Looking For Best Markham Restaurants? Here Are The 6 Best Markham Restaurants

There is no bar for the food lovers as Best Markham Restaurants awaits; food is something that can make you happy at any point. Great food, Great lives! It is not only an idiom but the truth of life. Food can settle any mood like sad, anxiety, happiness, or even nervousness.

If you eat delicious cuisine, a good mood will come in no time. Along with good food, a beautiful food court and food scene will add some more points. Best restaurants are the strong point for Markham and have the ability to tickle taste buds.

Markham: A Beautiful Place

Markham is a beautiful city situated in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, Canada. The main street Markham is approx. 30Km from Downtown Toronto. Markham symbolizes the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe (in office 1791–1796), who named the area after his friend, William Markham, the Archbishop of York from 1776 to 1807.

Markham is famous for its beautiful traditional architecture inspired by European and Canadian mixture. Markham Civic Centre, Toogood Pond, Seneca College, Markham Campus, and Richmond hill are some famous places in the city.

If you love seafood and plan to visit a place where good food can be a priority, then do not miss this beautiful place in Canada. Apart from beautiful lakes, malls, and parks, Markham will satisfy you with a food court, a sister restaurant, and an incredible taste of the best Markham Restaurants.

Here is the list of Best Markham Restaurants to make your visit more and more memorable with lots of different tastes, flavours, and traditions in one city.

1. Hutaoli Music Restaurant & Bar 

Hutaoli is known for its roots in China, and they offer a variety of Chinese food and tradition on the streets of Canada. They are providing everything to make you dine more memorable, delicious food, live concerts, music, Chinese-inspired ambiance, and cocktails.

Hutaoli bar celebrated one of the longest chains of Music restaurants & bars with over 400 locations, including Markham Town Square. To make this place more beautiful, they follow a hodgepodge of themes like birdcages and kitschy upholstery. The moto of the Hutaoli is to serve as a good place to relax and enjoy some live music, sort of like an Asian. They’re also famous for their burgers with toppings like seared pork belly, salad, and a fried egg. Hard Rock Café leads to work in the evening only.

best Markham Restaurants
Image Source: Hutaoli Music & Bar official website

Apart from the fresh seafood and sushi, the main highlight of the restaurant is a massive ten-foot-tall screen behind lets guests project scrolling messages through their WeChat app while the guitarist sings acoustic versions of Jay Chou hits. The centrepiece of the restaurant is an elevated stage with a full sound system where professional solo musicians play to entertain the audience.

The menu brings the flavour of china, spicy dishes made Sichuan-style, but in general covers a wide array of Chinese dishes. The staff is too good to satisfy the customers, you catch the staff at the right time, and they might even do a song-and-dance performance for you sometime during your stay.

Popular Cuisines by “Hutaoli Music Restaurant & Bar”

  • Delicious Signature sangria
  • Giant bowl of boiled fish
  • Flaming Lips
  • Durian pizza and Burgers
  • Brown sugar crispy rice cakes
  • House Special Roast Chicken
  • Small appetizer of okra
  • Steamed chicken with chilli sauce
  • Paella

What People Say

Visitors stumbled across this restaurant by pure chance, and they were not disappointed. They loved the food and found it wonderful with the first bite. Their staff is wonderful and patient. I can see why this place is awesome as the evening progresses. Most of the visitors loved this place and did not experience the restaurant in its full glory anywhere.

They have Great Interior Views & Quiet but it gets really loud as live singers come on stage. The restaurant has a 3.5 rating on and is listed as one of the best Markham restaurants. Most of the ratings and views are given for its amazing food and service quality and the food scene they provided.


3760 Hwy 7 E, Unit 1, Markham

2. Tahchinbar – Persian Cuisine

Tahchin is made up of two Farsi words, “Tah,” which means bottom, and “Chin,” meaning arrange. Tahchinbar is a pro to serving the taste of Persian spice and tradition in Canada. It was first started in Iran, then a franchise owner Ali Pourhashemi brought this Persian taste to Toronto Tahchinbar.

best Markham restaurants
Image source: Tahchinbar official website

Tahchin is also an Iranian dish also known as “baked rice cake.”It is made up of Saffron, rice, egg yolks, and yogurt and was originally made with chicken only. By adding “bar” with “Tahchin,” they have taken this concept of cooking and combined it with other Iranian dishes to achieve awesome dishes that are unique and delicious.

The highlight of the restaurant is to serve serves delicious variations of Iranian rice cakes filled with chicken, lamb, beef, and macaroni, as well as Persian sides and drinks. The ambiance will be enough to give you a Persian resemblance along with Canadian comfort. Tahchinbar is one of the most popular restaurant chains in Iran and running successfully for almost a decade in Canada and is considered one of the best restaurants in Markham in terms of fresh food and a hidden gem of Iranian taste and flavour.

