Lakeside ski resort in Muskoka with dock and accommodations. Lakeside ski resort in Muskoka with dock and accommodations.

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka- Your Perfect Holiday Retreat

Muskoka is a town set at a two-hour drive from Toronto. Famous for its festivals and celebrations, this town calls for many tourists. Furthermore, this town hosts numerous festivals, including the Fire and Ice Festival, Venture Festival, Father’s Day car show, and more, making Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka the perfect holiday destination.

Moreover, it is located very close to Hunstville, and its abundance of nearly 1600 lakes makes it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts. Starting as Holiday Inn HVR in 1968, the Hidden Valley Resort Ascend Hotel Collection became a must-visit. This property is the ideal mix for you to stay. Located at 1755 Valley Rd, Huntsville, Ontario, they offer you a secluded sand beach.

Equipped with every amenity you could ask for, it unquestionably represents the ideal ski-side resort for your stay. Furthermore, it is just a little away from Huntsville Hospital and a little farther from Waterloo University. This hotel collection is located not too far from Algonquin Park and Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Moreover, it is set in an excellent location, and one can see the lake and also the hill. Furthermore, the best part is, you don’t need any particular season to enjoy it!

1. Property Amenities

hidden valley resort muskoka
source : hidden valley resort muskoka website


These are some details of the facilities available at the Hidden Valley Resort property. You can be assured of enjoying without any restrictions. Furthermore, from standard rooms with air conditioning to fun activities, namely pedal boats and private beaches, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

1.1. Pet Policy

hidden valley resort muskoka
Photo by Andrew S on Unsplash/ Copyright 2021

They don’t differentiate between your pet and you. Hence, bring your pets with you as you come. They are assured to have as good a time as you will. Furthermore, pets incur additional charges. A maximum of 50 pounds and only one pet is allowed per room.

1.2. Pools

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka
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The resort has both an indoor as well as an outdoor pool. It provides pool and spa services, and you can avail of them at almost any time of the day. Furthermore, they have a spa, which includes a jacuzzi, a sauna, and a hot tub. This hot tub is an excellent stress reliever and can help improve your sleep.

The spa also includes treatments and massages, namely aromatherapy and reiki.

1.3. Food and Drinks

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka
Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels/ Copyright 2019

The Hidden Valley Resort has a well-equipped bar and a restaurant that will never shy away from serving you the most delicious meal you have ever eaten. They call it the Birches Restaurant, and the goal of the dining room is to provide the highest quality food. The hotel offers items at a reasonable rate, and even the quality is good.

Furthermore, the restaurant has gorgeous wood panelling and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an excellent view. It even has a fireplace. Along with the Birches Restaurant, there is also a Birches Lounge where you can enjoy a drink after dinner.

Additionally, it is a 100% smoke-free resort.

1.4. Internet Access

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Photo by Praveen kumar Mathivanan on Unsplash/ Copyright 2020

Their free wifi is available in the entirety of the premises, which you can be sure to enjoy.

1.5. Parking

hidden valley resort muskoka
Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash/ Copyright 2021

In the Hidden Valley Resort, you can be assured of having hassle-free parking spaces as they are all set to welcome you to a getaway from the real world. So, you won’t encounter any parking problems here.

1.6. Services

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels/ Copyright 2021

Along with a 24-hour front desk, they also have a banquet and meeting services. It is for the customers to use. In addition, they also have meeting rooms to use as your office place.

It has a fantastic staff who are always ready to help. The staff is professionally trained and will provide you with whatever service you ask for, including booking and check-in to checking out of the hotel without any effort. Furthermore, you don’t have to think twice before asking for special requests.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about the booking confirmation due to their efficient service staff.

