5 Famous Churches in Coquitlam You Must Visit!

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Photo from Southside Baptist Church’s Official Website

The city of Coquitlam has a lovely charm about it. Located in British Columbia, it has numerous rivers, lakes, and mountains. The city also has various places of worship. The churches in Coquitlam are full of warmth and benevolence. That’s why the city is a wonderful haven for both relaxation and spiritual fulfillment. 

Church in Coquitlam
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1. Famous Churches in Coquitlam

The tri-city area of British Columbia comprises 3 cities –  Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody. The region has many churches to visit and pray in. At times, these churches also collaborate during various events. 

Church in Coquitlam
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The churches in Coquitlam are great places for finding peace and solace. Some of the famous churches in Coquitlam are:

1.1. Coquitlam Christian Centre

Address:  2665 Runnel Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3E 1S3, Canada.

Coquitlam Christian Centre is one of the most famous churches in Coquitlam. The chief objective of the Church is to develop a diverse community. Besides, it strives to cultivate generosity within its community.

This church in Coquitlam updates the list of upcoming events on the official website. You can visit the church’s official website here.

Churches in Coquitlam
Photo from Coquitlam Christian Centre’s Official Website

1.1.1. Ministries

Coquitlam Christian Centre has multiple ministries like Youth Ministries, Women’s Ministries, 50-plus Ministries, and more.

Additionally, there is a ministry by the name”Sandwich Makers.” Interestingly, three churches in Tri-City join hands for this. They help each other make sandwiches, and then they take the sandwiches to downtown Vancouver on Sundays to donate to the less privileged.

Church in Coquitlam
Photo from Coquitlam Christian Centre’s Official Website

1.2. Saint Clare of Assisi Catholic Church

Address: 2888 Delahaye Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3B 4T5, Canada.

St. Clare is a relatively young parish in Coquitlam. The name of this church comes from the patron saint – St. Clare of Assisi. Notably, the name “Clare” signifies- “a brilliant light.” In a similar way, this church in Coquitlam acts as a bright guiding light that ushers its followers through darkness into the light.

This Catholic church is home to varied communities. The church also welcomes families that have children. Currently, there are 1081 families associated with the community. Although English is the chief language, there are 21 languages spoken in the community!

Church in Coquitlam
Photo from St. Clare’s Official Website

St. Clare’s also offers PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) for the members. The program is hosted every Wednesday at St. Clare Parish Center. It serves children from grades one to seven. The children obtain their religious studies under the program.

Besides, the weekend masses are very uplifting. If you want to enjoy some fantastic music, this is the place to be. The Church also regularly updates the bulletins on the official website.

Also, you can watch the service online on their official YouTube channel.

1.3. Westwood Community Church

Address: 1294 Johnson St, Coquitlam, BC V3B 4T5, Canada.

Westwood Community Church in Coquitlam is a multicultural community. They have a common goal – to embrace Christ’s love and teachings. Further, they hold a vision to impact the world through God’s love.

This church in Coquitlam is a very amiable community. They urge people to join them in their mission to contribute to a peaceful, loving community. They also encourage people to come together and share their stories.

Westwood Church Community Gathering in Coquitlam
Photo from Westwood Community Church’s Official Website

This church offers a divine worshipping experience to the followers, allowing its members to be a part of each other’s spiritual journey. 

1.3.1. Ministries

Various ministries are a part of this church as well. Some of the ministries include – Women’s, Men’s, and Youth and Young Adults’ ministries.

In addition, there are ministries representing different backgrounds like Iranian, Filipino, and Italian.

Church in Coquitlam
Photo from Westwood Community Church’s Official Website

1.4. Blue Mountain Baptist Church

Address: 450 Blue Mountain St, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3K5, Canada.

Blue Mountain Baptist Church is another famous church in Coquitlam. The church promotes developing a Christ-loving community. Along with this, it aims at spreading the Christian faith and solidifying people’s trust in God.

Church in Coquitlam
Photo from Blue Mountain’s Official Website

The community at this church in Coquitlam is very hospitable. They openly invite people to join them for Sunday gatherings. Moreover, the church also has activities for children during the service, welcoming both adults and children.

1.4.1. Ministries

Various church ministries affiliated with this church include – Children, Youth, and Worship.

In addition, the small communities have also formed small groups in the church. The purpose of Group Life is to create smaller communities. The idea is that this would lead to caring for each other on a deeper level.

Church in Coquitlam
Photo from Blue Mountain’s Official Website

1.5. Southside Baptist Church

Address: 2211 Pitt River Rd, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 1R7, Canada.

Southside Baptist Church is associated with around 100 churches in the Pacific region. It is an autonomous church in Coquitlam. As a result, the church itself acts as the governing body.

Christmas Service at Coquitlam Community Church
Photo from Southside Baptist Church’s Official Website

The primary objective of this church in Coquitlam is to spread the Gospel of God across the world. The Church is governed by a council of elders. Currently, the pastors leading the council are – David Margine, Rob Krochenski, and Aurel Mateescu.

Besides, the community is involved in many other missions. Building a church in Romania is one of the missions of the church. This church in Coquitlam also serves the ears of its followers with melodious music during mass. 

1.5.1 Ministries

The church ministries are – Romanian and Russian. Plus, the fellowship groups also come together on weekdays for Bible reading. 

Church in Coquitlam
Photo from Southside Baptist Church’s Official Website

In addition, there is another group of people for emergencies. Urgent prayer requests can be sent to the church in plight. 

2. Conclusion

Coquitlam, British Columbia, is a city bustling with various attractions. Likewise, it has many churches to connect you to God. All the churches in Coquitlam have a warm and welcoming community. The ultimate goal of these communities is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ.

Church in Coquitlam
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

In addition, these churches are a medium for bringing diverse communities together. These people believe and share a similar purpose, i.e. to spread God’s love. The churches’ communities also comprise many volunteers who aid in people in need.

Plus, all the churches in Coquitlam are open to all. So, you will be treated with love irrespective of your background. God treats everyone equally, irrespective of their caste, creed, and gender. In return, all that we have to do is follow our hearts and listen to God!

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