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You have landed on the list of great coffee shops you’ll ever come across if you’re in the city. Although I haven’t been to every coffee shop in Calgary, I’m more than happy to be naming excellent coffee shops people run to for their morning, or we can say late-night boost.

Resting yourself after wandering through the city in a cute little cafe is all you’d look forward to.

Waking up from a draining night and buying yourself a great cup of the best latte with amazing muffins for breakfast on the go from one of the fresh Calgary coffee shops will give you that spur.

Calgary is filled with delicious coffee shops under small businesses, which might become your favourite spot for coffee very soon.

woman enjoying coffee croissant cafe
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The diverse population in Calgary takes people to delightful locations from SW Calgary to SE Calgary that serve a great atmosphere, live music, friendly staff, and organic coffee.

The amazing coffee blend with good coffee from across the world attracts many Calgarians to breakfast, lunch, or even brunch dates in a great place. If you’re a college student, these small cafes won’t disappoint you. These are the best coffee shops in Calgary you’d love to discover.

1. Rosso Coffee Roasters

Rosso Coffee Roasters
Screenshot taken from the official site: Rosso Coffee Roasters

Rosso Coffee Roasters (103 17 Ave SE) is my top favourite in the avenue. You’ll definitely forget the elite Starbucks or Tim Hortons if you have this coffee in Calgary. The neighbourhood has a nice selection from cappuccino to fresh sandwiches and appetizing desserts for a sweet tooth.

Tourists often search for a town with a nice place for a coffee shop to chill and hang out. Rosso Coffee serves in six locations: 17th Avenue, Inglewood, Tuxedo, Ramsay, Victoria Park and Stephen Ave.

The owner, David Crosby, opened his very first Rosso Coffee in 2007 in Ramsay, working at the cafe himself. This espresso cafe has travelled to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Brazil, Burundi, and Colombia with fair trade practices of coffee and coffee beans.

People’s top favourite is the chai latte with oat milk, as it is the perfect balance of bold and creamy. It is a good place to hang out if you are a fan of high ceilings and cute sidewalk tables.

2. Ten-Foot Henry

Screenshot 2024 03 04 135931
Screenshot taken from the official site: Ten-Foot Henry

This restaurant ( 1209 1 St SW) is famous for its comic strip character, Henry. The shop has opened up its Little Henry side, where they serve coffee, tea and baked goods like pastries & bread with a full range of organic espresso and tea.

You wouldn’t find a lot of space inside the shop, so I suggest taking it on the go. You can’t miss their amazing Spanish latte, and give Brownie points for the art they serve with.

This location is pretty popular since you can dine in at the restaurant if you’re looking for more than coffee. You’d be delighted to see the beautiful decor of the place as it makes a great spot to stop by and admire its beauty as well as its coffees.

The top food on the menu is the Prawns mojo Rojo with sweet corn, so make sure you grab a bite after sipping espresso lattes.

3. Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar
Screenshot taken from the official site: Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar is located at 909 10th St SE Calgary. You can pair your coffee cup with fresh baked goods like their delicious sandwiches for breakfast. Many people watch the local artists who perform live music in town and the vinyl records with their family and friends.

The shop is well-displayed, and they serve excellent coffee. Even though they have simple cappuccino, tea and beans – people enjoy the drink.

Coffee lovers will absolutely love this place if they’re in search of a friendly cafe. You can sit down with your laptop and enjoy the relaxed vibes. Rising the mood for a great wine later in the day or night after a long day will get you energized in this wine bar.

It is also a great place to eat amazingly roasted beans and espresso, which you can smell all the time in the cafe.

4. Higher Ground Cafe

Higher Ground Cafe
Screenshot taken from the official site: Higher Ground Cafe

Higher Ground has its locations in three neighbourhoods of Calgary, namely, 17th Ave, Capitol Hill, and Kensington Rd. The cafe is famous for its London fog latte drink with delicious pastries and organic tea. I recommend ordering the latte with oat milk.

Not only is the shop elegantly built, but the insides are more to admire. Make sure you stop by at least once to check out this beauty. I’m sure your favourite cup of coffee won’t ruin it.

This coffee shop in Calgary is spacious, so feel free to come hang out with a group of friends to work on your assignments. Their coffee is Fairtrade certified and sourced, and you can even check out their Instagram page called Higher Ground Cafe, where they frequently post about the cafe and its famous coffee and tea.

5. Deville Coffee

Screenshot 2024 03 04 161559
Screenshot taken from the official site: Deville Coffee

The Deville coffee shop is located all over Calgary, with almost eleven locations spread in the city. With these locations, you must be wondering why the coffee shop has its name throughout the city; it is known for its best Americano’s as stated by the reviews.

The interior is well-maintained, and the seating areas are comfortable. I recommend trying the chocolate ganache latte.

They have some great coffee and tea with an amazing organic vanilla blend, which is their specialty. The warm and welcoming environment will serve you the right coffee you deserve. The place does not get too busy, so it is easy to grab a cup on your way or even chill at the spot.

6. Bell’s Bookstore Cafe

Bells Bookstore Cafe Documentary

Bell’s cafe is located at 1515 34 Ave street SW Calgary, a few minutes away from River Park. You would find a small outdoor seating area with cute little chairs on the patio, making it look all cozy and pretty.

People usually prefer taking their cup of coffee on the go rather than chill at the shop for a bit. But if you have your time, you can definitely plan to stay. They serve delicious breakfast bagels with the yummiest cheese ever.

The inside of this cute shop is very artistic as they have natural wooden seatings and cute little lights on the ceiling, plus a feature wall decorated with canvas paintings. Here, you can sense a warm and friendly feeling because of the locals who keep visiting this beautiful coffee shop.

In the End

cozy cafe interior bar seating
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So these were some of the shops for getting coffee in Calgary you wouldn’t wanna miss out on and check out before you leave the city. If you’re planning on getting a coffee for work, Rosso is the best option if you ask me.

You should definitely put Rosso on your list to make the maximum of your caffeinated journey. The city has a lot of small coffee businesses, out of which I’ve picked the best ones so far.

It was a tough choice to take it down to the best coffee shops; as I mentioned, Calgary serves us great coffee all over. It’s so much more than ”coffee” to people obsessed over it, spending some time at these cozy coffee shops to explore their best-baked goods and exported coffees from all around the world.

These shops offer snacks, a great atmosphere, friendly services, and live music you would enjoy at any time of the day.

The different flavours from the world will give you a great start for your day from the best coffee shops in Calgary, as these shops provide you with organic and finely roasted coffee beans.

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