10 Must Visit Coffee Shops in Port Moody

In this modern era, people often visit coffee shops for various reasons. Sometimes they go to meetings, for meeting friends, for having snacks, and for having some personal time.

There are many famous coffee shops in Port Moody. Some of these coffee shops are the favourite coffee shops of people because of their freshly cooked food, great coffee roasted, ample seating area, great location, quick lunch, and great presentation.

These coffee shops offer good coffee, great cake donuts, excellent brunch, plenty of quantity, little hidden jam, favourite gelati, sandwich place, great soup, tantalizing pastries, topnotch food, amazing gelato, chocolate peanut butter pie, tea, and nice cafe latte.

1. 10 Famous Coffee Shops in Port Moody

These coffee shops are located in beautiful locations in Port Moody. Some are located in the lower mainland, Port Moody bc v3h, Clarke Street, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, and Johns Street Port Moody. Some of these coffee shops have cafe apps where the customers can revert to good and bad customer service.

1.1. Omega Cafe

Omega Cafe is the new favourite coffee shop of customers because it serves good coffee with consistent coffee quality. It has a great sandwich shop and an outstanding breakfast spot. This is a nice cafe with great service.

People can enjoy tea, coffee, breakfast, and brunch here. So this is counted as one of the best coffee shops in Port Moody. Many people book tables for meetings also.

Courtesy: Omega Cafe

This cafe is located on Saint Johns St, Port Moody, BC, V3H.

1.2. J J Bean Coffee Roasters

J J Bean Coffee Roasters is a great coffee shop that serves great food and nice treats. Just take an unexpected stop and reach this coffee shop to have quick bites of outstanding lunch.

J J Bean Coffee Roasters is located in Unit 7 Port Moody, BC V3H. 

1.3. Creekside Coffee Factory

Creekside Coffee Factory is a nice spot for any meetings. It offers tasty coffee, tea, hidden gems, and great fill. This is a family’s go-to coffeehouse. You can visit this coffee shop along with your family.

This coffee shop has a separate place for small parties. They offer a variety of cakes, pastries, burgers, and pizzas. Due to this various variety of food items, this cafe is included in one of the best coffee shops in Port Moody.

It is located in Suite 19, Coquitlam, British Columbia.

1.4. Gallagher’s Coffee Bar & Cafe

Gallagher’s Coffee Bar & Cafe is an excellent local cafe. They serve great roasted coffee and excellent brunch. The snacks served here are really awesome. The environment of this cafe is very calm and peaceful.

Most people visit this coffee shop alone. To enjoy some time with themselves and have a sip of tea or coffee. This coffee shop is located in Port Moody, bc, v3h.

5. Casa Dolce Gelato & Chocolate

Casa Dolce Gelato & Chocolate is a welcoming neighborhood cafe. It serves very good coffee along with Chinese Danny’s. The lunch served here is very tasty and fresh. 

The location of this coffee shop is heartwarming. Just take out your vehicles and ride to Port Moody, British Columbia, to enjoy great coffee and tea.

Located at 252 New Port Dr, Port Moody. 

1.6. Starbucks

Starbucks is a famous coffee shop in Port Moody. It is one of the landmark cafés. It offers the best tea and coffee to the customers. 

This coffee shop has separate chambers for meetings, parties, and get together. This coffee shop has some more filters. Some of them are taking covid precautions, wearing masks, booking tables before visits, and many more.

Located on Loco Road, Port Moody.

1.7. Little Beans Play Cafe

Little Beans Play Cafe is located in a beautiful place. They have an open orchard for people who want to enjoy their tea or coffee in the open air.

Along with tea and coffee, they serve tasty and mouth snacks. You can also enjoy burgers, red sauce pasta, pastry, pizza, pancakes, sandwiches, and donuts. There is a separate garden for children.

This garden has different types of swings and slides for children so that children also enjoy their time along with the kids of their age group. The parents feel free as the children are busy playing.

This cafe is located at Kyle Street Port Moody, BC V3h.

1.8. Gallery Bistro

Gallery Bistro is a very beautiful place. The interior of this cafe has amazing designs of furniture. The seating arrangement is very different and outstanding. 

Along with these, they even serve latte, cappuccino, cold brew, espresso, iced coffee, black coffee, Turkish coffee, black tea, green tea, herbal tea, matcha, jasmine tea, peppermint tea, and many more.

Courtesy: Gallery Bistro

It is located at Clarke St, Port Moody.

1.9. Caffe Divano

Caffe Divano serves various varieties of coffee, tea, and snacks. According to the reviews of customers, this cafe serves fresh food and treats. The working staff of this cafe is also very helpful.

The food is prepared in a well-maintained and clean environment. They use high-quality coffee beans. They prepare coffee with industrial coffee grinders. They have their own app where they ask customers for reviews.

They prepare food in hygienic conditions and with good ingredients. This quality helps them to be counted as the best coffee shops in Port Moody.

Caffe Divano Port Moody
Courtesy: Caffe Divano

It is located at Klahanie Dr, Port Moody.

1.10. Black Sugar Coffee House

Black Sugar Coffee House is one of the best coffee shops in Port Moody. The reason is they give the best customer service and uses good quality products.

It is located in the middle of the city, so people can easily access the location. 

It is located at St. Johns St, Port Moody.

Final Note

The coffee shops in Port Moody serve the best quality coffee, tea, and snacks. They all have different properties, which makes them different and best. They use good quality ingredients and the best high-tech machines.

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