13 Best Restaurants in Jasper

Jasper is a relatively small town and not a very popular culinary destination. Apart from being famous for its majestic mountains and murky skies, Jasper is renowned for its restaurants. From beef to chicken to seafood to vegetarian to vegan, there are many fantastic restaurant options available in Jasper with a fine dining experience and good food at reasonable pricing.

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Jasper?  In that case, you should not miss out on this article! So, let’s head to the Jasper food tour!

Best Restaurants in Jasper

1) The Raven Bistro

Site- theravenbistro.com

The Raven Bistro Location- 504, Patricia Street, Jasper, Alberta T0E1E0, Canada.

Cuisine- Mediterranean-Canadian fusion.

Image from theravenbistro.com

Located in the heart of Jasper and with mesmerizing views of the mountains, Raven Bistro is a small, quiet, beautiful restaurant offering a fantastic wine collection and Canadian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Their food, service, ambiance, and ‘happy hours’ are the talk of the town. The best part about Raven Bistro is that they have a variety of options to choose from. So, depending on your mood, you can order your food!

Raven Bistro’s juicy and roasted steak, tasty marinated chicken wings, and fresh seafood are highly recommended. Their famous Bison & Boar Belly Flatbread and Coconut Kaffir Lime Seafood Pot should be in your order. The Raven Salad and fried beans with orange chunks are best for a healthy option. Vegan and lots of Gluten-free options are available, too. Their drinks and cocktails menu is a classic offering of Bearhill Brewing Company, Mediterranean Mule, etc.

Compared to the other restaurants in Jasper on the list, The Raven Bistro has reasonable prices relative to the other restaurants, but their portion size and taste live up to the pricing. Due to its small seating, reserving a table beforehand is recommended to avoid the hassle of long queues.

2) Syrahs of Jasper

Site- syrahsofjasper.com

Syrahs of Jasper Location- 606 Patricia St, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Canadian, Sea Food.

Image from syrahsofjasper.com

If you are on your honeymoon in Jasper or looking for a romantic restaurant date for your anniversary, enter the Syrahs of Jasper blindly. Syrahs of Jasper is among one of Jasper’s most elegant, romantic, intimate, and warmly lit restaurants, with a ‘wine cellar-themed dining area.

The name of the restaurant, Syrahs, is inspired by Shiraz, meaning grape. Standing by their name, Syrahs of Jasper offers a great selection of red and white wines worldwide.

The owner and chef of Syrahs of Jasper, Jason Munn, describes Syrah’s menu as a “blend of playful inspiration with the best and fresh Canadian ingredients.” Their mouthwatering dishes, Crispy Pork, Elk Carpaccio, Smoked Bison Ragout, Salmon Crustini, and White Chocolate Goat Cheesecake, are highly recommended by foodies on the internet.

Their most expensive and famous dish on the menu, Elk Wellington, is a chef’s kiss and worth every penny. You should look at Syrah’s Cocktail menu if you are not a wine person. Upon request, there are gluten-free food options available, too.

As the restaurant is intimate, there are 15 tables available. Hence, reserving a table beforehand is recommended. And as they say, Syrahs of Jasper is more than a restaurant in Jasper; they are a Canadian Rockies dining destination.

3) Fiddle River Restaurant

Site- fiddleriverrestaurant.com

Fiddle River Restaurant Location- 620 Connaught Dr. UPSTAIRS, 620B Connaught Dr, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Seafood, Wild Game.

The logo and the name of the restaurant are enough to describe the kind of cuisine it offers. This premium seafood restaurant with wooden decor and huge glass windows is located on the second floor on Connaught Drive, thus offering the best view of the Rocky Mountains. Along with the breathtaking mountain views, Fiddle River also offers lip-smacking, fresh seafood.

Starting with their famous appetizers, Fresh Salt Spring Island Mussels, as they are rolled in creamy stilton blue cheese sauce, and for their main course, their signature dish, Fiddle Fish Pot, is highly praised. Fiddle River’s initial focus was to serve the best seafood in Jasper.

They have achieved this and are now branching out to include Wild Game, Beef, Meat, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free options. Their drinks menu includes various red and white wines, cocktails, and local beer options.

The owner of the restaurant, Patrice, and his team take a lot of pride in providing their customers with the best food and dining experience. They keep in mind to source the finest and freshest ingredients from the farmer’s markets and Canadian seas.