1.7. Other Activities

hidden valley resort muskoka
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

Along with the already long list of fantastic amenities that will help you relax, the Hidden Valley Resort Ascend Hotel takes a step further by offering you a list of activities that you can do both on-site and outside. Here is a list you can follow:

  • (At the location itself) Water sports
  • Pool House
  • Private beach area where you may relax, have fun, and have a peaceful and exciting day
  • Pool outside (summer)
  • Canoeing during the summer’s sweltering days
  • Jacuzzi or hot tub that promotes relaxation
  • Cross- Country Skiing
  • Lastly, a tennis court and a sauna

2. Rooms and Accommodation

hidden valley resort muskoka
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

You get to choose your ideal room from the many options they offer. A haven for nature enthusiasts, you can opt for the Lakeside or the Hillside rooms. Furthermore, even a standard room at the hotel is undoubtedly an incredible place to stay.

Also, after a long day of seeing Muskoka, this ski-side resort has guest rooms that provide a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and comfortable mattresses for you to fall into.

2.1. Rooms

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka Website

For the Lakeside rooms, they also give the option of a Theme King bed, which is their most luxurious and spacious room and offers a variety of comforts. It houses up to two people. Secondly, the King Bed can house up to four guests and can be taken with or without a balcony. And lastly, they have the Two Queen Beds. Furthermore, there are two beds and enough for four people.

As for the Hillside rooms, you firstly have the option of a King Bed, secondly, two Queen Beds, and a Pet Two Queen Beds. The one-bed in the King-Size bedroom may accommodate up to four people. Furthermore, the two Queen Beds and the Pet Two Queen Beds have two beds and can accommodate four people.

2.2. Additional Services

Having everything you could need for your stay, the rooms in the resort are the perfect place for a comforting stay. Every room is equipped with a heater, a wireless network, a TV, air conditioning, a desk, a refrigerator, a telephone, and a hairdryer. What more can you need for a stay to be luxurious?

Furthermore, Hidden Valley Resort’s versatile and unique rooms include interconnected rooms. This makes it an outstanding choice for families and people travelling in large groups. Also, previous visitors highly recommend the resort.

It is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and relish the views the resort offers with an affordable resort fee. Furthermore, their luxurious rooms are indeed a sight to behold. You can have the finest of all.

3. Events and Planning at Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

3.1. Weddings

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

Are you planning a wedding? It is time to start working or maybe sit back and relax. Because the Hidden Valley Resort is going to take over and give you the perfect Muskoka wedding. Furthermore, everything is done by the talented wedding planners employed by the resort, including planning and execution.

You won’t even need to lift a finger for your dream wedding. Everything from accommodations and fine dining to first-class guest amenities is taken care of when you choose your destination as Hidden Valley Resort. Additionally, they help with catering, decoration, cake, and everything else you could need.

3.2. Additional Services

  • Rehearsal meals
  • Indoor or outdoor ceremony location
  • On-site Cocktail Reception with hors d’oeuvres on their patio outside
  • Buffet or plated evening menus
  • Large ballroom for reception and dinner
  • Choice of domestic or premium wines
  • Ideas for late-night coffee, tea, desserts, trays, or pizza
  • On-site audio-visual services and a wedding cake artist
  • Vehicles, music, photographers, florists, and décor

Furthermore, you can have a lakeside and an indoor wedding based on your preference. They also have 100 rooms to house your guests and a 6500 sq. ft. space for your event, all under one roof.

3.3. Menu

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka Website

On their website, they have menu options for you to choose from. Amongst those, there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Furthermore, on their menu, you can see a long list of hot and cold hors d’ oeuvres, cocktail reception stations, plated dinners, kids’ meals, buffet dinners, and even a late-night station.

Additionally, the plated dinner option they provide is a three-course meal with an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert. Furthermore, almost all their meals can be vegetarian, dairy-free, or gluten-free. So, all those who think they can’t eat because of their allergies, worry not!

It has also become a popular destination for people’s D-Day with many positive reviews about the ambiance, the staff, and the overall management of their weddings. So, don’t hesitate to seize it for yourself. You can now inquire about it with a few taps on your phone.

Or, you can go to their website, type in the details, and voila, you will be just a few steps away from having your dream wedding.

