10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny!

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Did you know? Among the finest jewelry offering brands are the Canadian jewelry brands.

These Canadian jewelry brands have no shortage of talented Canadian designers.

Also, they are known to deliver the most exquisite, handcrafted, and modernist designs that just capture your heart. 

What’s more, according to IBIS World, an industry-market research database, there are about 3,425 jewelry stores in Canada, in 2023. And, interestingly, each brand brings in its own unique concepts and designs.

Wanting this homegrown talent hidden from the locals and visitors, Jose Ribau, EVP, of Digital & Innovation at CF Toronto Eaton Centre collaborated with the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) for an exhibition that helped in creating organic connections between Canadian jewelry brands and their consumers.

Keep up with this article to know 10 of the best Canadian Jewelry brands that are worth your interest and money.

So let’s not waste any moment and hop on with their introductions.

1. Of the Best Canadian Jewelry Brands

By now, it’s no secret that Canada is home to the coolest dainty jewelry brands.

So, here are 10 of the best Canadian jewelry brands that are just mine of gorgeousness. 

Mejuri Diamond Rings: My TOP PICKS

1.1. Poppy Finch: Among the Top Canadian Jewelry Brands

‘Discover the ordinary, yet extraordinary’ –Poppy Finch

Poppy Finch is one of those ethical and eco-friendly Canadian jewelry brands that might just suit your style.

What makes them so different you ask? Poppy Finch recourses to recycled solid golds, as well as ethically and responsibly sourced gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. 

Additionally, another plus point about Poppy Finch is that their pieces of jewelry are affordable.

Also, they propose reasonable pricing with low production costs.

This gained them recognition from Vogue as one out of 15 ethical and eco-friendly Canadian jewelry brands.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Poppy Finch

1.2. Attic

‘It’s all about the little details’ –Susan Shaw

Attic Gold provides dainty, delicate, and minimalist pieces, that are timeless and downright stunning.

Susan Shaw and Melissa Gobeil are the co-founders of this fine brand, who are meticulous with their designs and extra attentive to the details. 

Also, one interesting fact about Attic Gold is that it is proudly run by a small team of punctilious women goldsmiths and designers.

Furthermore, Attic Gold is one of a kind among the Canadian jewelry brands that provides try-on appointments in addition to a custom jewelry design experience to its customers, in downtown Toronto.

So, get a move-on to get something amazing!

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Attic Gold

1.3. Mejuri: Among the Best Canadian Jewelry Brands

‘Mejuri is feeling empowered to invest in yourself’ –Noura Sakkijha, CEO

The best Canadian jewelry brands list is incomplete without Mejuri. They make affordable, fine jewelry meant for everyday wear.

It is a place where you can shop for not just inexpensive, but also lasting jewelry

Furthermore, Mejuri aims to create sustainable production.

They chose a path that can have a positive impact on people and the planet through their design, source of materials, as well as in the way they operate their overall business. 

For instance, Mejuri releases designs in limited quantities that are only produced more based on consumer demand.

Also, this helps them produce less waste, as well as aid in curating fresh designs.

In addition to providing everyday classic designs, Mejuri provides edgy upgrades, that cleverly blend in with the rest of your jewelry collections.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Mejuri

1.4. Melanie Auld

‘Timeless, custom, and conversation-starting pieces’ –Melanie Auld

Melanie Auld is the founder of Melanie Auld Jewelries which presents a collection of fine and demi-fine pieces.

In fact, they are timeless, versatile, custom, and conversation-starting pieces of jewelry that you can flaunt at parties.

Each piece of jewelry roots small connections and showcases connections, stories, and memories.

This means they encourage their customers to create signature or custom pieces, that commemorate their story.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source; Melaine Auld

1.5. Leah Alexandra

‘Passionately designed to become a storytelling heirloom’ –Leah Alexandra

Leah Alexandra is one of the famous Vancouver, Canadian jewelry brands. Also, Leah Alexandra was founded in 2006 as a company, which later blossomed into a brand across the globe. 

Leah Belford, the founder of this company, was professionally trained in the artistry of design and metalsmithing.

The journey of this brand narrates her fascination with the raw materials, gemstones, and how each stone represents its personalities, energies, and properties.

The jewelry pieces from this brand aren’t just designed, they are in fact passionately crafted, which are meant to be treasured for years to come.

Moreover, their pieces were also published in international magazines, these magazines include Vogue and Elle.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Leah Alexandra

1.6. Bluboho: One of the Well-Known Canadian Jewelry Brands

‘Through the moments that define our lives’ –Bluboho

Bluboho is one of the rising Canadian jewelry brands that introduces you to its interesting concept.

It was started in 2010 by a pair of women who were determined to create refined, sustainable, and fine jewelry pieces that mark your most significant milestones. 

