How To Improve Grip Strength At Home : 3 Important Exercises

How To Improve Grip Strength At Home
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How to improve grip strength at home? To answer this question, first, let me explain what grip and grip strength are.

Holding five bags of groceries requires not just killer arms but also a very strong grip. Not sure you have got a strong grip strength? You must be shortchanging your workouts in addition to your pantry stash.

Your ability to hold weights without a palm or wrist plays a big role in ensuring your sweat sessions effectively get your muscles to pop.

Grip strength is very important and plays a significant role in daily activities. Grip strength is required everywhere, from holding rubber bands to holding bags.

What Is Grip Strength

Now the first question that arises after seeing the topic should be what I mean by grip strength? Simply put, grip strength exercises are the activities which allow us to perform everyday tasks effectively and are a measure of how much power or force you can create with your forearm and hand muscles. So, here is the answer.

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Having a good grip strength is a good indicator of upper-body and overall strength because you need to be able to hold onto weights to enhance muscle strength. Doing a proper workout with challenging weights and grip strength is often the first thing to fail.

If your hand grip is weak, you cannot do as many reps as you want; even if you can do one, your grip will fail before those other muscles do. The same happens with deadlifts. 

Benefits Of Having A Strong Grip Strength

Grip strength exercises are just simply toning your body’s micro muscles. It can help in preventing tendonitis.

You will curb your chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Grip exercises also help in maintaining good hand strength along with strong wrists, elbow and forearm muscles; some of the other exercise’s collective benefits include

  • less risk that you will get arthritis, or we can say that by doing the grip exercises, you can also safeguard yourself from getting arthritis
  • help the individual to improve their fine motor skills

  • get stronger at the gym because you can lift heavier weights more easily

Types Of Grip Strength Exercises

Well, this is very difficult to categorize, So first, we start with what are the three different types of grip? The basic grip is categorized into three types, Crush, Pinch and Support.

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Let me discuss each corner of these categories in brief.

1. Crush

Crush is the first category in which grip strength at home is categorized. The best example to describe is crumbling the ball of paper in your hands or shaking someone’s hand muscles. Curling your fingers to your palm is referred to as your crush strength.

2. Pinch

This type of grip is self-explanatory- the strength between your fingers and your thumb, mostly like you pinch the person sitting beside you.

3. Support

This is the ability to hold onto something for a long period, like hanging on a pullup bar.

Signs Your Hand Muscles Could Use Strengthening

There are many signs by which you can estimate that your hand muscles could be strengthening or not.

  • You have trouble carrying heavy grocery bags without putting them down for a small break.

  • You consistently fail barbells or dumbbells.

  • You sometimes feel grip pain when lifting challenging weights.

  • You often get tired from typing on your keyboard.

Answering any one point mentioned above is solid proof that you could stand to improve your grip strength. However, you can also improve your grip strength at home.

How To Improve Grip Strength At Home

You need not go to the gym, or you do not need gym equipment to improve your grip strength. Yes, you read it right, for improving your grip strength, it’s not necessary that you must go to the gym only.

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You can easily improve your grip strength and your forearm muscles at home. Just grab some household items which are mentioned below to build grip strength; Yes, these household items are available in everyone’s house, So this is very good that anyone can improve their grip strength. Some exercises are listed below:

1. Stress-Ball Squeeze

Squish a stress ball (you can choose any ball, most people prefer a tennis ball) with your entire hand for 5 to 10 pulses. Repeat this with each finger. Switch hands and repeat the sequence. Repeat using just pointer finger and thumb.

It will help the individual to perform daily routine work easily and efficiently.

2. Wrist Rotation Or Wrist Curls

First, grasp an unopened wine bottle, keeping your upper arm by your side, and your elbow bent around 90 degrees.

  • Now rotate or pan towards your midline, try to bring it back to the center, then rotate in the opposite direction.
  • Do around 2 to 3 sets of around 20 to 30 reps. After completing with one hand, now perform with the second hand.

