Exploring Huntsville’s Natural Treasures: A Guide to Provincial Parks

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Blessed with abundant natural beauty, Provincial Park in Huntsville is ranked first by the Toronto Star as a summer trip destination!

Huntsville is a town located in the hilly terrain of Muskoka, Ontario. Huntsville is surrounded by three large lakes: Mary Lake, Fairy Lake, and Vernon Lake. The Muskoka River flows and winds its way throughout Huntsville’s downtown.

Enjoy a Delightful Time at Provincial Park in Huntsville

1. Enjoy Camping at Provincial Parks

ARROWHEAD PROVINCIAL PARK Review & Tour | Ontario Camping

Located north of Huntsville, Arrowhead Provincial Park is a part of the Ontario Park Systems. Moreover, the shoreline of Glacial Lake Algonquin is visible from the park. Outdoor activities such as camping, mountain biking, skating, boating, swimming, private campsites, and hiking are famous at this year-round park.

Arrowhead Provincial Park offers three campgrounds: Roe Camping, East River Camping, and Lumby Camping. Roe Campground is the last and most private campground of Arrowhead Provincial Park.

In addition, it offers private campsites at Muskoka, Three sand beaches, and other camping-related facilities. Hence, the sand beaches connected to this campground are also less crowded and great for fishing and swimming.

East River Campground is great for RVs. Road 10 is for tent camping, the closest campground to Stubbs Falls. However, compared to Roe Campground, East River Campground and its sand beaches are relatively busier.

Finally, the Lumby Campground is divided into North and South sections. Lumby is the most beautiful campground out of all the three campgrounds.

It is nestled around a coniferous and deciduous forest campground. This campground is designated for tent trailers. Hence, they attract a huge crowd, especially during the summer season.

2. Go Hiking at Provincial Parks

sunset mountain hiking adventure
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Arrowhead also offers a great hiking experience with well-groomed trails. There are, in total, five hiking trails available at Arrowhead Provincial Park. These same hike trails are also accessible for biking. You can also rent out mountain bikes at Provincial Parks in Huntsville.

The Big Bend Lookout Trail is the easiest and the shortest of all the hiking trails available in Provincial Parks in Huntsville. The trail leads us to a panoramic view of the Big East Rivers and Muskoka’s surrounding three sandy beaches. This lookout trail is merely a few steps away from the parking lot.

Stubb’s Falls Trail is a must-visit trail in the early spring and summer seasons. The trail winds its way through the Muskoka Three sand beaches. The 2.6 km long hiking trail gives us an incredible view of the Little East River and Stubb’s Falls.

The Beaver Meadow Trail winds up, leading us through the maple forests and the beaver ponds. The Arrowhead Lake Trail again leads us to a pretty view of Arrowhead Lake. The trail forms one big loop around Arrowhead Lake.

The Mayflower Lakes Trail is an easy and quick trail that is great for nature walks during summer. In the winter season, this Mayflower Lake Trail turns into a beautiful winter ski and skate trail, too.

3. Winter Activities to Do at Provincial Parks

Provincial Parks in Huntsville
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During the winter season, i.e., from November to February, winter activities like snowshoeing, snow tubing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, winter camping trips, skating, etc., are a huge attraction here.

Arrowhead has a 1.3 km long ice skating trail. Ice skating through the forests of Arrowhead Provincial Park, Huntsville, is a bucket list activity every tourist must try.

As for cross-country skiing, there are 28 km of classic ski hiking trails and 16 km of skate ski trails. Furthermore, marked snowshoe trails and off-trail snowshoeing are available through the mature hardwood forest during winter. The availability of winter activities, like skiing, snowshoeing, etc., is weather-dependent, mostly in mid-December and early January.

Finally, Rental facilities are also available at Arrowhead Provincial Park, Huntsville, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Snowshoes, cross-country skis, and Ice skate rentals are reasonably priced.

4. Algonquin Provincial Parks in Huntsville

Provincial Park Huntsville
Image from ontarioparks.com

Established in 1893, Algonquin Provincial Park, Huntsville, is a provincial park in Ontario, Canada. This park is open from mid-April to November.

Activities like mountain biking, swimming, and day hiking are available. Also, winter activities like ice skating, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc., are famous at this park. In 1992, Algonquin Provincial Park was a National Historic Site of Canada. This park is quite popular for offering year-long outdoor activities.

There are more than 1,200 private campsites available in Algonquin Provincial Park. The campground has two shelter areas: Shelter A and Shelter B. Both the shelters have electricity, paved flooring, and other necessary equipment like picnic tables, grills, etc.

Shelter A is near the playground, and Shelter B is near the entrance of Powder Mill Road. We recommend making prior reservations during the peak months.

5. Ragged Falls Provincial Parks in Huntsville

Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park

Ragged Falls Provincial Park, Huntsville, is just outside the southwestern edge of Algonquin Provincial Park, Huntsville. This is one of the best places to hike in Muskoka.

Ragged Falls Provincial Park is accessible from both the eastern and western ends via Highway 60. Ragged Falls is an 80-foot-high waterfall on the Oxtongue River. It is a major attraction point of the Ragged Falls Provincial Park, Huntsville.

The park also offers short hiking trails. These trails will give you some scenic viewpoints of the Ragged Falls from different angles. Through the trees, you will catch several glimpses of the Ragged Falls and the Oxtongue River.


To sum up, Huntsville has several Provincial Parks, and you can do plenty of things there. Out of all the Provincial Parks in Huntsville, Arrowhead Provincial Park has a major role in the tourism market. Huntsville should be on your bucket list anywhere near Ontario, Canada.

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