Tahchinbar is enough to make your day with a dozen options of tasty rice cakes and rice noodles. The friendly and experienced staff will help you choose the best of your fancy from the menu and elaborate on the dish you would like to order.

Apart from restaurant serving, they are also offering a catering service. They deliver the food for parties, Corporate lunch events, and gatherings Events in Toronto Area. Fresh ingredients are hand-picked for their mastered popular recipes that may be suitable for your event.

Popular Cuisines And Drinks by “Tahchinbar”

  • Mast o Khiar
  • Chicken and fried eggplant
  • Khiar sekanjabin
  • Makaroni Tahdig
  • Zeitoon parvardeh
  • Saffron
  • Baghali polo

What People Say

As per the visitors, the food was great and had a great crunchy crust. People’s lovers of the Baghali Polo (fava bean and lamb), Chicken Tahchin, Adas Polo (Lentile and lamb) and Mast Khiar (Yogurt and cucumber), and Mast Moosir (Yogurt and super garlic), and made these are the most lovable dishes.

The restaurant specializes and innovates in one of the most traditional Persian foods, Tahchin. They make multiple Persian stews such as Ghormeh Sabzi, Baghali Polo, and Adas Polo in Tahchin style. The restaurant has a 4.0 rating on and is listed as one of the 20 best Markham Restaurants. 


7181 Yonge St #16, main street Unionville Thornhill

3. Koke Teppanyaki & BBQ

Koke Teppanyaki & BBQ is based on a Japanese concept. The place combines the premium Japanese BBQ and teppanyaki under one roof; this is such a legendary yet so simple combination that attracts visitors here.

best Markham restaurants
Image source: Kobe Teppanyaki & BBQ official website

The place is enough to have a gathering, business meetings, and embrace your loved ones with Japanese cuisines as it is so spacious, open, and welcoming. The restaurant is divided into two halves, each dedicated to either BBQ or teppanyaki. They are doing the processes of grilling on your table, naturally. They packed the dishes in bento boxes.

They are not only the best Markham restaurants, aiming for the preservation of the traditional culture of Japanese cuisine, which gives the best impression of the cuisine to the patron while being loved by them. They are awarded by the GTA the pride and privilege of possessing the Certificate of Authenticity from the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association.

Highly experienced and supportive staff add a plus point to the “Kobe Teppanyaki & BBQ,” which leads to this restaurant being known as one of the best Markham restaurants. You just need to visit and try all their different cuts of meat at BBQ or skillfully grill meats and seafood by their talented chefs at teppanyaki.

Popular Cuisines And Drink By “Koke Teppanyaki & BBQ”

  • A5 Wagyu Set for 2
  • Sea Urchin Wagyu Beef Short Rib Roll
  • Kobe Wagyu Beef
  • Live Lobster
  • Black King Kong Roll
  • Miso Sea Bass

What People Say

Most of the visitors had a great experience here with families over the holidays! The chef was applauded for his way of cooking the food. The service and the overall presentation mesmerize everyone! They have 3 different menu options for beef, Meat quality was good too, and you can taste the difference between Waygu and their normal cuts.

People loved the teppanyaki experience – the performance they put up throughout the night. Koke Teppanyaki & BBQ is counted as one of the best Markham restaurants, with a 3.5 rating at


Unit 1, 8241 Woodbine Ave, ON L3R 2P1, Markham

4. Garden Hong Kong Cafe

Garden Hong Kong Cafe is a beautiful causal restaurant known among Hong Kongers and Cantonese speakers as a Cha Chaan Teng that serves up classic comfort Hong Kong-style Western dishes. This place is the best restaurant for fans of Canto-Western cuisine who love nostalgia.

best markham restautants
By Shuang W. on Copyright 2022

This place serves up classic comfort Hong Kong-style Western dishes. This place is known among Hong Kongers and Cantonese speakers as a Cha Chaan Teng. This place is only one of its kind in the best Markham restaurants, this place used to be very commonplace around Scarborough.

Garden Hong Kong Cafe is fully loaded with ham, egg, tomato, mayonnaise, seared pork belly, and that ever-important thick butter slice. Their take on this classic sandwich is very good. Once you have entered the place, you will be embraced by dim lights and comfortable furniture with beautiful wall sceneries with Chinese messages on them.

Popular Cuisines By “Garden Hong Kong Cafe”

  • Pineapple buns
  • Molten French Toast with Salted Egg Yolk
  • Molten Egg on Luncheon
  • Hainanese chicken rice noodles
  • HK style milk tea and Coffee

What People Say

Garden Hong Kong cafe is considered one of the best Hanan chicken rice ever have been in a Canadian restaurant! If you’re a Hong Konger reading this, you must go there if you haven’t already! It might be the one you are looking for! The restaurant is a little small for dine-in, but that’s not a problem. It counts in the food! It is, without a doubt, worth the wait!

