5 Most Popular Nova Scotia Wineries

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As an oenophile, a person who appreciates wine, or just someone who adores distinctive wines, Nova Scotia wineries must be a predominant place on your bucket list.

1. About Nova Scotia Wineries

Nova Scotia’s wine industry has a long and rich tradition. Around 1611, a small vineyard was planted in Bear River by a foreign settler.

After that, the island got its first winery, Grand Pre, in the 1970s, which today is famously known as Domaine de Grand pré.

Today, Nova Scotia encompasses over 20 wineries that deliver dangerously drinkable wines.

1.1. How Are They Made?

Nova Scotia’s Wine Country | Virtual Reality Video

The Annapolis Valley is the most prosperous agricultural land in Atlantic Canada, with its beautiful vineyards and orchids.

The eastern part of Annapolis Valley, also known as Nova Scotia Wine Country, has 12 wineries, some of which are Luckett, Gaspereau, and Mercator.

The South Shore carries the legacy of its classic blueberry wine through the Lunenburg County winery. In contrast, the western Annapolis Valley is famous for making fruit wines from apples, plums, raspberries, and other fruits.

Nova Scotia wineries cultivate grapes through acres of plantation of distinctive grape varietals such as Seyval blanc, back noir, L’acadie blanc, and other wine grapes according to the climate and soil conditions present.

Nova Scotia wines get their unique acidic and mineral-like taste from this unique terroir and traditional winemaking process.

1.2. A Uniquely Nova Scotian Sparkling Wine – Tidal Bay

Tidal Bay Wine, the highly loved appellation wine by Nova Scotia wineries, is a distinctive type of White wine produced in the province; it was launched in 2012 as the first wine appellation of Nova Scotia wineries.

Try it with their local seafood; it pairs the best.

2. 5 Best Wineries of Nova Scotia

Here is a list of some of the most talked about places from the Nova Scotia wine industry to give you the best experience.

2.1. Avondale Sky Winery

Avondale Sky Winery

Situated near the Bay of Fundy, this 180-year-old winery serves you the most exceptional wines with the salty sea winds from the bay.

Experience tasting their specialties like Blanc De Noir and Sparkling L’arcadie in their tasting room. Also, don’t forget to arrange a private dining experience at Mosher’s house.

2.2. Lightfoot and Wolfville Vineyards

This specific vineyard is known for producing specialties like Pinot Noir through certified organic and biodynamic methods. It is one of the best vineyards in Annapolis Valley.

Make sure to book a visit to their tasting bar.

2.3. Jost Vineyards

Jost Vineyards

Situated in gentle hills near sheltered coastal inlets of the Northumberland Shore, Jost wineries are the largest among Nova Scotia wineries.

A pioneer of the wine industry, Jost Vineyard has been gathering numerous accomplishments in the form of national and international awards for years.

2.4. Benjamin Bridge Vineyard

Maker of the famous ‘Nova 7‘, Benjamin Bridge is known for producing the best of its kind sparkling wines using ‘Method Classique.’

It has gathered accomplishments for years, with the most stunning Gaspereau Valley views.

Folks, this one should be a must-visit.

Benjamin Bridge - Gaspereau Valley winery now open to visitors

2.5. 1365 Church Street Vineyard and Winery

Situated in Port Williams, this one is Nova Scotia’s newest winery, a boutique winery. It was inaugurated in 2021 and has been hosting events and tastings ever since.

The special feature is its climate-controlled barrel cellar.


Connoisseur or not, visiting Nova Scotia wineries should be a must.

Don’t forget to take an evening out to witness the enchanting sunset with a glass of New York Muscat on a patio overlooking Nova Scotia’s Eastern shore or the L’acadie vineyards.

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