Tee Time Bliss: Canada’s Top 5 Golf Courses for an Unforgettable Round

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Canada is world-renowned for its beautiful and elegant golf course. As per Golf Digest, out of the top 100 best golf courses in the world, 12 are in Canada. The country has numerous stunning courses covered in history and nature.

Few of these golf courses are public golf courses. If you are a golf lover, playing golf on one of these golf courses in Canada must be on your bucket list.

Let us know what the five best golf courses in Canada are. However, ranking these golf courses based on their serenity or difficulty is difficult. Read on to discover the criteria for ranking the best golf courses in Canada.

1. Criteria of Ranking

Golf Digest follows a unique procedure to rank these golf courses. The panel member plays and scores in each of these courses. They have a separate analyst who removes any outlying factors in the golf course that can affect the ranking scheme.

The five best golf courses in Canada are rated based on the following criteria:-

1.1 Option of Shots

A good golf course should allow a player to choose from a variety of shots that he can play. This will be a real test of the skills a golfer will possess.

If the course presents a varied choice of shots, it is marked better than the other.

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1.2. Challenge Levels

The difficulty level of many courses in Canada is insane and unplayable for amateurs.

However, for a rating of best courses, the deciding factor is the level of difficulty of the playing without being unfair while playing from the tee placed as back tees.

1.3. Layout

The layout for the holes, shapes, and length. The rating is based on how the panelist independently assesses the course.

1.4. Distinctiveness

Distinctiveness is defined as how each hole differs among all the golf courses.

1.5. Aesthetics

The aesthetic factors are both natural and man-made beauty in the golf course. Having a beautiful nature cover will put a golf course ahead of others.

2. Top 5 Golf Courses in Canada

Canada is indeed heaven for all golf lovers. The natural beauty of these golf clubs and the amenities the private golf country clubs provide will let you enjoy the luxury life offers.

The country also has numerous public courses where you can learn golfing before heading into these expensive clubhouses.

2.1. Cabot Cape Breton

Cabot Cape Breton Highlands Links are among the best golf courses in Canada. It is situated in Inverness, Nova Scotia. Stanley Thompson designs it.

At the time of inauguration, the golf course was a hole-half course. But now, it is a fully-fledged course. 

Cabot Cape Breton is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Inverness. It is Canada’s unique possession. It is the only original link with a beautiful resort. This resort has 72 luxurious and beautiful accommodations.

The 19 Golf Villas with scenic natural beauty here will make you visit the property even if you are not a golfer. The restaurants and bars are the additional attractions of Cabot Cape Breton Highlands links. 

2.2. The National Golf Club

The National Golf Club is a private golf country club in Canada designed by Stanley Thompson. It is located in Woodbridge, Ontario. It is rated the second-best course because of its natural beauty and experience.

The National Golf Club is a place to go on a golfing trip to this country club. Subscribe to their memberships and create your golfing memories.

2.3. St. George’s Golf and Country Club

Located in Etobicoke in Ontario, the St George’s Golf and Country Club was established in 1918 and therefore carries a heritage and tradition. It is a full 18-hole golf course designed by Stanley Thompson.

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St Georges has numerous amenities which give its members once in a lifetime experience. In addition to the world-class golf course, it has a fine dining restaurant with a wonderful menu.

2.4 Capilano Golf and Country Club

The Capilano Golf and Country Club is situated in West Vancouver. It is a private country club surrounded by natural beauty. This country club promises to offer a world-class experience to its patrons and golfers.

The North Shore Mountains and the unique difficulty level make the golf club a heaven for golfers worldwide. The country club provides a first-hand lifestyle experience in Canada’s North Shores. 

2.5 Toronto Golf Club

Toronto Golf Club is one of Ontario’s renowned clubs and one of Canada’s best golf courses. It is Canada’s oldest clubhouse and was established in 1876. This golf clubhouse has hosted numerous National Championships and Canada Championships five times.

Thomas Mcbroom, Robert Trent Jones, Rod Whitman, Bob Cupp, Doug Carrick, George Fazio, and Michael Hurdzan are a few famous golfers who loved playing at this place.

The property has a full 18-holed golf country club and majestic clubhouses. Visit this historic golf club, the fifth-best course in Canada, to have a fun-filled day.

3. Other Famous Golf Courses

These golf courses are spread across Canada in Toronto, Vancouver, Ontario, and Alberta. As per Golf Digest, other famous golf courses include Coppinwood Golf Club and Hamilton Golf Country Club.


A golfing trip to Canada should be part of your bucket list if you are a professional player. The unique difficulty levels will indeed test your skills. The ranking given in this article is based on Golf Digest. Plan your trip and photo your memory to the wall in the best courses in Canada.

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