4) Sunhouse Café

Site- sunhousejasper.com

Sunhouse Café Location- Jasper National Park of Canada, 610 Patricia Street, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Coffee, Brunch.

Image from sunhousejasper.com

This tall, peaked, dome-shaped sunroof café located on Patricia Street is hard to miss. Starting in 2018, Sunhouse café wanted to bring the Australian café culture to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The vibe of the café is cozy, and one can soak in the sunshine through the glass roof on a dreary cold winter day.

If you are not a breakfast person, looking at Sunhouse Cafe’s menu will make you one. Their delicious menu ranges from filter coffee, espresso, americano, cappuccino, iced, and more. If you are not a coffee person, don’t worry because Sunhouse also has a variety of other drink options like hot chocolate, teas, and chai lattes.

If you want something healthy and nutritious, their smoothie, cold-pressed juice, and kombucha menu will have you covered. Their breakfast menu, on the other hand, is short. Vegetarian and Vegan as well as Gluten-free items are available too. They also have dairy alternatives like Oats and Coconut milk and Vegan Cheese.

5) Jasper Pizza Place

Site- jasperpizza.ca

Jasper Pizza Place Location- 402 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Pizza, Bar, Italian cuisine.

Image from jasperpizza.ca

Known as the original and best pizzeria in Jasper, Jasper Pizza Place is a casual restaurant serving delicious pizzas fresh from wood-burning, traditional ovens. This place serves delicious “wood-fired” Pizza and a spectacular mountain view!

Their rooftop patio makes the place even more special. Watching snow-capped mountains, sunsets, snow, and a serene view on the rooftop patio with Pizza feels like a dream come true.

If you are at Jasper Pizza Place, then needless to say, you have to order Pizza. They also have an excellent pizza collection with goat cheese and vegan cheese options. Their pizza menu is divided into two different categories: wood-burning pizzas and thick-crust pizzas.

They also serve customized pizzas, where you can create your pizzas by choosing your choice of toppings and sizes. We recommend Sicilian, JPP Deluxe, Bar-B-Q Chicken, Bella Montagna with goat cheese, and King of New York Pizza from their pizza menu.

Along with various Pizzas, Jasper Pizza Place serves pesto pasta, burgers, fries, appetizers, salads, and more. Their cocktails and alcohol collection is impressive, too.

You can order Rooftop Patio Sangria or Rooftop drinks to enjoy the rooftop patio experience to the fullest. They also serve specialty coffee if you want to warm and cozy yourself up on the rooftop patio.

Suppose you are on a budget but want to try the best restaurants in Jasper. In that case, we recommend you to visit Jasper Pizza Place on Tuesdays as they have a fantastic offer of serving two 10″ pizzas for under 25 Canadian dollars.

6) Coco’s Café

Site- cocoscafe.ca

Coco’s Café Location- 608-B Patricia Street, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Breakfast, Coffee.

Image from cocoscafe.ca

Established in 1991, Coco’s Café is open yearly, even during the heaviest snowfall. It is a tiny but cozy café place along Patricia Street. The owners of the café, Andrew and Lynn Wannop, are big supporters of the Jasper Pride Festival.

2017 Coco’s Café won the Annual Gay Pride Rainbow Window Decoration Challenge. Coco’s Café is also said to be the best LGBTQ+-friendly food place in town.

The best part of the café is that they make everything in-house. Everything is self-prepared and freshly served, from the bread to the bagels. They have lots and lots of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, plus they offer a healthy menu. Their Vegan BLT on Sourdough is the most recommended dish from the healthy menu.

You must try their Homemade Granola with Yoghurt and Fresh Fruit, Classic Egg Breakfast, Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito, and Coco’s Breakfast Sandwich.

Their smoothie is yummy and healthy, while their coffee is described as the ‘tastiest coffee in Jasper National Park.’ Don’t forget to stock up on freshly baked sourdough bread, muffins, and cookies for your Jasper adventures.

Just a heads up, Coco’s Café is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It remains open the other five days from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

7) Olive Bistro & Lounge

Site- olivebistro.ca

Olive Bistro & Lounge Location- 6 Pyramid Lake Road, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Fusion, Canadian Mediterranean.

