Weekend Getaways in Ontario: An Ultimate Guide!

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In Ontario and got a weekend to pass with no clue where to go? Don’t worry at all because we got you covered. Whether you are a solo adventurer looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, or just want to have a fun-filled weekend with your family, weekend getaways in Ontario have it all.

Quaint countryside, a luxurious urban resort, or an adventurous provincial park, the weekend getaways in Ontario have everything to offer all year round. Here is a compilation of the places we think deserve your attention when planning for weekend getaways in Ontario.

Make sure to plan your itinerary keeping in mind the various events the different places have to offer during the time of year you’re visiting in because they’re too good to be missed. Also, check the options of vacation rentals and their availability.

1. Get Cozy and Explore a Romantic Weekend Getaway with your Partner

Canada houses some of the best romantic weekend getaways as well. Have a look at our list for the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones for a romantic escape.

1.1. Niagara Falls

It would almost be illegal to start this list without Niagara falls. With just half an hour’s ride from Toronto, it is best experienced during springtime and the summer months. Almost all the city hotels offer special discounts and packages for couples, making it one of the most fun weekend getaways in Ontario.

The town’s tourist attraction is the wax museum, which has a more full-of-life atmosphere. Also, it is full of great restaurants that serve delicious food. Also, plan your holidays keeping in mind the festivals scheduled there, they’re too good to miss out on when talking about weekend getaways in Ontario.

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1.2. Blue Mountain and the Town of Collingwood

It offers a broad spectrum of outdoor activities like ice skating in winter, and golf and mountain biking in summer. If you don’t want to head out and like spending time indoors with your partner then they have cozy fireplaces to snuggle along with an indoor pool. If you like to head out for your weekend trip then explore the small town of Collingwood.

The town of Blue Mountain has undoubtedly been one of the best weekend getaways in Ontario. The best place to stay for a couples getaway would be the Blue Mountain Resort.

1.3. Spa for Weekend Getaways in Ontario

Ontario has a lot of options if you want to stay in and relax as well. Book your weekend getaway at a luxurious park hotel with an on-site spa. Start your day there with a delicious breakfast and fill yourself in with their multi-course meals throughout the day.

With various spa packages to choose from and facilitate like a hot tub and an outdoor heated pool for winter, they for sure won’t disappoint you with a relaxing weekend getaway.

They can be found either a short walk away from the quiet countryside or right in the big city with its downtown core, the call is yours to make.

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2. Embrace the Rich Wine with Other Activities

Ontario has some of the most delectable wines to offer in Canada, that too consisting of delicious local craft beer to the luxurious Pinot Noir.

2.1. Prince Edward County

This among the weekend getaways in Ontario has to top the list because it has everything to offer in an ideal weekend getaway. Dining, culture, shopping, and of course, wine tasting, this weekend’s getaway has got you all covered including farm fresh foods, along with its cooking classes which are a tourist attraction.

Not to mention the remarkable Sandbanks provincial park and the beaches around it. Also, Amelia’s Garden restaurant is a place you must try for its delectable farm fresh food which is prepared from the produce raw materials from nearby farms.

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2.2. Niagara on the Lake

This town of historic buildings in southern Ontario is jam-packed with visitors exploring the fascinating culture and strolling along the streets of the town and is one of the perfect weekend getaways in Ontario. One of the best romantic getaways in Ontario, Niagara on the lake manages to keep every tourist’s heart with it after he returns.

Make sure to go on a tour of the winery in its countryside, known to produce some of the best wines in Canada. Don’t forget to see the cultural side of the town with its historic charm.

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2.3. Lake Erie North Shore and Other Lakes

Surrounding southwestern Ontario, it has some of the best small towns along its shores housing more than 10 wineries and 5 restaurants. This one among the weekend getaways in Ontario becomes a pioneer in the winemaking industry in Ontario.

Many other water bodies like Lake Ontario, lake Huron Superior along with the Avon River have their fair share of enhancing the scenic views for nature lovers in Canada along with providing best adventure activities. The Grand river, along with towns on its shore like Paris, Elora and Brantford, proves to be some of the best weekend getaways in Ontario.

The town of Ottawa, situated on the banks of the Ottawa river, should be a place to not miss. Encompassing the historic Fairmont Chateau Laurier, the iconic parliament buildings, and other iconic historic landmarks, it becomes one of the most charming towns in Ontario as well as a feast for tourists with all the views and relaxation it has to offer.

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3. Visit the Parks for a Fun Day Out

Provincial parks are in abundance in Ontario. If outdoor adventures are your thing, these parks become a must-visit.

3.1. Algonquin Provincial Park

This is one of the best-known winter getaways in Ontario. If you’re looking for some great outdoors then this should be one of your top priorities for a weekend escape.

Having all the activities like cross-country skiing and downhill skiing and numerous hiking trails, it will surely satiate your inner adventures.

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Numerous other parks prove to be some of the best Ontario weekend getaways. Bruce peninsula national park and Killarney provincial park have excellent facilities like a central hotel and lakefront cabin, to name a few, that will help your stay feel at home on your getaway.

Keep an eye out for the products of local businesses, they have some great stuff you’ll want to keep as little souvenirs. So, if you have a chance, it would be a loss for your traveling side of personality to miss out on these beautiful and evergreen spots of weekend getaways in Ontario.

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