Guide to the Best Pizza in Regina To Check Out!

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Regina is famous for being the queen city, rich in culture, history and heritage, encouraging tourism. This city is also known for being one of the fast-growing cities. Regina is a welcoming place with thousands of recreational facilities, museums, architecture, infrastructure.

Some cities are known for their delicacies, and Regina is particularly famous for its distinctive “deep dish pizza” with thick cheese and pepperoni. “Regina-style Pizza” is said to be is world-class of its own and deliciously called the “Pizza Capital of Canada.” Let’s look at places that offer the best Pizza in Regina.

Guide to the Best Pizza in Regina To Check Out!

1. Houston Pizza

This pizzeria offers Pizza made of perfectly kneaded homemade dough with a layer of tangy tomato sauce. This is topped with mushrooms, green peppers, only fresh vegetables, and feta cheese. You will get to taste the best Pizza at Houston Pizza in your entire life. This restaurant also serves Caesar salad, soup, chicken fingers, salmon.

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You pay an attractive price for this delicious food at Houston pizza. The hospitable staff and excellent service make this eatery comfortable for the customers. Houston Pizza also provides online delivery and takeaways.

2. Juliana Pizza & Lounge

Juliana Pizza’s success goes to their homemade dough from a secret recipe handed from one generation to another. Their tangy tomato sauce is made from fresh vegetables, onions, tomatoes and spices. They use quality, rich, tasty cheeses to present you with the perfect Pizza. This pizzeria, apart from Pizza, also offers dry ribs, lasagna, Greek salad, pasta, ham, etc.

Takeaways are a great option at Juliana Pizza for people who want to enjoy great Pizza from the comfort of their place. The courteous service and warm atmosphere make this pizzeria one of the best pizza places in Regina.

3. Trifon’s Pizza & Spaghetti House

Trifon’s Pizza & Spaghetti House was started in 1972, only selling pizzas, and now, this pizzeria is a full-fledged restaurant. They first started serving Italian Pizza with a thick crust decorated with fresh tomato sauce, mushroom and mozzarella cheese with different toppings. They also serve the best Italian and Canadian cuisines.

Pizza slice
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This pizzeria is available for takeaways. Along with several kinds of Pizza like ham and pineapple pizza, they also offer different varieties of salads like Caesar salad, Greek salad, and many more to enjoy with your order. As the name suggests, it also serves pasta of different flavours. Their friendly service is a bonus.

4. Regent Family Restaurant & Neighborhood Pub

Regent Family Restaurant & Neighborhood Pub serves the best hot and fresh thick cheese-stuffed Regina-style Pizza. It is topped with only fresh vegetables like onion, tomato, mushroom and tasty cheeses(of your choice).

As the name suggests, you can wine and dine with your family. The Menu contains Pizza and other Canadian cuisines. You can also plan your whole day meal from breakfast, lunch to dinner.

Regent Family Restaurant & Neighborhood Pub
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Their way of treating guests and the excellent service they provide is a plus point. You can also make online food delivery to taste the delicious Pizza at your home.

5. The Copper Kettle Restaurant

The Copper Kettle Restaurant provides incredible Pizza with toppings like feta cheese, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, vegetables. This pizzeria also offers perfectly cooked chicken wings, fries, garlic bread, Caesar salads, and gluten pizza. This pizzeria also serves tasty feta, spinach, and Italian sausage.

Pizza Flour
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This restaurant’s good atmosphere and homey decor for its clients is its secret to remaining a good-rated pizza place. The friendly staff shows how much they care for their customers. The perfect wine or beverage is an excellent combo to try with your order.

6. Westside Pizza Family Restaurant

Westside Pizza Family Restaurant provides a great pizza with fresh and nicely chopped vegetables with cheese. Along with Pizza, it also offers some Greek vegetarian cuisines. Crispy chicken sandwiches are also their specialty, and for you, it is a great option to choose from the Menu to enjoy your lunch.