The most famous dishes of Garden Hong Kong cafe are Hainanese Chicken on Rice, HK style iced lemon tea, and HK-style curry beef brisket with rice. The ratings and views are given for its amazing food and service quality. The restaurant has a 3.5 rating on and is listed as one of the 20 best Markham restaurants.


28 South Unionville, main street Unionville Ave #1035, Markham

5. Flaming Kitchen

Chinese food and flavour are much more famous and loved by the netizens, and this reason is responsible for too many Chinese Restaurants in Markham, nearby York Region. Yes! We are talking about another restaurant; Flaming Kitchen restaurant follows Chinese tradition with modern asserts.

best Markham Restaurants
Image source: Flaming Kitchen official website

Flaming Kitchen mainly serves an enormous menu of modern Chinese sizzling noodles, rice, and appetizer dishes, many of them in the cheesiest way imaginable, literally. The restaurant is not so big yet beautiful and has enough space to make you dine absolutely fantastic, along with comfy benches lined up against the wall. The spacious feel is enhanced by high ceilings and lots of white.

They have a supportive staff which helps you take to be comfortable in your own space. You can dine in, order online, or be asked to pack the food as per your convivence. They accompany the sizzling sounds of dishes being delivered to tables that are greeted with oohs, ahs, and giggles as cheesy, hot, and spicy noodles, fried eggs and eggs, wings, cheeseburgers and rice are gobbled up a meal.

Popular Cuisines By “Flaming Kitchen”

  • Flaming Chicken Spicy Noodle dish
  • Sunset Paradise
  • Kit Kat slush
  • Cheerful K-Pop and Top 40
  • Sizzling black curry poutine
  • House special chicken wings

What People Say

You must dine in here to get the full experience. Most people go to this place for a nostalgic “sizzling plate” that was very common in Westernized HK restaurants. Their shake fries are so good! They are almost on par with Costco fries but with a variation of flavours to pick from. 

It is the go-to place for delicious noodles dishes; people’s faves are Cheesy Flaming Spicy Chicken Noodle and Spicy Mentaiko Beef Udon (both aren’t spicy). The restaurant won a 3.0 rating on and was listed as one of the 20 best Markham restaurants due to its high-quality service and rich flavours.


21-3235 York Regional Road 7 Markham

6. Pinoy Waffles

Pinoy Waffles is located at the Pacific Mall’s Pacific Heritage Town, Second Floor. It is a tiny, thus, effective place to fill your hungry tummy with some homemade snacks. They serve up various kinds of Filipino-style waffles that are too good to resist.

Pinoy Waffles is run by the owner Maria Diaz, and snacks she cooked here as a child in Manila. You can have the best Waffles here with the simple and tasty flavours. She pours homemade waffle batter into a mould and then adds various fillings, and it is perfectly cooked.

They serve a variety of freshly made waffles with a selection of tasty fillings, along with traditional Filipino street food! The staff is small, but enough friends to make you feel good, and they have a takeout facility. Those who love to eat waffles and look for a simple snack should visit this place once, and I must say that you will have these waffles again and again!

Popular Cuisines By “Pinoy Waffles”

  • The lemon waffle
  • Pinoy Waffles
  • Halo-Halo

What People Say

It is located upstairs in Pacific Mall, near the food court. People love this restaurant as it is very affordable. They have 12 different fillings, and most people always choose Ube to try. Their service is too quick that it takes just a few minutes to make.

They also have other snacks, drinks, and desserts. The waffles are so simple yet tasty to tickle your taste buds. With a 4.0 rating at, it is also listed among our 20 best Markham restaurants.


4300 Steeles Ave. E., main street unionville Markham

best Markham restaurants
Image source: By Tammy N. on 2022

The above-mentioned restaurants are one of the best Markham restaurants and perfect spots for dinner with friends. They have all the flavours and traditions from various countries to fulfill your tummy. Apart from these cuisines, Markham restaurants also offer some great tastes of San Francisco’s delicious pasta, Chicken wings, beef, and fresh soup.

In case you are wondering, there are some more famous places in Toronto, San Francisco and Richmond hill to fill your tastes. They are Zen Japanese restaurant, York Regiongood the catch boil house, Haidilao hot pot, smash kitchen and Bloor Yonge. They are serving traditional pulled pork, Sasaki fine pastry, sauce, Soup, Coffee, and delicious good catch to eat and drink.

You can have the best dishes in Ontario here; hot pot, pulled pork, lamb skewers, wonton soup, sushi Umi, fresh seafood and salad, cheeseburgers and cheese pasta. When you take the first bite of these perfectly cooked meals from Best Markham restaurants, you will love this place.

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