7 Incredible Ways How To Jump Rope Properly To Lose Weight

How to jump rope properly to lose weight? If you do not have time to head to the gym, then here is the solution for such people, jumping rope. Jumping rope, and skipping rope will help the individual for losing weight. In simple way or words jumping rope burns a lot of calories. The benefits of jumping rope have many advantages along with a few disadvantages.

Jumping rope helps in weight loss and calorie burn. Weight loss is the main purpose of the jumping rope exercises. Sometimes skipping rope becomes a bit clumsy.

Including jump rope exercises not only help in muscle building but also improves balance and heart pumping. It provides strength to the arms and knees. This is the best way to burn calories and improve cardio conditions.

Ways To Jump Rope Properly To Lose Weight 

Now the question arises What is a Jump rope routine? So- let me simplify this question for you all, Jump rope routine is the routine that includes the proper workout related to the rope exercises.

Rope exercises have a variety of advantages with almost no disadvantages. The only thing which, you have to do in this is to swing the rope and jump as much as you can. But, yes, jumping straight is much in every jump roping exercise.

Jump rope exercises help in improving heart rate along with weight loss, this workout improves the cardio condition, and supports the development of the whole body.

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A jump roping workout is better and easy than any other workout. Jumping rope to lose weight is very common in India and in other countries like America and Australia.

Now the question is How to calculate your jumps? Yes, we are discussing the jumping rope exercises, so keeping track that how much you are jumping each day, is a must. Then only you will be able to identify whether you are improving yourself each day or not.

So, here is the solution- The easiest way to count or track your jumping is the online calculator, this calculator automatically calculates your jumping numbers each day.

What Are The Types Of Jumping Rope Exercises

Well, there are a lot of jumping rope exercises. The good thing about jumping rope exercises is that you can invent your own personalized exercise too. Either you can jump rope with your both foot or with one foot, it totally depends on you, that how much you can jump rope and for what period of time.

So, here is the list of some ways or some exercises related to jumping rope, these exercises help in losing weight and overall development of the body, along with the proper maintenance of the body. The exercises are described below:

1. Strength Training Circuit

This exercise is a very common exercise in the jumping rope. It will help you burn more calories than a normal workout.

It also increases bone mineral density and helps in weight loss goals. You just have to do this exercise for 15 minutes a day, which will help you to burn calories and have good heart health.

How To Perform This Exercise

This exercise is very simple to perform. The steps are described below:

  • Jumping rope for around 1 minute, with your both feet together.

  • Do almost 20 lungs per side. Left and Right.

  • And then jump rope for almost 20 minutes at a consistent pace.

  • Then do almost 20 push-ups for around 1 minute.

  • Then again jump rope for around 1 minute with feet together.

  • After this do 30 second plank.

  • Then again jump rope for 1 minute.

  • Repeat this circuit of jumping rope, pushups, and plank for around five to ten minutes.

Advantages of this exercise

  • This exercise helps in weight loss. It also provides strength to leg muscles and helps in calories burned.
  • It increases the individual lung capacity. It comes under high-intensity workouts.

2. Alternative Foot Jumps

Instead of jumping on both feet, the person jumps on the alternative foot. This is a very good workout routine for the person who wants to burn some calories at home.

It also comes under the high-impact exercise. This exercise also improves the balance of the individual.

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How to perform this exercise

The steps to perform this exercise is described below:

  • First, take the rope.

  • Now fold one foot and jump with the other foot.

  • Jump as much as you can within one minute.

  • After one minute change the leg and jump on the next foot.

Advantages of this exercise

  • This exercise is among the high-intensity interval training.
  • It allows more blood to flow first in one leg than in another leg.
  • It also helps to burn calories. It allows reducing current weight and fat mass.

3. Doing Variation

How many calories, do you want to burn, the choice of exercise depends on it, if you want to burn a few calories, then this exercise is very good and effective. More calories can be burned by this exercise when you continuously do this. Include this exercise in your daily jump rope routine for better results.

How To Perform these exercises

The steps of performing this exercise are described below:

  • First, hold the jump rope.

  • Jump a few inches to first your left as you swing your rope.

  • After that jump, a few inches to your right side as you swing the rope.

  • Then, try to get in rhythm while jumping rope from side to side.

  • Practice at least ten side-to-side jumps.

  • Try to perform this exercise on a wooden floor.

Advantages of this exercise

  • This exercise is very important in weight loss, in other words, it definitely supports weight loss.
  • It also helps in a calorie deficit. It provides strength to your upper body composition.

4. Single Leg Lift Jumping Rope

It is a type of interval training related to your legs, This is among the most famous exercises which help the individual to burn calories at home. Doing this exercise, will not require any personal trainer. This exercise has a very increased demand due to its benefits.

How to perform this exercise

The steps are described below,

This exercise is also called the weight-bearing exercise. First, stand straight with shoulder width apart.

  • Start, with your right foot, first.

  • Start jumping rope, but remember to land softly on the balls of your foot.

  • Then, switch feet, and then keep jumping on the left foot.

  • The key thing is to keep this in mind every time you have to land softly.

  • Keep your shoulders rolled back.