Bluboho encourages you to have a free-spirited lifestyle via each of its one-of-a-kind handmade, refined pieces.

Moreover, Bluboho doesn’t just craft engagement rings but also creates unique everyday pieces that you can flaunt your achievements or simply treasure your style.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Bluboho

1.7. Wolf Circus

‘For the modern, bold, and fearless’ –Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus is one of the Canadian jewelry brands that offer a demi-fine jewelry line.

It was founded by Fiona Morrison, in 2010. The designs of this brand materialize the contemporary vision of Fiona’s, which also leans towards being bold. 

Moreover, the mission of this brand and the products balance out beautifully.

Each of the jewelry pieces is thoughtfully designed and hand fabricated by a group of talent with ethical practices through the use of high-grade recycled materials.

Additionally, they even encourage a supportive workspace to grow and change within the business and design practices. 

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Wolf Circus

1.8. Par Ici

‘Versatility, individuality and quality’ –Par Ici

Say hello to Par Ici, a mood-lifting jewelry manufacturer among this list of Canadian jewelry brands.

Alynne Lavigne and Eve Tobolka, two acquaintances bonded over their interest in vintage jewelry, and curated their first collection inspired by the past, future, as well as present. 

Provided that, their jewelry collection comprises upbeat, colorful, as well as eclectic pieces inspired by confidence, strength, and vivacity.

Consequently, their unique perspective found its way to the Vogues, W Magazine and Elle, and other well-known pages.

Take a look at their new pieces of jewelry line, and you might find something suiting your bold self.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Par Ici

1.9. Cuchara: Among the Leading Canadian Jewelry Brands

‘Go beyond the basic’ –Cuchara

Cuchara is another two-women show, Edi Cañedo, and Chloé Li-Chapman.

The brand was originally founded by Edi, and being acquainted with Chole, they started working together in 2018.

And with patience, communication, along with a lot of creativity they were able to achieve their goals and build a successful business.

What’s more, just like most other Canadian jewelry brands on this list, Cuchara too, makes use of locally sourced and repurposed materials.

Also, Cuchara comprises boho chic jewelry designs that go beyond your minimalistic style.

Their jewelry has that cool-city style as well as an ethical edge that symbolizes different aspects of your life.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Cuchara

1.10. Vitaly

Engineered staples and contemporary statements’ –Vitaly

Of all the Canadian jewelry brands on this list, Vitaly Designs uses 100% sustainability and ethical sourcing materials.

However, it is owned by Shane Vitaly Foran, whose imagination for making jewelry sparked during his trip to Bali.

Here, pieces of jewelry aren’t manufactured, they are engineered from metals that do not tarnish, rust, or make your skin green.

So when you wear their pieces, know that they contain the remnants of machines, skyscrapers, or car parts.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Source: Vitaly

2. Which City is Known as the Jewelry Capital of Canada?

Toronto is the jewelry capital of Canada and is the hub for exquisite pieces of jewelry and diamond stores, prestigious retailers of Canadian Outlets, as well as loyal buyers. 

Also, jewelry craftsmanship in Canada gained popularity in 1946.

During this year, the Metal Arts Guild was founded, which promoted cultural and commercial development in metal craftsmanship.

Furthermore, by the year 1970, Canada started gaining more fame in the jewelry industry around the world.

Toronto specifically turned heads with its first international jewelry exhibition, showcasing contemporary pieces.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Photo by Aviz on Pexels

3. Which is the Largest Jewelry Company in Canada?

As mentioned in the article, there are 3,425 jewelry store businesses as of this year, and Canadian jewelry brands are prospering.

Among all the companies, Zales is the largest business in the market.

Zales, the diamond store is a retailing jewelry brand providing the brilliant and icy-white Canadian diamonds that can steal your breath away. 

After the discovery of the hidden gems deep within the Canadian Arctic, Canada became the third largest supplier in the world.

Also, it provides approximately 15% of the world’s rough diamonds, with a higher ratio of pristine and gem‐quality deposition.

What’s more, diamonds sold by Zales Jewelers are cut and polished abroad, along with a unique certification number, certified to certain Canadian diamonds.

10 Famous Canadian Jewelry Brands Worth Investing Your Penny
Photo by Edwin Chen on Unsplash

4. End Notes: Canadian Jewelry Brands

Canada is the hub for the jewelry business. Also, there’s no shortage of talent here, as established designers proved their worth for the new talents.

So if you are in Canada, and want to explore or get someone a memorial gift, then you know where to look.

Furthermore, if you are unsure of your choice or want something off the chart, then there’s always assistance available.

Most Canadian jewelry brands provide consultation when customizing jewelry to match the different wearer’s aesthetic; so try not to hold back on your imagination.

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