3.4. Meetings

Hidden Valley Resort Gallery Snapshot
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

Are you looking somewhere for your board meeting, corporate retreat, or training getaway? The answer isn’t far off. The Hidden Valley Resort has got you covered on this base too. They have excellent arrangements to host a perfect meeting to impress your boss or reward your employee.

Furthermore, they can arrange an intimate boardroom for an elegant dinner for up to 250 people along with their accommodation needs.

Naturally, all visitors will have access to the resort’s varied amenities. From their indoor pool, recreation center, outdoor pool, and workout room to their non-motorized activities, your guests can use it all.

In addition, they will receive three meals per day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—along with numerous breaks for refreshments. They can utilize the swift Wi-Fi connection at all times.

Also, their skilled event planners can assist in planning all of the events. In addition to your planned pre-existing events, you can have sleigh rides, boat rides, world-class fishing, or even play golf at one of Canada’s best golf courses.

3.5. Venue

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

As for the venue, they have five function rooms. Their Boardroom is 200 sq. ft., and the Highland Ballroom is 2350 sq. ft.

With 100 rooms, the Hidden Valley Resort provides abundant space for all of your guests. The conference rooms are equipped with the highest-quality audio-visual technology, providing you with the best working experience.

Furthermore, they have everything you could wish for, and more too, including a special menu for business occasions.

Moreover, the menus vary depending on the size of your guests.

They provide a range of alternatives for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, that is not all. Furthermore, there is a cocktail station, passed hors d’evours, and a late-night station. Additionally, they have an entirely separate menu for coffee breaks, which has everything from healthy food to a pizza station.

However, you don’t have time for a full breakfast? Don’t worry, because they have On-The-Go breakfast and lunch options too. So now, you can fill your stomach without worrying about misusing your time.

They have similar options for the larger group. So, you don’t have to compromise the next time you want to set up a meeting at a luxurious destination.

3.6. Parties

HiddenValleyResort Gallery Preview
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka 

Are you considering an ideal place to celebrate with your family? This is a fantastic location to have your Christmas and New Year Party! And here’s why. Surrounded by lakes and hills, the resort becomes a wonderland during winter.

Nestled in the belly of nature, who can resist the temptation of celebration? Especially when accompanied by your loved ones and appetizing food like no other.

They have special packages for Christmas and New Year’s Parties, which can elevate your holiday season. It will be a delight for you and your guests to spend much time in luxury and comfort with the addition of festivities.

Furthermore, they have 100 rooms that can house your guests and an additional 6500 sq. ft. area for your event in one location.

3.7. Social Events

hidden valley resort muskoka
Source: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka 

Having one of the best patios in the entirety of Muskoka, the Hidden Valley Resort is an ideal destination for all your family and other social gatherings. Be it sporting events, birthday parties, or even a family reunion, they are assured to offer you the best they can.

Their banquet halls are beautifully placed, looking out to the Peninsula Lake and the Hidden Valley Highland Ski Hill. Furthermore, it gets abundant natural light, making it a highly desirable location for your events.

They have five function rooms. Their Boardroom is 200 sq. ft., and the Highland Ballroom is 2350 sq. ft. They can easily fit all of your guests into their 100 rooms.

4. Conclusion

The Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka is a marvellous place to spend your time. After reading about the bountiful natural wonders it is awarded, Muskoka becomes a must-visit place if you want to spend some time in nature.

With facilities that promise more than comfort and luxury and services that offer a fantastic stay, the resort is the ideal place to spend your precious time.

Ever so, one might often feel the need to take a break from the busy and overpacked routine of every day. Furthermore, everyone deserves a little solace without reservation. Be it some alone time or festivities with family and friends, it shouldn’t be delayed or put on hold.

With amenities, namely the indoor pool, hot tub, exquisite rooms, and fantastic service, the Hidden Valley Resort is all set to welcome you as their guests. You can relish in their comfort.

Notably, the resort offers an array of choices for various events, from corporate gatherings to weddings and social functions. Furthermore, every detail is meticulously catered to. So, don’t forget to reserve your rooms at the earliest and take your friends and family too.


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