Image from olivebistro.ca

Olive Bistro, a family-owned and operated restaurant in Jasper, has been serving delicious food for the past 12 years. The owner of Olive Bistro, Chef Darryl Huculak, is very sweet and passionate about his restaurant. The ambiance and detailed decoration of this restaurant is indeed very warm and welcoming. So is the food!

Their famous Kale Salad with Burrata Cheese is super wholesome and filling. Their delicious Spicy Seafood Penne is a great blend of spice and taste. Olive Bistro serves some delicious burgers, too.

Their Beef Burger with Beer is a must-try. Their Haskap Cheesecake and Brown-Butter Lemon Shortcake Crust are the most-reviewed desserts. They serve great truffle poutine, too.

The restaurant offers a seasonal menu so that the customers get a variety in the menu. Their drinks menu is very interesting, with varieties of Cocktails, Beers, Caesars, Martinis, and some old-fashioned, vintage drinks like Corpse Reviver, Black Market Manhattan, and Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned.

They claim to serve good food with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, which are proudly sourced from local farmers.

8) Kimchi House

Site- kimchihousejasper.com

Kimchi House Location- 407 Patricia Street, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Asian, Korean.

Serving the best Korean food since 2008, Kimchi House is among one of the best restaurants in Jasper. It is also the only restaurant in Jasper that serves reasonably good Korean food.

The owner of the Kimchi House, Monica An, personally greets the customers with a warm smile. The aroma of the restaurant is filled with a savoury traditional spices smell that is from Monica’s native place, Korea.

Every dish is hand-prepared with love and is served in elegant dishes, sizzling hot plates, pots, bowls, etc., just like they serve traditionally.

Their entire menu looks filling and flavorful with a variety of Korean dishes like Spicy Dak Bul Go Gi, which is a marinated sliced beef with homemade vegetable and chilli sauce, then Bibim Bap, which consists of a rice bowl with lots of vegetables, beef, and egg.

The most wholesome dish on the menu is the DolSot-Dup Bap, which is served in a hot stone bowl and consists of rice, beef, chicken, kimchi, egg, vegetables, fish, etc. The Chicken/ Shrimp Kang Geong and Great beef rice bowl are also highly recommended. For Desserts, their Green tea ice cream and cheesecake are the best in town.

The prices are relatively high, but the portion size served by Kimchi House is humongous. Their seating capacity is limited, so prior reservation is recommended.

9) Bear’s Paw Bakery

Site- bearspawbakery.com

Bear’s Paw Bakery Location- 4 Pyramid Road, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Café, Brunch, Canadian.

Image from bearspawbakery.com

Everyone, tourists as well as locals, loves the adventure time in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park, etc. But to enjoy this adventure time to the fullest, one must fuel up himself/ herself to the fullest, too. There are many cafes, brunch spots, and restaurants in Jasper that serve great food, and Bear’s Paw Bakery is among them.

Located in the heart of Jasper National Park, this bakery serves tasty “made-from-scratch” baked goods and is also famous for serving the Best Bread in the Rocky Mountains!

They claim to serve a variety of Canadian-style cakes and European-style pastries. Along with their famous pastries and cakes, you must also try their delicious Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cup, Apple Pie, and Muffin.

Not a sweet tooth? Then don’t worry because they serve potato salad, small Greek salad, sausage rolls, ham breakfast sandwiches, and steaming, warm beverages too. Don’t forget to buy their tasty premade breakfast sandwich and famous Raspberry White Chocolate Scones for your hike.

This café serves in two locations; one is ‘Bear’s Paw Bakery,’ which is located at 4 Pyramid Road, Jasper. And the other one is ‘The Other Paw Bakery Café’ located at 610 Connaught Drive, Jasper.

10) Earl’s Restaurant

Site- earls.ca

Earl’s Restaurant Location- 600 Patricia Street, 2nd floor, Jasper.

Cuisine- American, Canadian, Bar.

Image from earls.ca

Founded by a father-son duo, Bus & Stan Fuller, in 1982, Earls Restaurant offers good food, a better ambiance, and great hospitality. It also offers a private dining area (The Wynn Room) that has a seating capacity of 65 guests and a picturesque view with a modern, lively feel. Their second-floor patio offers a 270-degree view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Their patio dining is based on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

They have a variety of options on their menu, like Tacos, Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, Noodles, Steaks, Rice Bowls, etc. Their Spicy Tuna Tacos with truffle mushroom sauce and garlic sauce is a must-try combination.