  • Your upper portion should be straight while performing this exercise.

  • Do at least five jumps on each side.

Advantages of this exercise

  • For doing this exercise you do not require any personal trainer, the benefits of this exercise are it improves the respiratory rate of the individual along with this it also, provides strength to feet and knees.
  • Apart from all this it also helps in fewer calories burned. It is simple as compared to other exercises.

5. Classic Jump Rope

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Another exercise that comes under the jump rope exercises to lose weight is the classic jump rope. These exercises can be performed by any age person, irrespective of their gender as well. 

How to perform this exercise

First, stand with the rope at the back of your heels.

  • Then swing the rope over your head, in the direction from back to front.

  • Jump the rope when it comes down in front of your feet.

  • Then let it swing under your feet. Repeat this for time as much as possible.

  • Start with slow and gradually pick up the pace.

Advantages of this exercise

  • The advantage of this type of rope exercise is to provide strength to the legs and shoulders. Moreover, it will also help in losing weight.

6. Boxer Side Step Jump

This exercise is best among the rope exercises to lose weight. This exercise is very simple to perform and very effective. 

How to perform this Exercise

First, stand up with the rope at the back of your heels.

  • Now bend your elbows at an angle of around 90 degrees, and keep them close to your sides.

  • Now lift from the midsoles of your feet like the way you swing the rope over your head.

  • Now instead of jumping up straight, try to jump from right to left like the way you are jogging.

  • Make your side jumps wider as much as possible.

Advantages of this exercise

  • This exercise helps in maintaining and making the stamina of the individual.

7. Backward Jump

The backward jump is just the opposite of the classic rope jump. 

How to perform this exercise

First, stand straight with the rope at the tips of your toes.

  • Now use your wrists to swing the rope over your head, this time in the opposite direction from front to back.

Advantages of this exercise

  • This exercise helps the individual to make their core strength stronger.

Benefits Of Jumping Rope

Along with weight loss, these exercises have many more advantages. Some advantages are described below:

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Cardio Fitness

It helps in calorie burn, jumps continuously for a long period of time, and requires more oxygen and blood to be pumped into working muscles. Which directly increases your heart rate as well as respiratory rate to accomplish the increased demand of the body.

Doing a jump for long period may strengthen the heart and improves lung capacity as well.

Stronger Bones

These exercises come under the impactful exercise that put some amount of stress on the bones, which makes them stronger.

Coordination And Balance

Adding the jump rope workout to the daily routine is maybe a great way to improve balance and coordination. It improves the coordination of your arms, torso, and legs.

Muscles Strengthen

This is a kind of full-body workout, it improves and provides strength to each and every part of your body. It will also, help in muscle endurance.

Benefits Of Including Rope Exercises In Your Dialy Routine

Along with many other advantages, rope exercises can be included in the daily workout routine. Depending on the experience, you can include the jumping rope in your whole workout routine. There are the following places in which you can include rope exercises in your daily workout.

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You can start your daily workout by doing roping exercises for almost three to four minutes.


You can also use the rope exercises in the end as a finisher exercise. You can add this at the end of any workout. Jump with a very fast pace for almost 100 counts. Then take a short break or rest for a while and again continue jumping the rope for 100 counts.

Endurance Workout

For this, only one thing the person has to do is to jump the rope as much as they can. The focus must be moderate intensity jumping or sometimes slow.

Mid Workout

If the individual likes to take a rest in between the two exercises then they can do the rope exercises in that period of time, by this way they can utilize the time gap between the two exercises.

Do Rope Exercises Burn More Calories

Okay Yes, this is a common dilemma for most people which type of exercise burns more fat and which is more beneficial, so, in this paragraph, I will try to solve this dilemma.

When comparing the amount or number of calories burned during almost ten minutes sessions of rope exercises will burn more calories than running.

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If you perform the rope exercises with low intensity then it will burn almost around 105 calories, and in running you will only be able to burn 117 calories at low intensity running.

In this case, only running is more efficient than the rope exercises, because it allows the person to burn a little bit more calories than the battle rope exercises. Now let’s see another intensity workout. 


If you do medium-intensity rope exercises then it will help you to burn around 140 calories compared to running, it will only allow you to burn 125 calories.


If you perform high-intensity rope exercises then it will help you to burn almost 146 calories and while comparing it with running, then running will help you to burn nearly 140 calories.

According to this data, I can say that rope exercises are better than running in comparison to the calories burned in case of medium and high-intensity workouts but in case of low-intensity running is more beneficial.

Along with this other factors like age, and gender also, play a major role in the weight loss process.

Final Note

How to Jump rope properly to lose weight? Well, the whole article revolves around this question, jumping rope is very beneficial for weight loss and also for the calorie deficit.

Skipping rope and jumping rope workout routine also helps in full body workout. Additionally, it helps in calories burned. Along with this, the rope exercises help in improving the body balance and heart rate. Rope exercises are very beneficial if they are performed on a daily bases and properly. 

Rope exercises help in maintaining good body posture, a healthy heart, and weight loss. Rope exercises can be performed, at any time and at any place, You, do not need to go to the gym to perform these exercises, these exercises can be performed at the home, with the help of a skipping rope. 

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