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Who doesn’t love the smell of delicious baked goods when passing by some of the best bakeries in Ottawa? With a bite of fresh bread and cream-filled pastries, every Ottawa bakery has its unique flair.

It does not matter if you’re a fan of freshly baked chocolate croissants or simply delicious pastries, the bakeries in Ottawa have the best delicious treats to satisfy every sweet tooth and their appetite for savory baked treats.

The smell of bakeries in Ottawa induces a feeling of warmth and home, which is always lovely. From the delicious cupcakes to the bacon and egg sandwich, Ottawa has got you covered in every way.

There are even a lot of bakeries in Ottawa that bring out the warm atmosphere of a French bakery shop, along with its special foods like cinnamon buns or almond croissants.

If you’re seeking a few of Canada’s most famous bakery shops, Ottawa has the most elegant and delicious range of bakeries. You will definitely find your favorite delicious baked goods here, immediately.

So, without further ado, let’s discover a few of the most reputable and delicious bakeries in Ottawa, that will leave you stunned with their flavor, taste, and aroma.

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1. Best Bakery Ottawa

1.1 Strawberry Blonde Bakery

The first one on this list is the Strawberry Blonde Bakery, a unique bakery shop in Ottawa, situated at Grange Avenue, Ottawa.

What makes it different from the other bakeries in Ottawa is its inclusivity towards all people with an alternative diet schedule or simply allergic tendencies.

This amazing bakery shop makes delicious pastries and cakes, which are completely gluten-free and absolutely vegan. It is a nut-free bakery shop, where you can enjoy fresh bread topped with cream, without worrying about your diet routine.

Well, isn’t it like a relief to those with diets and allergies? Even if you’re dairy and lactose intolerant, that shouldn’t stop you from devouring the savory baked treats for your sweet tooth.

With a bite of a slice of delicious bread, this pastry shop creates equally delicious and indulgent delicious food with gluten-free options. Even though they skip dairy products for vegan options, the taste does not get compromised.

Strawberry Blonde Bakery takes pride in satisfying your taste buds by using such a healthy list of ingredients. A few of the best-baked goods here are Brownie Bombs, Red Velvet Cake, and Power Cookies.

There are also drinks options in this little bakery shop in Ottawa, which is a lovely addition for drinks lovers. A few of the customer favorites are Cinnamon Heart Latte, Cherry Italian Soda, and Strawberry Nanaimo Hot Chocolate.

They are also a custom cake shop that creates unique and yummy cake designs via orders. So, expect big things from this gorgeous place in Ottawa, which is also among the top-notch bakeries in Ottawa, for its thoughtfulness.

1.2 Black Walnut Bakery

This fascinating old-fashioned bakery shop is undoubtedly one of the best bakeries in Ottawa, and you will never be disappointed. With its diverse range of yummy baked goods, Black Walnut Bakery has everything that you can ask for.

Starting from its sourdough bread to almond croissants, this pastry shop is an expert in making Viennoiseries, with soft flakey layers which can be crisp at the same time.

Making their baked goods with love and patience, this place is one of the best bakery shops that you can ever find in Canada, especially on Cameron Street.

Whether you’re looking for frozen chocolate croissants, jam buns, or some absolutely delicious French pastries, the Black Walnut Bakery has got you covered for your eccentric cravings.

Being a quality bakery shop in Ottawa, it has some of the most well-known fresh food lists, which is extremely recommended. A few of them are Butter tarts, German Chocolate Pie, Olive Bread Sourdough, and Maple Vanilla Latte.

Starting from the delicious pies to the flavor-tasting sessions, this entire bakery has a quirky twist to its theme and thoughtfulness, which makes it such a famous bakery shop.

The only difference is you have to pre-order the baked items from their official website, on certain days of the week.

So, your order remains prepared before you walk into this gorgeous bakery in Ottawa, with a very friendly service staff and a warm atmosphere.

Well-known for its Viennoieries, frozen almond croissants, and sourdough bread, the Black Walnut Bakery has earned its name as one of the best bakeries in Ottawa.

