7 Battle Rope Shoulder Circles—You Must Try

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The first question that arises is what are battle rope exercises?

So, here is the answer in simple words, the exercises that need rope are referred to as battle rope exercises. Battle ropes are kinds of ropes that are very heavy in weight and wider than regular ropes.

Battle rope shoulder circles exercise not only provides strength to the shoulder but also to the whole lower and upper body, and muscle group. Battle rope exercises include full body or whole body during the workout, the advantage of this is the full body gets strength from doing the single type of exercise.

There are many different battle rope exercises like anchor point and shoulder press, which improve the posture along with it they provide strength to the core, feet, head, shoulders, arms, and legs.

In doing shoulder circles with battle ropes different postures and different actions are done like circular motion, clockwise circles, circle waves, wave motion, and alternating waves.

What Are Battle Rope Shoulder Circles

As the name suggests battle ropes shoulder circle, and the battle ropes overhead are used to provide and used for strengthen the shoulders. In other words, battle ropes are used for healthy shoulders.

In this, the primary focus is on the shoulders, and how can we use battle ropes to improve the shoulders. But along with this using battle ropes also provides or also, improves the arms, legs, head, feet, and hip. It also improves heart condition and heart rate.

Battle ropes shoulder circles are an extra challenge to build strength. In this, along with battle ropes, different techniques and different exercises are performed which have the main impact on the shoulders.

These exercises include alternating waves, reverse lunge, opposite direction motion with battle ropes, aerobic conditioning, average gym goers, forcefully slam and use of the heavy kettlebell.

The main impact of all these is shoulders, this will increase the shoulder strength and shoulder width.

Battle Rope Exercises For Shoulders

There are a number of paid commissions rope exercises for shoulders, which are particularly designed for the shoulders, and have a direct impact on them. These workouts provide flexibility, strength, and sometimes rigidness to the targeted part of the body. They also improve the body’s blood circulation system, respiratory system, and heart condition.

These exercises or workouts are also included in the routine of those people who are injured and are in a state of recovery. This workout helps in muscle growth as well as muscle toning which is why these workouts are recommended in the stage of recovery for many patients. Some of the workouts are described below in detail:

1. Double Waves

Double Waves are used to provide strength and flexibility to the upper body and shoulders. These exercises are very easy to perform and need no training head or guidance. These exercises have very easy steps to perform and are very simple and very effective. 

How To Perform This Exercise

  • First, stand straight, and grab the battle ropes in your hand.

  • Stand facing the anchor point and your shoulder width apart.

  • Grasp one end of the battle ropes in each hand.

  • Now knees are slightly bent.

  • After bending your keens brace your core.

  • Now move your both arms up and down.

  • Move your hand as fast as possible and try to create a wave with the battle ropes.

Advantage- This exercise is very useful for muscle toning and for making shoulders stronger and flexible. Various parts like the left leg, left hip, right leg, and right hip are involved in doing this exercise, which also provides strength to all the involved parts.

2. Alternating Wave

Alternating waves provide strength to shoulders, arms, and some groups of muscles of the wrist and elbow. This workout also improves in breathing cycle and heart condition.

How To Perform This Exercise

  • First stand facing to the anchor point, with your shoulder width apart and feet hip-width apart.

  • Knees slightly bent

  • Now hold battle ropes one end in each hand.

  • After holding raise your one arm to shoulder level and then quickly down to start.

  • Now raising another arm to shoulder level.

  • Keep doing this alternating. Continue alternating waves for the maximum time you can do.

  • And try to make waves with the battle ropes.

  •  10 to 15 minutes is enough for this exercise.

Advantage- It provides strength to the lower body as well and it is considered a full-body workout. It also improves heart rate. This battle ropes movement improves muscles, and core and increases the fitness level.

3. Shoulder Circles

This exercise is among the serious battle rope exercises, this exercise is generally preferred by swimmers and boxers. Also, these exercises are performed by elite athletes to make their shoulders stronger.

How To Perform This Exercise

  • The starting position is to stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Slightly bend your keens

  • Grasp the ropes in each hand with palms facing.

  • Now first lift your left arm over your shoulder and after this move your arm circles in the direction.

  • Repeat these clockwise circles for at least 30 minutes.

  • After 30 minutes, then counterclockwise for more than 30 minutes.

  • Repeat all these steps with the right arm as well.

Advantage- This exercise provides strength to the lower body and as well as upper body. This exercise is the best exercise for the upper body tool. This exercise is also, incorporated into the recovery workout of those who have some shoulder injury.

4. Snakes On The Floor

Snake is among the warm-up exercises. It includes the full body in the workout. Snakes on floor workouts help in improving core strength. Along with all these, this workout requires a lot of energy and helps in burning many calories.

So, indirectly this workout also helps in losing weight. And these exercises have many more advantages.

How To Perform This Exercise

  • First, stand straight with feet hip-width apart.

  • Now hold the ropes in each hand palms facing.

  • Lower down in the squat position.

  • Now pull your arms wide and keep your arms parallel to the floor.

  • Without crossing your arms, move your left hand and right hand towards one another and then back out.

  • The main motive of this movement is to make two snakes on the floor.

Advantage– This is a full-body workout. It also includes whole-body muscles. This particular movement benefits the feet, arms, and core strength.

5. Power Slam

This workout is among the most hardest and difficult battle rope shoulder cycle exercises. This workout usually comes under slam workout exercises. Slam workouts have many more exercises but this Power slam is one of the most important and effective workouts.

How To Perform This Exercise

  • Stand straight first and grasp ropes in each hand.

  • Now try to bring both arms up overhand grip.

  • After this forcefully slam the ropes on the ground.

  • While slamming the ropes on the ground, lower into the high squat position.

  • Then return to the starting position, and repeat this several times.

Advantage– This rope training is very beneficial for the shoulder. It also improves core strength. This workout is a low-impact conditioning tool for hip width.

6. Alternate- Arm Power Slam

This workout generally comes under the proper training guidance. It is advised not to perform these exercises until successful training. There are many shoulder circle exercises but alternate-arm power slam is a little difficult and you need a proper trainer to start this exercise.

How To Perform This Workout

All the procedure of this workout is the same as the Power Slam the only difference is instead of slamming both hands together, in this workout slamming is done alternatively.

Advantage- This workout provides strength to the arms. This workout comes under the training session, so, never try this workout without proper training, otherwise, you will hurt yourself.

7. Alternating Waves Lung Jump

Alternating Waves Lung Jump is a  Battle rope shoulder circle and this workout is especially related to the shoulder and legs. You must jump along the ropes while performing this workout, but remember to land softly. This exercise is very effective for the legs also.  

How To Perform This Workout

  • First, stand straight with the ends of the rope in each hand.

  • Now Step your right leg first, in position reverse to lungs.

  • Then jump up into the air.

  • Switch the legs in the air and land on the left leg, which should be extended back.

  • Without losing the form repeat these steps. Try to maintain your form.

Advantage- This rope workout is very beneficial for the legs and along with this, it is very helpful in improving the heart condition.

Final Note

Battle rope shoulder circles are the workouts or training that is mainly related to the shoulders.

These workouts help in providing strength to the shoulder along with flexibility and rigidness. The ropes are used to make the shoulders strong. Battle ropes are extra heavy and larger than the normal rope. These ropes have many other advantages.

Battle rope exercises are for each and every part of the body, battle rope exercises are the kind of workout that anyone can include in their regular workout to improve their core strength and as well as improve heart condition.


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