Pizza with Coke
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This pizzeria also offers gluten-free pizzas (for healthy eaters), pizza salads, onion pizza. Friendly staff that excels in treating guests. What else can a customer want?

7. Creekside Pub & Brewery

Creekside Pub & Brewery is famous for its seafood pizza with well-known Canadian cuisines. They also have chicken wings, stuffed potatoes, soup, steak wrap, and perfectly brewed wine to enjoy with your order. This pizzeria also provides excellent staff and friendly service with modern decor gives a warm atmosphere to enjoy your lunch.

Creekside Pub & Brewery
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Lager, craft beer, wine are some of the popular beverages of this brewery. You pay fair prices for the tasty food. This restaurant also provides online delivery and takeaways.

8. Boston Pizza

Boston pizza is famous for offering the perfect Pizza for its visitors. They provide different toppings like ham, bacon, onions, and pepperoni. The Menu also offers other Italian cuisines.

It is well known for chicken pizza, with some Mexican chicken, rib steaks, beef and many more delicious dishes to try.

Boston Pizza
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Courteous service and great staff is the perfect combo offered at this eatery. The price you would pay for eating here is adequate according to the taste they offer.

9. Western Pizza

Western Pizza offers Pizza made of perfectly kneaded dough baked on high heat. It is topped with tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, banana peppers, fresh vegetables, and a lot of cheese and love!

This restaurant is well-known for serving perfectly stuffed crust pizza, salads, dry ribs, and other cuisines. Food delivery is a bonus point of this pizzeria for those living remotely from this place.

Along with providing finger-licking Pizza, western Pizza also excels in kebabs, tomato soup, burgers, bacon, and salads. Their pizza sauce’s secret recipe keeps their customers guessing about the secret ingredients they use. Excellent service and a cozy atmosphere make this a well-rated place.

10. TJ’s Pizza

TJ’s Pizza is famous for its vegetable, tandoori, chicken, and other vegetarian Italian cuisines. This pizzeria is also known for its nicely cooked garlic chicken, bacon, pork, meat, chicken bacon ranch, buffalo ranch.

Their hospitable service and helpful staff make it an excellent place to spend your evening. The prices are reasonable according to the tasty food they offer. They are also available for online delivery and takeaways.

11. Panago Pizza

Panago pizza serves nicely baked Pizza topped with salami, red peppers, black olives with top quality meats, and other vegetarian Canadian cuisines. This restaurant is also famous for spicy chicken wings, chicken bites, breadsticks, garlic pizza, grilled chicken, and many more dishes to excite your taste buds.

This place uses nutritious food with plant-based ingredients with no added preservatives or flavours, which means fast food isn’t always bad.

Gracious staff and good service that are helpful to its customers are another bonus point for this eatery. This pizzeria also provides delivery and takeaways to its customers.

12.Pinocchio Pizza & Burgers

Pinocchio Pizza & Burgers goes by its name sells its nicely cooked burgers and Pizza with meat, cheddar cheese, tomato soup. The burgers here are finger-licking good as the ingredients are in layers of ham, cheese, buffalo meat, cheddar cheese, spinach, lettuce, green peppers. This restaurant also serves dry ribs, onion pizza, greek salad, fries, beef, greek Pizza, breadsticks.

Pizza Cheese Melt
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You will pay fair prices for the yummy food you order. The excellent service and friendly staff are ready to help you, making it a cozy atmosphere to have your meal. Delivery and takeaways are other good things this eatery provides to its customers.

13. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria offers the best Italian cuisines, pizzas, ravioli, Caesar salads, and beef. They also offer Italian pasta, sandwiches, bacon, best quality meat with some wine, beer, and liquor to enjoy with your meal. Great staff provides a relaxing atmosphere to the customers. You pay affordable prices for your great food.

We hope this article can guide you to some of the best pizza places in Regina that can make you drool!

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