1.3 Art is in Bakery

If you’re looking for an exceptionally fancy, Paris-inspired modern bakery shop in downtown Ottawa, Art is in Bakery should be your go-to. Excelling in customer satisfaction services, this alluring bakery shop is the right for any of your sweet tooth cravings.

They specialize in creating baked goods like delicious baguettes, pastries, sandwiches, and sticky buns. It’s no wonder that you may end up buying all of the bakery items from this shop.

Situated in the City Centre Avenue, this incredible bakery shop is proudly owned by Kevin Mathieson and his wife, Stephanie for over 10 years. Kevin is a classic pastry chef in the baking industry with an impeccable experience.

They even offer gluten-free and vegan options for those with strict diet plans or allergies. They have a wide variety of baked pastries, to an o town croissant donut.

Art Is In bakery is a fascinating place to delve deeper into the baking world. With a set of amazing pastries, it is a wonderful family-run bakery in Ottawa, that is always full of crowds of people waiting for the baked goods.

Art Is In Bakery is famous for its excellent service and nice atmosphere, where you can enjoy a great time with your friends, family, or colleagues. They always have a busy morning every day, for keeping their bakery art alive.

A few of the best savory food here is, bacon and egg sandwich, which comes along with a spicy tomato dipping sauce, pulled chicken, Ham and Cheese, and Avocado Toast.

For the creamy sweet baked items, the best ones are, Butter Croissants, Cinnamon Buns, Macaroons, Bread Pudding, Pastries, and Cookies. You may also find a delicious frozen almond croissant here, as well.

Make sure to Art is in Bakery if you’re looking for a great bakery shop in Ottawa. Since it is one of the most famous and reputable bakeries in Ottawa, it is definitely worth your time and interest.

1.4 Bread By Us

Established in 2013, this elegant and top-notch bakery shop is still one of the greatest bakeries in Ottawa for its freshly baked bread items.

Apart from making delish fresh bread, they also make other creamy baked goods like pastries, cookies, and many more things. Bread by us

Bread by us is an artisan bakery that also has an expresso bar inside it. Their main motto has always been to make baked items and the best bread that they can take a pride in.

They extremely value customer satisfaction and freshness in their food. Since they are so dedicated to serving fresh bakery items to the customers, their baking timetable is very strict and disciplined.

They make sure their customers can always take a bite of fresh baked goods because they value healthy nutrients and good service. Their slices of bread are mostly dairy-free and gluten-free as well.

With a team of the greatest bakers, this bakery shop has expertise in making exclusive sourdough bread. All of their pieces of bread are made and presented almost by the afternoon. They always use untreated flours to get the best aroma out of the freshly baked good bread.

No wonder it has received such great customer feedback among all the bakeries in Ottawa. Make sure to visit Bread By Us and enjoy some of the softest and freshest Canadian bread.

1.5 Le Moulin De Provence

Being one of the oldest yet greatest bakeries in Ottawa, this incredible bakery shop became famous ever since Barack Obama’s visit.

Obama visited this bakery shop during his first tour to Canada, and ever since that moment, this bakery became a well-known tourist spot. For making his visit a precious memory, they created a special cookie, ‘Obama Cookie‘, which has become the new favorite for Ottawa.

Well-known for being an Italian-French bakery, this bakery shop is situated on the ByWard Market Square in Ottawa. This bakery shop specializes in everyday bakery items, like cakes, pastries, viennoiseries, sourdough, and even drinks.

How wonderful is that? It is not a surprise so many Ottawa natives find this bakery shop the most delicious and their go-to at all times.

Le Moulin de Provence Bakery: Byward Market, Ottawa Ontario

There are a variety of delish baked items at this place that are simply mouth-watering and perfect for your sweet tooth cravings. Let’s look into those great options.

Among the cakes, there are Opera Cake, Mango Mousse Cake, and Palais Royal Cake. Among the pastries, the best ones are Tiramisu, Mini Chocolate Buttercream, Lemon Tartelette, and macarons.

For the tarts sections, the recommendations are Pecan Tart, Apricot Almond Tart, and Fresh Blueberry Tart. For the Viennoiseries, there are Turnover, Florentine, Cheese Croissant, and Scones.

