Know the History of Beer in Toronto with the Local Beer Tour!

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Attention to all beer lovers of Toronto: get ready for this unique and exciting opportunity, the Toronto: Local Beer Tour, taking place on various dates and time slots.

The local beer tour is about to show the city’s rich history through its historic pubs and unique breweries.

In this tour, participants will test exceptional local bribes and explore Toronto’s historic sites, such as St Lawrence Market and Distillery District, all while learning about the impact of beer on the city’s growth and development.

This tour is accessible to English speakers and is designed to take place regardless of weather conditions.

Tickets can be bought online, but participants must show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination at the start of the tour.

1. About the Local Beer Tour

Local beer tours give participants a unique perspective on Toronto’s historical culture.

An expert with an enthusiastic guide leads the time, sharing fascinating stories of how beer has shaped his development.

Attendees will explore historic pubs and test unique local seasonal beers. And learn about Toronto’s vibrant peer-driving traditions.

The tour is perfect for both history lovers and beer enthusiasts.

Know the History of Beer in Toronto with the Local Beer Tour!
Source: FeverUp

Not only this, but there is also a pub exploration tool that involves visiting significant city landmarks like St. Lawrence Market and the distillery district.

These tops add an exciting cultural dimension to the tour, allowing participants to immerse themselves in Toronto’s rich history and vibrant culture.

2. About the Venue

The tour will begin outside the Hockey Hall of Fame, at the intersection of Yonge Street and Front Street, a popular city attraction.

From there, participants will walk through several historic districts of Toronto, including a visit to the vibrant St Lawrence market and the restored distillery district.

Each location on the tour has been carefully selected to provide participants with a rich understanding of the city’s beer-driven history and the evolution of its pub culture. 

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3. About the Tickets

Tickets for Toronto’s local beer tour can be exclusively from the Fever website.

As these experiences are only meant for attendees above 19, Tickets are priced at 88.50 Canadian dollars.

4. Things to Keep in Mind

  • The minimum requirement for participation is 19 years old. All participants must show their valid photo ID and evidence of being vaccinated against Covid 19 at the start of the tour. 
  • Attendees should note that this tour is not filtered accessible due to the nature of historic venues and the amount of walking involved.
  • For a comfortable experience, it is suggested that attendees should wear comfortable footwear.
  • The two tickets include a local guide speaking English and a small beer at the first two pub stops.
  • The tour operator may alter the route and location on specific factors during the event.
  • Please remember to respect the places visited, including maintaining decorum in the pubs and historical sites.

5. A Memorable Journey Through the City’s Historic Pubs

  • What: Local Beer Tour.
  • Where:  Toronto & Niagara Falls Walking Tour Combo.
  • When: Multiple dates available.
  • Time: For 4 hours.
  • Tickets: Get the tickets on Fever.

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