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Have you ever looked across the Canadian market, bewildered as to where is the best and latest designer jewelry with the perfect luster to light your lives? well, look no further for I have curated the list of the best jewelry stores Surrey has got. 

Find everything from a Disney Princess necklace for your daughters or amazing engagement rings for your significant others at our list of amazing jewelry stores all across the city of Surrey.

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Best Jewelry Stores Surrey 

1. Peoples Jewellers, Surrey

People have offered Canadian customers a simple and welcoming shopping experience for more than a century. Visit the Peoples Jewellers in your area right away to browse their wide selection of exquisite jewelry at competitive prices, which includes wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, gold rings, earrings, and watches from renowned brands. Making it a leading jewelry merchant in Surrey.

Services purchasing in-store

  • Individual watch repair Repair of custom jewelry ( off-site )
    Assessment and cleanup (off-site)
    Diamond evaluation
    Purchase online and pick up at a location

They also sell the most amazing and vibrant brands, including but not limited to:

  • Vera Wang’s Arctic Brilliance
    Disney magic, endless brightness
    The Past, Present, and Future of Bulova’s Citizens

Don’t forget to visit a top jewelry store in Surrey.

2. Jewelers Excel

Given that Thom Huynh is a master goldsmith and jewelry designer, Excel Jewellers is pleased to offer top worldwide brands including Verragio, Gabriel & Co., Malo, and many others.

Excel Jewellers also has a Master Goldsmith, GIA Certified Gemologist, GIA DCA Diamond Consultants, and Jewelry Designers on staff, with a combined 40 years of experience and education.

Knowing that your transaction will be handled by experts lets you shop with Excel. Using their expertise, they also offer internal jewelry and insurance claim replacement analyses. The return was accepted by Excel Jewellers within 30 days of the original purchase date. making it a prominent jeweler in Surrey.


Engagement rings, gemstones, gold and silver jewelry, loose stones, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces as well as custom jewelry designs, 3D design technology, appraisals, and insurance replacement


The designers at The Gold Room are committed to producing top-notch, and handcrafted goods that meet the unique needs of each client.

The shop’s goal is to offer excellent customer care while offering a variety of unusual things. The goldsmiths and designers on staff are ready to help you to create the jewelry you want. Becoming a leading jewelry retailer in Surrey.

Customers’ needs are always put first, and they are dedicated to making your experience with them unforgettable. Customers at Gold Room Jewelers can compete with large chains and provide the best rates because of the group’s buying power.


Men’s and women’s rings, charms, pearls, lockets, silver jewelry, watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants, Ring with colored stones and diamonds

4. Mahindra Jewelers Ltd

In Surrey, British Columbia, there is a family-owned jewelry store called Mahindra Jewellers Ltd.

The store’s experts will provide the greatest degree of design and knowledge possible when finishing on-site jewelry appraisals. For any reason, visit the Mahindra Jewellers location to determine the true market worth of your priceless jewelry.

In addition to fantastic designs from the Alora, Ammara Stone, Artcarved, Benchmark, Claude Thibaudeau, Forge, Tantalum, and Diana & Goldman designers collections, they provide all kinds of custom jewelry and customized orders in 14K, 18K, and 22K gold. Once a year, Mahindra Jewellers Ltd. provides free cleaning for gold jewelry.


Necklaces featuring crosses and religious symbols, chains, emerald-cut engagement rings, and pearl stud earrings. Men’s Eternity Bangles, Ladies Wedding Bands, Huggies, Gold Bracelets, Side Stone, Pear Shape, and Men’s Gold Jewelry Repair are among the services offered.

5. Surrey Gold Jewelers 

In Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, there is a privately owned jewelry business called Surrey Gold Jewelers. Surrey Gold Jewelers, one of Surrey’s premier jewelry stores, is renowned for its unusual collection of delicate luxury jewelry.

We strive to satisfy regular consumer requests while keeping up with market changes. We are one of the few jewelry stores in the lower mainland with a skilled workforce. These individuals possess an extensive understanding of both traditional and contemporary jewelry design. Each piece they produce is a masterpiece due to their commitment and meticulousness.

We are experts at creating handcrafted jewelry, which necessitates the love and attention of the craftsmen in addition to a great deal of labor. At Surrey Gold Jewelers, we are dedicated to providing the greatest assistance for our customers and view them as members of our family.

At Surrey Gold Jewelers, we strive to establish a lifetime relationship with every one of our clients by providing them with premium goods at affordable prices. The moment a customer enters our store, they ought to feel at ease. Each one of our clients is important to us since, without them, we would be unable to continue operating. This is because we work hard to build lasting connections with all of our clients.

One of their services is appraisal. Every day but Tuesday, we provide professional jeweler appraisals on-site. For any purpose, stop by our store to acquire a precise appraisal of your priceless jewelry.


We provide outstanding service for all types of jewelry repairs at affordable rates. Our goldsmiths are masters at creating and repairing a wide range of jewelry.

Exchange/Purchase old gold

You will receive the best price possible when you sell your used jewelry to us. Jewelry can be sold or traded in for a healthy profit.

Scheme for Harvesting Gold

Customers will make 11 equal installments through a special arrangement we have created, and Surrey Gold Jewelers will make the final payment on their behalf. To purchase any jewelry, customers merely need to pay the last 11 installments of the year.

Metallic weight

If you require immediate funding, we might provide you with a straightforward Back Loan secured by your used jewelry on a flexible, no-restrictions basis. Bring in your worn, unwanted, or damaged gold or diamond jewelry to receive a loan at a very cheap interest rate.

Don’t forget to visit a top jewelry store in Surrey.


This concludes our curation of the jewelry stores in Surrey has got across its map. Make sure you plan your funds and allot perfect amounts of attention to both brand and quality. Happy shopping!


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