Le Moulin De Provence is undeniably among the best and top-quality bakeries in Ottawa, for its marvelous range of baked items, and their dedication to their baking quality.

1.6 Quelche Chose Pattiserie

Situated on Montreal Road, Quelche Chose is one of the best bakeries in Ottawa, if you’re looking for some of the sweetest colorful macarons. Their range of range will drive anybody crazy, to grab a bite of these lovely little fluff cakes.

It is a quaint bakery, where you’ll get a real feel of being in a French bakery in France since the atmosphere is very similar. Apart from macarons, they also offer scones and other bread baked goods to satisfy your savory needs.

When it comes to their specialty of Macarons, they have tailored a variety of different exquisite flavors to keep you tantalized.

Some of the best flavors are Strawberries & Cream, Red Velvet, Rose Water, and Cotton Candy.

For most of the macrons, the main ingredients are fresh cream and butter. There are also a few gluten-free and allergy-free macarons like raspberry and chocolate.

So, you can obviously try those decadent ones if you’re on a strict diet plan.

Also specializing in scones and croissants, the bakery shop is known for its indulgent and fresh flavors that melt creamily on your tongue, exciting your taste buds, meanwhile.

If you’re a Macaron lover and are up for tasting the numerous flavors that Quelche Chose has to offer, then this bakery shop is your dream heaven. Waste no time and rush into this magical macaron hub right now!

1.7 Bread & Sons

It is considered to be among the loveliest bakeries in Ottawa. Along with its antique style and warm interior, it serves as the perfect ambiance for monsoon-time dates.

The best part about being in Bread & Sons is that it is more than just a bakery shop. It is filled with good delish food, from sandwiches to pastries, from pizza to coffee. Sounds interesting?

If you’re bored of having too much sweetness on your tongue, this bakery shop is the perfect place to try out other savory delish snacks, like sandwiches, top-notch pizza, and coffee.

Even if they make great quality fresh loaves of bread, they love to explore a variety of options by keeping their customers happy and adventurous, letting them have a bite of all kinds of flavors.

Like any other bakery shop, Bread & Sons also have their own customer-favorite savory and bakery items. For treats, there are Chocolate Banana Muffins, Carrot Walnut Muffin, and Coconut Date Muffin.

For the coffee drinks, there are Americano Coffee, Expresso Coffee, Macchiato Coffee, and Latte Coffee, in both small and large versions.

For other great savory bites, you can try a Whole Special Pizza, Gauda Sandwich, Mushroom Quiche, and Spinach Swirl.

In every way, this bakery shop has proved itself as one of the worthy bakeries in Ottawa. Keeping their customers happy at all times, they have won many hearts in Ottawa.

1.8 Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana LTD.

Being one of the well-known bakeries in Ottawa, this amazing bakery shop strives for providing wonderful customer service along with some of the most delicious bread and pastries out there.

Well suited for both Italian and French baked goods and pastries, this bakery shop is packed with a wide range of slices of bread, cakes, pastries, and other savory items as well.

They also provide lunch and dinner options where you can enjoy a bigger food time, other than just a breakfast time with some desserts and coffee. Literally outstanding.


The place even has free access to wi-fi, so customers can enjoy a cozy time by scrolling through their phones, whenever it is needed. In the 21st generation of modern times, this feature will steal the hearts of customers in no time.

Excelling in European Cuisine, the place is an all-rounder when it comes to serving all kinds of food, from breakfast to dinner. So, let’s dive into some of the best food you can get here.

For Breakfast pastries, there are Cinnamon Rolls, Blueberry Donuts, Apple Turnover Cookies, and Coffee Swirl Muffins. Sounds delish, doesn’t it?

For the cakes, there are Chocolate Victorian, New York Style Vanilla Cheesecake, Fresh Fruit Deluxe, and Italian Maddelena or the House Cake.

Finally, for the Tortes, there is Sacher Torte, Mocha Coffee, Chocolate Truffle Torte, and Black Forest Torte. Each and every one of these is filled with flavors and sweetness. What else can we ask for?

This amazing pastry shop is renowned for making someone’s mood every day. So, if you’re having a ‘not-so-good-day’, feel free to stop by this lovely bakery shop at Preston Street in Ottawa.

