Top 2 Places for Bungee Jumping in Ottawa

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Bungee jumping in Ottawa is a very popular sport. Bungee jumping is one of the most popular extreme sports in Canada, right alongside diving with whales. In this sport, people jump off of tall structures with a bungee cord attached. This is perfect for you if you are looking for an adrenaline kick. It only requires a little preparation and a giant leap of fate.

You can go Bungee jumping in almost all major cities of Canada. However, Ottawa gives you its mountains, scenic beauty, and adrenaline kick.

The Great Canadian Bungee in Wakefield, Quebec, is the highest bungee jump in Canada and North America.

Let’s explore the best bungee jumping spots in Ottawa in this article.

Top 2 Locations for Bungee Jumping in Ottawa:

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, located in the southern province of Ontario. It is located at the meeting point of the Ottawa River and Rideau. It attracts tourists from all over the world because of the scenic beauty and various activities it provides. One such activity is bungee jumping.  So go ahead, find your spot, bring your GoPro, and JUMP!

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1. Great Canadian Bungee (Wakefield, Quebec)

The Great Canadian Bungee, or The Rock, is an excellent option near Ottowa. Here is some information about it.

The great Canadian Bungee’s location is in Wakefield, Quebec, 20 mins from the north of Ottawa, and is worth every second spent. The address is 6112, 3e Rang, Wakefield, QC JOX 3GO, Canada.

It has a jaw-dropping height of 200 feet (the highest in North America). The participants jump from a purpose-built platform into a breathtaking picturesque Morrison’s Quarry. It is surrounded by the beautiful Gatineau Hills, perfect for summer. Limestone rocks surround this site, with a huge blue lagoon being the highlight.

The Rock in Ottawa is the only place in both US and Canada where you can experience a 200 feet head dive.

1.1 Safety Measures

The Great Canadian Bungee prioritizes safety and maintains a high standard. Along with employing qualified and experienced instructors who check your safety directly on the spot, they also use high-quality equipment and procedures.

All the equipment used for Bunjee jumping is designed specifically for that purpose and meets CBA, NABA, SANZ, and Australian specifications.

Along with that, they also have UIAA, ULI, and NFPA approvals.

1.2 Requirements 

The minimum age is 12 years. Younger jumpers can be allowed with their parent’s consent. The weight restriction is between 8 lbs(36 kgs) to 275 lbs(125 kg).

You can book a slot on the great Canadian Bungee online.

bungee jumping in ottawa
Photo by Great Canadian Bungee

2. Wilderness Tour Adventure Resort (Foresters Falls, Ontario)

This is another popular destination for bungee jumping. The Wilderness Tours Adventure Resort is located in Foresters Falls, Ontario, about an hour from the west of Ottawa. Even though it is not in Ottawa, it is a fun place you’d definitely want to check out.

The address is 503 Rafting Road, Foresters Falls, ON KOJ 1VO, Canada.

At Wilderness Tour, you can experience a thrilling jump from 200 feet over a sturdy bridge over the Ottawa River, giving you all the adrenaline rush as you dive towards the water below.

Other activities available here include Whitewater Rafting, Sea Kayaking, Mountain biking, and resort day.

They have accommodations such as Tents, Cedar Cabins, Motel Plus, Hostel cabins, Manor Master, and Cottage Loft. This makes it a very convenient location for adventure sports.

2.1 Safety Measures 

This organization emphasizes safety a lot. They have guides and experienced instructors who ensure all the equipment is properly maintained and the participants harnessed securely.

2.2 Requirements

The minimum age limit is 13 years,  even though younger jumpers are allowed, but only with their parent’s consent. The weight limit is 100 lbs(45 kg) and 250 lbs(113 kg). These requirements occasionally change, so checking the website before visiting is better.

You can book a place on their official website.

Bungee Jumping at Wilderness Tours


There are also other bungee places, such as Vancouver Island and Toronto. For indoor Bungee, you can always go to West Edmonton Mall, the only place with an indoor bungee facility.

However, check availability, safety protocols, and age or weight restrictions. Check this before planning your bungee jumping trip to have a smooth trip. This will ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free bungee jumping experience.

FAQ about Bungee Jumping in Ottawa:

1. Does bungee jumping cause any pain or discomfort?

Bungee jumping is a very smooth process. Besides the adrenaline rush, no other physical pain or discomfort is usually experienced. Fear may cause discomfort and lightheadedness during the jump, so take a deep breath, keep your fear aside, and jump.

However, if you have chronic health conditions like asthma or high blood pressure, please check with your doctor before making plans.

2. Is there any specific dress code for bungee jumping?

Even though no specific dress code is mentioned for jumping, all jumpers must wear shoes or sandals with straps to stay on their feet. Boots or flip-flops are not allowed during the jump.

As for clothing, it is recommended to wear slightly warmer clothes because the weather can get cooler high up there. Pants are always recommended for ultimate comfort.

bungee jumping in ottawa
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3. Are cameras allowed for bungee jumping?

The answer to this question varies depending on your destination for the jump. Every place will ask you to remove your personal belongings from your pocket before jumping. However, a Go Pro attached to your Helmet is an exception. It is always recommended to check with officials before using any camera.

4. Is there any training required before the final jump?

No training is required for bungee jumping. However, group safety briefings always take place before the jump. Here all the necessary information is discussed, and all queries are answered.

The instructions include the jumping process, retrieval procedure, and jumping options. This briefing usually takes about 5 mins.

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