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One of the popular Southern Gulf Islands, Pender Island is a beautiful ocean paradise located between the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. The island comprises more than 2500 inhabitants and takes almost a 2-hour ferry ride from Vancouver to reach the Island.

North Pender and South Pender Islands are two of the important islands of the Pender Islands that are divided by a narrow channel and give access to the most beautiful public beaches among all the Gulf Islands. This island experiences a mild Mediterranean climate and has vast beautiful farmlands, several lakes including the Magic Lake and Mortimer Spit, valleys, small mountains, beaches, and very fertile soil.

About Pender Island

Every weekend the island welcomes a lot of tourists and during the summer months, the island is fully packed with tourists from all over the world. The island has some amazing art galleries along with fancy shops and restos.

  • If you are a wine lover, you are in the right place because this island is home to some of the best quality and finest wines in the territory.
  • The island has some of the best golf courses and is a perfect holiday destination for various outdoor and water activities including boating, fishing, scuba diving, cycling, and sailing.
  • The climate of this island supports the growth of various trees including olive, palm, and kiwi.
  • The island is home to locals from various fields including musicians, artisans, travellers, writers, sailors, and merchants.
  • You also get to taste some of the amazing cuisines from the local restaurants, sit in the island’s local park or stay in some of the best and top-class hotels.
  • Do not forget to check out one of the famous hotels, Woods on Pender, offering clean rooms, rustic cabins, hot tubs, and lip-smacking food options on your visit to the island. 
  • The island entertains various local events held all throughout the months including the famous Lantern Festival and Pender Island Fall Fair.
  • Additionally, during the summer months, the island organizes the Pender Island Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning at the Community Hall. The market sells local goods, fresh foods, and craftworks.
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Things you can do on the Island

Pender Island offers its residents and tourists multiple exciting activities. Both the Northern Island and Southern Island offer breathtaking sights to capture and carry down memory lane. If you are planning your next holiday to this island, here is the list of exciting things you must do and experience during your holidays.

1. Choose your Perfect Island Beach

There are so many beaches offered by Pender Island that you are surely going to be in trouble choosing the perfect beach for some exciting water sports such as kayaking, swimming, and diving or just for some leisure.

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Most of the beaches of the island are stunning and come with breathtaking views and interesting marine life including starfish, sea anemones, and crabs. The beaches are mostly open for tourists throughout the twelve months.

The island’s popular Farmer’s Market is organized every Saturday morning and is a must-go place for locals and tourists during the summer.

Farmer's Market
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The market highlights locally produced foods and goods including homemade jams and marmalade, pasture raises lambs and chicken, vegetables, flowers, baked items, local cider, plants, handicrafts, clothes, jewelry and so much more.

Besides the farmer’s market, the Raven Rock Farm displays plenty of farm stands along the road and sells locally produced eggs along with unique crafts and arts.

3. Explore the Beautiful Art Galleries

The locals of the island love art and the place is surrounded by multiple art galleries, art and craft shops, and art museums and studios.

Art galleries
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You can also get a chance to take a look at the personal studios of some artists. The island is rich in artistic paintings, jewellery, pottery, photographs, sculptures, and glassware.

If you keep an interest in local arts like me, then you must surely visit the Red Tree Gallery Studio which is located in Hope Bay.

4. Try a Round of Golf

The golf club of the island is considered to be one of the most amazing and picturesque 9-hole golf courses in the territory.

Source: Pender Island Golf Website Sreenshot
Source : Pender Island Golf

The golf club is located near Otter Bay and is open throughout the year depending on the climatic conditions. The tourists are welcomed in the golf club with open arms for playing a round or just enjoying the scenic beauty while nibbling some delicious lunch and dinner at the club restaurants.

5. Go for a Little Wine Tasting

Your vacation to the island is incomplete without visiting the Sea Star Vineyards to try out some fine wines. To all wine lovers, I assure you this is the ideal and perfect place for trying out some gorgeous and classy wines and experiencing a rich taste sensation.

Source: Twin Island Cider Website Screenshot
Source: Twin Island Cider

Sit by the lovely garden or the patio and enjoy a glass of classy and great wine. Also, do visit the Twin Island Cider for getting in-depth knowledge about the cider-making process made from apple trees that are planted and dry-farmed. 


Certainly, Pender Island has a lot to offer to the locals as well as the visitors and is an ideal and perfect family weekend getaway. This beautiful island is an amazing destination to get close to mother nature and have a gala time with all the exciting things offered by the island.


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