Their Nashville Hot Chicken is the most loved and ordered dish on the menu. Their happy hour prices are also quite impressive.

As for drinks, we recommend you try the signature cocktails from their House Specialties. You won’t be disappointed! Earl’s Restaurant is globally inspired and only uses fresh, locally sourced, processed in-house ingredients. Hence, it deserves a place in list of best restaurants.

11) Jasper Brewing Company 

Site- jasperbrewingco.ca

Jasper Brewing Company Location- 624 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Canadian, American, Bar, Pub.

Image from jasperbrewingco.ca

Starting in 2005, Jasper Brewing Co., the First National Park brewery in Canada, has been an institution in Jasper National Park. Since then, Jasper Brewing Co. has grown itself into an exciting collection of premium hops, malts, and brewpubs.

Their Crisp Pils is a true pilsner-style lager, and it uses local malt from the foothills of the Rockies. Their Jasper the Bear Ale is brewed with clover honey from the Okanagan Valley, with coriander and a slice of lime. The Babe Blueberry Vanilla Ale is known all over Alberta and is, of course, made with blueberries and vanilla.

Their Pink Boots Belgian Saison is golden in colour with bubblegum flavours. Their cocktails collection is as impressive as their beer collection. Their food menu is delicious, too. Indulge in dishes like nachos, pretzels, chicken wings, crispy pork, chicken burgers, and Rustic Elf Meatloaf, which are most ordered from their menu.

You can enjoy beer and sports action on the big screens here.

12) Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen

Site- banffjaspercollection.com

Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen Location- Maligne Lake Road, Jasper, Canada.

Cuisine- Canadian, Local.

With a spectacular view of the majestic Maligne Valley, a cozy atmosphere, and rustic yet modern dining, Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen serves up a smokehouse-flavoured, wood-fired, seasoned menu. Their rustic decoration sets an intimate and romantic mood.

Therefore, it makes the list of one of the best restaurants in Jasper for romantic date nights, anniversaries, etc. This restaurant is pet friendly and also offers to set for weddings, rehearsal dinners, etc.

Needless to say, everything on their menu looks so fresh, so colourful, and tastes so divine that Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen has amazing reviews and a rating of 4.2 stars on Google. They have Smoked Chicken and Roasted Forest Mushrooms in skillet bread.

As for salads, their Boulder Salad is very filling with cherry, tomato, blue cheese, radish, baby lettuce, crispy onion, and smoked chicken or smoked breast as add-ons. As for the main course, the Maligne Canyon Platter is highly recommended.

The caesars here are quite famous, too, and you have to try their Gelato and Sorbetto. Overall, Maligne Wilderness Kitchen serves delicious food and is worth every penny spent.

13) Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Site- fairmont.com/jasper

Address- Old Lodge Road, Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Cuisine- Italian, Canadian.

And the last on the list among the other best restaurants in Jasper is Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. A magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site is a 700-acre luxury mountain resort with the number 1 Golf Resort Course, four restaurants, two bars, and a breathtaking view. Fairmont offers you a luxury dining experience.

The Great Hall of Fairmont is a classic lodge located at the heart of the Fairmont Lodge, and it offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options along with an extensive collection of wine, craft beers, and cocktails. There’s also La Cabane on Ice, which serves a warm cup of coffee and hot chocolate and offers a mesmerizing view of The Pyramid Mountain.

For the best Italian cuisine in Jasper, Orso Trattoria of Fairmont is hands down among the best Jasper restaurants. You can book a private Chef Table and enjoy a special, luxurious meal with a perfect wine pairing. Indoor and Outdoor Dining at Orso Trattoria is available too.

Their Emerald Lounge offers a breathtaking view of Whistler’s Mountain and Lac Beauvert. Cozy space, classic Canadian dishes, and cocktails are the vibe here. The Thompson’s Terrace, named after the master golf architect Stanley Thompson, is a patio in Fairmont with a backdrop of Signal Mountain. Thompson’s Terrace offers sandwiches, beverages, and takeaway options before heading to the golf course.


The above-stated restaurants are finely selected just like its dining, and we have tried our level best to provide you with restaurants with a variety in cuisine, pricing, experience, etc. We hope that this list helps you!

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Jasper

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