirk.

3. Visit the Selkirk Mental Health Centre

The Selkirk Mental Health Centre (SMHC) is a 252-bed hospital that provides specialist acute mental state and traumatic head injury rehabilitation and treatment therapies to Manitoba people whose complex requirements could be fulfilled somewhere else in the health sector. It is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers.

It is the largest mental health facility that takes care of the mental health of not only patients but also the community.

Its main goal is to preserve its history by paying tribute to everyone who has been a part of this organization well over the past 140 years. Their distinctive achievements in the development of good mental health treatment in Manitoba are honoured.

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4. Seek the Thrill at Selkirk Fair

What better way to experience the thrill of a small town where you can chit-chat and mingle with all the people and have fun at the same time? The Triple S Fair and Rodeo is a three-day fest hosted annually in Selkirk Park every year in July. You have the option of selecting which shows you want to adventure and explore.

The renowned Midway is equipped with adventure sports, delectable food, and entertaining games. There are all-you-can-ride tickets also available, which will be issued closer to the start of the fair.

They are also bringing the Wild Dogs back to the fair. It is an excellent performance band that can keep the whole crowd entertained.

To top things off, they welcome Electric Angel to play. Electric Angel is a high-energy pop group that can blow anyone’s mind off. They perform all of your favourite songs from the top 40s to vintage rock to western.

5. Take a Stroll in Selkirk Park

Selkirk Park, located on the shores of the famous Red River, has well-kept campsites, boat launch sites, picnic spaces, pedestrian walkways, and an outdoor pool visitors are allowed to swim in. A bird refuge and viewing platform are also found here.

Selkirk Park is situated at 490 Eveline Avenue, nearby the northern end of Selkirk, on the shores of the Red River, beside the Marine Museum. In the 1890s, this location was regarded as “River Park,” and it featured a variety of activities.

This city of Selkirk, also known as the catfish capital, often buzzes with activity throughout the year, but this park will remain open whenever you visit. Noting that the area’s agricultural history is very high, the park flourishes with greenery.

Boat trips on the Red River and then gliding into Winnipeg Lake were introduced in the 1900s, as were a dancing pavilion and a pier with carnie activities and refreshment stalls. The “Winnipeg, Selkirk, and Lake Winnipeg Electric Railway” operated a tram route from Winnipeg to Selkirk Park in the early 1900s.

Selkirk Park now conducts a variety of summer festivals, notably Indigenous Peoples Day in June and the Triple “S” Fair and Rodeo in July, which includes a public parade, carnival, an art exhibition, local shops. and a first-class rodeo.

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Closing Thoughts

Selkirk is a must-visit city in the province of Manitoba, Canada’s westernmost territory, centred on the Red River approximately 22 kilometres northeastern area of Winnipeg, the regional capital. Because of the abundance of catfish in the neighbouring Red River, Selkirk is known as the capital of Catfishes on the globe.

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If you want to take a break from the daily hustle-bustle of your life, it is suggested to visit Selkirk, Manitoba. It is not only peaceful and calm here, but also very cost-efficient which will save you huge sums of money.

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