It helps build core strength and also helps in providing strength to your arms and wrist.

3. Book Pinch

This can be performed by using three to four sets of books of the same size, grip one in each hand, and arms at the sides. Now squeeze with figures for almost 30 seconds, then relax for almost 30 seconds. Do this exercise for around three to five sets every day.

This will help strengthen your forearms, wrists, and fingers.

The Best Grip Strength Exercise To Do At The Gym

Yes, grip exercises are very useful and have many advantages. Apart from performing the grip exercise at home, you can perform or do grip strength exercises in the gym under a proper grip trainer and paid commissions.

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The training includes opening jars, tea towels and pull-ups, including pulling movements and opposite directions. 

The only limiting factor is the callous line sometimes and sometimes the injuries; if the exercise is not performed under your training head, it may cause injuries that are sometimes minor and sometimes very severe.

Grip training involves the fingers because fingers are the most important part of the hand, which helps provide better and good strength. Grip training required a lot of patience and time. A very good example of grip strength exercise is the cast iron pan.

1. Farmer Carry

This is among the best exercises you can perform in the open area for better grip strength.

Hold heavy dumbbells or kettlebells in one hand, arms down by sides, and walk forward in a straight line without letting the weight bang, which must be against your leg. In this, the directing force of the weight should be downwards.

  • Continue this exercise for almost 30 to 60 seconds. Then take 60-second rest and repeat these exercises for the left-hand grip strength. Keep doing switch hands.

  • This exercise helps carry groceries bags easily, and you can easily include this exercise in your workout routines for a solid grip.

It helps in maintaining your core strength stronger. 

2. Suitcase Deadlift

This exercise comes under the grip training of bodyweight exercises. It is very easy to perform.

Hold weights in your left hand first, feet shoulder-width apart, and your right hand must be clenched in a fist.

  • Keeps abs engaged and knees very soft; now sit hips back slowly lower weight until and unless it reaches the middle of the left shin.

  • The back should be parallel to the floor, pressing through heels, and keep engaging abs and quickly return to starting position.

  • When you squeeze glutes once completely upright, that should be considered one rep. Try to do good squeezes.

  • Do this exercise in three to four sets of 20 to 30 reps.

This will help to provide strength to small muscles. It also provides strength to the wrist, forearm and fingers. This will help increase grip strength.

3. Hammer Curl

This exercise provides strength to the forearm, wrist and fingers. This is the best exercise for grip work. For this exercise equipment needed are dumbbells. It also helps in reducing the extra deposited weight.

Stand with feet and hip-width apart, holding a pair of dumbbells at the side.

  • Palms should be facing inward, with the back straight and the chest upright.

  • Now without moving your upper arms and any body part, bend your elbows and curl weights towards your shoulders.

  • Now slowly position with control.

  • When you complete one, that will be considered as one rep. Perform four sets of around 12 reps.

These are the best exercises you can perform in the gym without training. This will provide strength to your forearms and fingers.

4. Towel Chin-Ups

To perform this activity, you need one corner, which is not more difficult than other exercises. This is as simple as regular chin-ups.

Cover the bar with a towel first, and then challenge that grip. This is a very good activity for preparing yourself for rope climbing. This will help in making your bones stronger; it also provides strength to your wrist and forearms. 

Final Note

How to improve grip strength at home?  We can improve our grip strength at home; there is no need to join some special gym to increase our grip strength; some exercises on improving grip strength at home are described in the above paragraphs. 

Grip strength is very important in everyday life; it will help the individual perform regular daily activities easily and efficiently.

Stronger grip strength allows you to perform the task very effectively. Various exercises are performed in the gym and at home for good grip strength. It includes bench press, hammer curl, farmer’s walks, reverse wrist curls, cast iron pan, tennis elbow and plate curls.

Grip strength also helps maintain good cardiovascular health and keeps individuals far from cardiovascular disease. Nothing is required if you want to perform and strengthen your grip strength at home. 

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