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Burnaby is popularly known as the third-largest city in British Columbia. It is recently hiring a lot of individuals for several job roles. It is the perfect time for job seekers to look for jobs they are interested in.

Renowned companies offer all these jobs, and they provide an excellent salary to their employees. Here is a list of the city of Burnaby jobs that you can opt for.

City Of Burnaby Jobs

There are some renowned companies in the city of Burnaby. They offer first-class service to all their employees and help everyone build their careers. All these companies are currently hiring.

The services of these companies include job security, proper payment of salary, and giving the employees the opportunity of pursuing their passion. Some of these companies also provide full-time jobs to those interested.

Burnaby is one of the best places in British Columbia to kick start your career. You will be able to find all the facilities and an excellent work environment. The first-class service that is provided by a lot of companies is worth trying.

1. Lifeguard Or Instructor

The primary job role of this position is to create an “enjoyable and safe aquatic environment for all patrons.” It is related to the field of aquatics. Swimmers or people related to the aquatic world have more chances of getting selected for this job. The Fred Randall Pool, located in Edmonds, is hiring for these positions.

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The lap pool, and whirlpool, are the main areas of concern here. The average salary of this place is around $24.47-$28.66 per hour.

Another part of this job role is creating programs for people of all age groups. The programs include a demonstration of the marine world and its environment.

If you are interested in this job role, you will have to apply through the official website of the companies.

2. Crime Prevention Facilitator

The primary job role of a crime prevention facilitator is to look after the crimes and ensure every measure to prevent them. The job seekers for this position are expected to be interested in community education and crime prevention.

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Other than preventing crimes, the main work of these facilitators is to organize events, workshops, meetings and public presentations while they are in a lease with the community partners and the other employees of the city of Burnaby.

Their responsibility is also to develop various prevention tips and different ways to promote extra security.

The salary for this post is around $30.94 per hour, and an extra 12% of the salary is given to the crime prevention facilitators instead of benefits.

3. Business Analyst

The role of a business analyst is a job based on information technology. The candidates seeking jobs in this role are expected to have a moderate experience with analytical work. They must also possess the quality of guiding teams.

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The companies hiring for this position are looking for people who can configure and develop applications and consistently deliver good results back to the company. The company also expects the candidates to deploy financial solutions and create a good relationship between clients, project teams, and other departments.

This job role is a full-time but temporary job offer.

The average salary for this job role is $44.57-$52.71 per hour.

4. Contract Instructor

This job is perfect for you, the job seekers into fitness. All you will need is some qualifications in yoga and group fitness. The city of Burnaby is in search of someone who will be able to teach the people fitness and yoga. These yoga classes are made to focus on adult and mid-aged citizens.

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The fitness classes will include yoga and other fitness-related programs. The responsibility of a contract instructor does not end here. They will also have to educate the class members on essential topics such as first aid.

The average salary of a contract instructor varies from about $29.10-$45.00 per hour. The salary entirely depends upon the companies that are hiring.

5. Traffic Technician

The main job of a traffic technician is to look after the traffic technology and its other aspects. The candidates who have minimum knowledge of traffic signal systems and traffic engineering are eligible for this job.

Many companies in British Columbia hire individuals who are eligible for traffic technicians. Their main work is to investigate any problems related to traffic signals and controls. They will also have to proofread and approve a lot of documents that are related to traffic.

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The employers are taken proper care of and are provided with the necessary career benefits. People who have record-keeping and clerical experience are most likely to get quality jobs.

The territory they have to work in is decided by the company that hires them. The average salary of a traffic technician varies from about $29.46-$34.68 per hour.

6. Restorative Justice Facilitator

People who are willing to apply for this job might have the will to provide first-class service to the people. The passion for helping people and giving them the best quality services is crucial for this job role.

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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

In addition, you will require a BC driving license and some experience with social work. The job role for these positions is flexible. Your work hour and shift depend entirely upon the department you are in. Posting of the employers in various departments is done after checking their abilities.


Jobs in the City of Burnaby are flexible are provide complete freedom to the employers. They have outstanding services along with career development options.

Getting a job in the city of Burnaby makes life much easier. All the job offers have a good salary, and most of them have flexible work hours. The candidates also have the freedom to join on their desired date in any emergency.


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  • This guide to job opportunities in Burnaby offers a valuable resource for job seekers, presenting a diverse array of positions from lifeguard and crime prevention facilitator to business analyst and traffic technician. The inclusion of salary details, job responsibilities, and qualifications provides practical insights for potential applicants. Moreover, the article highlights Burnaby’s positive work environment, commitment to career development, and flexibility, making it an attractive destination for those seeking meaningful employment. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals exploring career options in Burnaby.

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