This little bakery will surely make your day with its layers of cream and freshness of bread. No surprise that it is one of the favorite bakeries in Ottawa of all time.

1.9 Take Another Bite

Another one of the most memorable bakeries in Ottawa, Take Another is infamous for its vast food meal options along with desserts, cakes, and sweets.

Not only does it satisfy your sweet tooth, but it also involves other food meals like brunch, low-carb foods, and other gluten-free options.

The best part of Take Another Bite, is they offer tutorial classes on baking, which is just amazing.

If you’re intrigued by the art of baking and creating delish baked goods like pastries and cakes, this place makes that dream of yours come true.

Just like its name, it does tempt you to proceed to take another bite of its food. It has a list of some of the best food recommendations, including chicken, pasta, soups, and even lactose-free food.

Let’s look into some of the favorites of this place. For Brunch items, there is Brunch Ham Strata. For Pasta, there is Mac n’ Cheese, Shrimp Alfredo, Chicken Florentine, and Beef Lasagna.

For the Vegan section, there are Pasta Vodka Rose, Eggplant Parmesan, and Curried Sweet Potato Soup. For Lactose-Free items, the best ones are Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole, Lemon Baked Tilapia, and Chicken Cacciatore.

Finally, for the cakes and desserts section, there are Raspberry White Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Buns, Lemon Square Coconut, and Funfetti Cake.

Take Another Bite is just another one of the best bakeries in Ottawa that you must pay a visit to. You surely will not be disappointed by the range of items they have to offer.

1.10 SuzyQ Doughnuts

Situated on Wellington Street, West – SuzyQ Doughnuts is the home to Ottawa’s best doughnuts at the most affordable prices.

With a bunch of rich flavors for doughnuts, you cannot discover your favorite one, until you have tried every single doughnut flavor of his place.

The quality of their top-notch doughnuts is simply exquisite and deluxe, and they are doing us a favor by pricing these amazing doughnuts at such a cost-effective price.

The best incredible doughnut flavors that are loved by many customers are Dirty Chocolate, London Fog, Bittersweet Symphony, and Maple Bacon.

This beautiful little doughnut shop has three main branches in Ottawa – St. Lauren, Bells Corners, and Hintonberg. Feel free to visit any of them at your comfort, because you need to come in with a lot of time.

Since you’ll need to try each and every flavor to find the right fit for you, it must be time-consuming.

So, make sure to pay a visit to one of the best bakeries in Ottawa called SuzyQ Doughnuts, which is also the best home for doughnuts.

2. Honorable Mentions

2.1 Simply Biscotti

Renowned for its delicious biscotti, this bakery shop is among the good bakery shops in Ottawa, if not the best. It is also rich in great coffee drinks like cappuccino with other richly flavored pastries and cakes.

2.2 Three Tarts

Three Tarts is renowned for its tarts, pies, and delicious cookies. Being one of the most organized and neat bakeries in Ottawa, which offers a great range of baked goods.

The popular white chocolate cranberry tart is the favorite item of all customers, there. This place is also a great gathering spot for families and friend groups.

2.3 Chippers Bakery

Infamous for its wide range of cookies, cheesecakes, and other pastries, this sweet bakery shop is well-known for its upcoming new flavors that appear frequently.

Dedicated to serving freshly baked products, the Chippers Bakery is slowly gaining popularity in Ottawa, aiming to climb among the best bakeries in Ottawa.

2.4 D’Cake

D’Cake is another one among a bunch of bakeries in Ottawa, that are striving for popularity. D’Cake offers customer-made cream cakes or pastries, for special events like anniversaries, birthdays, or other events.

3. Conclusion

Now that we have listed all the greatest bakeries in Ottawa, it must be tough for you to choose which one to visit first, right?

It is really impossible to choose from these mind-blowing bakeries in Ottawa. Each and every one of them offers authentic, homemade lovely cakes and pastries that we all could die for.

Since we are wrapping up already, let us know in the comments section, which bakery shop attracted you the most among the other bakeries in Ottawa, and why?

We would love to hear from you!

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