Kelowna Treasures: Uncovering Timeless Finds in Antique Stores

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Do you guys look for an all-in-one place for vintage and antique stuff? Then we’ve got your back. No one can deny the excitement that many of us feel while discovering a ne-of-a-kind item, and that too at a low price, on our visit to an antique store or garage sale, and also, what may seem trashy to one person can be a masterpiece to another.

However, while crossing those nearby old-fashioned shops that combine simplicity with irresistible vintage stuff, how can someone control their urge not to enter that place?

Treasures of the Past: Explore the Amazing Antique Stores in Kelowna

1. Taylors Antiques

Over the past 29 years, this shop has been in business. They are spread across an area of 4500 square feet.

Moreover, Taylor Antiques buys and sells large and small estates of antiques, collectibles, paintings, and other one-of-a-kind items from their showroom.

Antique stores in Kelowna
Courtesy: Taylors Antiques

Details about the Store

2. Artista Art and Antiques

Artista Art and Antiques is a downtown treasure store with craftsmanship by nearby specialists, antiques, and classic and mid-century home styles.

Also, they purchase, sell, and relegate gems, watches, currencies, utilized books, craftsmanship glass, furniture, and other stuff.

They also offer complimentary appraisals for all valuable items that you sell.

Moreover, it is one of the few businesses in the Okanagan that resells used jewelry and cleans and restores used gold and silver jewelry that people sell.

They might pay you more money than your original jewelry pieces.

So you assure yourself that you’ll get a good price for whatever you sell them, and they’ll also have a great advantage over your old stuff.

Antique stores in Kelowna
Courtesy: Artista Art and Antiques

However, if you’re looking for something unique for your wedding, picture shoot, film, or other special occasion, this is the place to be!

Artista Art & Antiques’ inventory continuously changes, concentrating on French rural, vintage, and rustic décor.

Your event can transform into a modern, open-minded get-together by utilizing wonderful, unique objects and furniture.

Smaller pieces of furniture, sets of china and cutlery, and vintage décor items such as books, luggage, tins, and lanterns are also available for rent.

Also, you can call them, and they’ll come to your home to pick up the expensive items, any large items you want to sell or consign, or if you want an on-site appraisal.

Details about the Store

3. Blast from the Past – Antiques

In July 2000, Randy and Helen Smith launched Blast from the Past: Antiques.

Randy has been passionate about collections and gathering for as long as he can remember, following a 20-year career with the RCMP.

However, Randy relocated his firm from 4407-29 Street in Vernon to 6230 Pleasant Valley Road after two years due to growing pains.

Antique stores in Kelowna
Courtesy: Blast from the Past: Antiques

Randy also wanted to establish a structure through proprietorship, so in November 2005, with much help from workers and family, they remodeled and moved the store to 3123-31st Road, Vernon.

In July 2010, they relocated their shop half a block to 3100-32nd Street. They did well by relocating to this new place.

They consign, buy, and sell complete estates, fines, antiques, collectibles, toys, advertising memorabilia, and many more.

Details about the Store

3.4. Evan’s Collectibles

Evan’s Collectibles sells various items, including old model kits, action figures, books, toys, games, and figurines.

Moreover, you can buy antiques from this company online by looking for them on eBay.

Antique stores in Kelowna
Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

Details about the Store

  • Address – Kelowna, 825 Richter St., BC V1Y 2J9, Canada.

End Note

A visit to an antique shop with a range of products from different eras or a store with many kitsch, knickknacks, vinyl records, or paintings is a terrific way to learn about the past.

When you take younger folks on these journeys, you might start a dialogue about life for their parents, grandparents, or even before they were born.

However, we do not recommend bringing little children because they may disrupt the calm process of looking around, rummaging, and conversing with the owners of the adjacent shops.

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