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Saskatchewan’s capital is Regina, Canada. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum displays Canada’s Aboriginal people groups and local creatures. Regina has warm summers and great weather conditions to offer. Throughout the year, the temperature commonly shifts from – 2°F to 79°F and is seldom underneath – 26°F or above 89°F.

Environment Canada Regina
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Hello Weather

Citizens can opt for Hello Weather, an upgraded telephone weather service for weather forecasts. On November 15, 2021, the Hello Weather service was launched, and now automated weather information for this location is delivered through national toll-free lines.

Hello, Weather has expanded the service to include over 800 locations across Canada from the original 148 locations served by the previous automated telephone system. The toll-free number for the same is 1-833-79HELLO.

Hello, service is here to know whether information for this location from where they are calling can be checked in the directory where the location may be available and codes are listed by province. Add to shortcuts and organize shortcuts for recent updates on the Regina environment.

This telephone utility gives weather conditions estimates, current weather patterns, data on looming perilous climate, marine climate data, and air quality and well-being data. The sound documents are refreshed when new gauges or perceptions are free, with the date modified accordingly. There is additional data accessible about different administrations on the site.

Historical Climate Data

Environment Canada Weatheradio - Regina SK Stn ID/English Cycle

Search websites and find the historical environment of Canada, Regina weather, and related information for numerous locations across Canada. Temperature, monthly frequency of precipitation, degree days, a mix of sun, sun, and cloud(humid days), wind speed and direction, monthly summaries, averages, and extremes information found in their preferred language selection. Government of Canada weather forecasts site.

CST Averages and extremes Historical Weather Forecast issued:

  • C 53.1° F 1973 Lowest temperature (1943-1997) -32.2° C -26.0° F 1957
  • Greatest precipitation (1943-1997) 10.4 mm 0.41 inches in 1961
  • Greatest rainfall (1943-1997) 0.0 mm 0.0 inches
  • Greatest snowfall (1943-1997) 10.4 cm 4.09 inches in 1961
  • The most snow on the ground (1955-1999) was 36.0 cm 14.17 inches in 1969
  • The highest temperature (1943-1999) was 12.2° C and 54.0° F  in 1954
  • The lowest temperature (1943-1998) -was 30.6° C -23.1° F  in 1955
  • Greatest precipitation (1943-1998) 4.9 mm 0.19 inches in 1987
  • Greatest rainfall (1943-1998) 3.3 mm 0.13 inches
  • F 1988 Lowest temperature (1884-2013) -34.4° C -29.9° F in 1917
  • Greatest precipitation (1884-2008) 10.9 mm 0.43 inches in 1951
  • Greatest rainfall (1884-2007) 0.3 mm 0.01 inches in 1921
  • Greatest snowfall (1884-2007) 10.9 cm 4.29 inches in 1951
  • The highest temperature (1884-2013) was 36.7°C98.1°F  in 1940
  • Lowest temperature (1884-2013) was 0.0°C32.0°F in 1927
  • The most snow on the ground (1955-2005) was 56.0 cm 22.05 inches in 1956
  • Monthly frequency of precipitation: 30 %
  • Note that more recent Averages and Extremes information for this location may be available on-site.

Weather Forecast 

Environment Canada Regina
Photo by Brian McGowan from Unsplash

A mix of sun and cloud Detailed Forecast Forecast issued: 11:00 AM CST

  • Clear Fri 25 Feb -4° C 25° F Sunny Night -8° C 18° F
  • Sat 26 Feb 0° C 32° F Sunny Night -11° C 12° F Clear

Cloudy Periods 

Cloudy periods of weather started from Sun 27 Feb to Tue 1 Mar.

  • Sun 27 Feb -3° C 27° F A mix of sun and becoming partly cloudy late Night -11° C 12° F
  • Mon 28 Feb 3° C 37° F A mix of sun and becoming partly cloudy late Night -6° C 21° F
  • Tue 1 Mar 8° C 46° F A mix of sun and cloud average high -4.3° C 24.3° F

Note:- more recent averages and extreme information

Monthly frequency of precipitation

Recent averages and extreme information on weather updates on the weather resources site.

  • 28 % 23 Feb
  • Average high -3.3° C 26.1° F
  • Average low -13.4° C 7.9° F
  • Air Quality Health Index Observed Conditions Footnote † Past 24 hr Calculated at 11:00 AM CST Wednesday 23 February 2022.
  • Note:- 3 Low Risk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 + Low Risk (1-3) Moderate Risk (4-6) High Risk (7-10) Very High Risk.

Today Forecast 

Environment Canada Regina
Photo by NOAA from Unsplash

Itemized Forecast Today Invermere, BC No Alerts essentially Current Conditions Past 24 hours Weather Radar Satellite Lightning Not noticed Current Conditions Alerts Jet Stream Hourly Forecast Historical Weather Forecast gave: 5:00 AM MDT Saturday 13

Aug 16°C61°F A mix of sun and cloud Night 8°C46°F

Cloudy periods Fri 19 Aug 11°C52°F A mix of sun and cloud

Detailed Forecast issued: 4:30 AM EDT Saturday 13 August 2022 date. Detailed weather Forecast Today: Mainly cloudy. Wind west 20 km/h gusting to 40. High 16. UV index two moderate or 3. Tonight is Partly cloudy. Wind southwest 30 km/h, gusting to 50 Low 9.

Yesterday’s Data 

Aug 13, 2022 – Conditions Weather Radar Satellite Lightning Alerts Jet Stream Hourly Forecast Historical Weather Forecast issued: 4:30 AM EDT Saturday 13 August 2022 Hourly Forecast Alerts Jet Stream Sat 13 Aug 17°C63°F 60% Chance of showers Tonight 10°C50°F Partly cloudy Sun 14 Aug 17°C63°F A mix of sun and cloud Night 6°C43°F Clear Mon 15 Aug 15°C59°F Sunny Night 12.


Environment Canada Regina
Photo by Dre Erwin from Unsplash

Mainland Environment Canada Regina encounters a warm summer, with over 70% of normal yearly precipitation in the hottest half year, and is in the NRC Plant Hardiness Zone 3b. Regina has warm summers and cool, dry winters, inclined to limits consistently of the year.

The virus season lasts for 3.5 months, from November 24 to March 7, with a typical day-to-day high temperature below 27°F. Regina’s coldest month is January, with a typical low of – 1°F and a high of 15°F. The developing season in Regina is 111 days.

Saskatchewan’s capital, Regina, positioned an excellent 97th spot out of 415 urban communities. Its best classifications were conveniences, populace development, and admittance to medical services, losing focus on its crime percentage.

Regina is wealthy in history and legacy and is one of Canada’s quickest-developing major cities. With a lot of conveniences, for example, shopping centers, supermarkets, libraries, diversion edifices, cinemas, parks, and simple admittance to medical services offices, Regina has all that an understudy needs.

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