College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

The College of physicians and surgeons of British Columbia is the governed body situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, registered under the health professions act. The medical professionals follow the rules and regulations made under this act in the province of BC.

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 College of physicians and surgeons of British Columbia
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The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

The regulatory body that regulates the professional practice of medicine in the province is the College of physicians and surgeons of British Columbia. All the physicians and surgeons qualified to practice medicine must be registered under this body.

It is a board of council of 15 members, of which 10 are peer-elected physicians, and the rest 5 are representatives of the public responsible for the College’s governance.

1. Guidelines

A specific set of guidelines has to be followed by the medical practitioner to practice, which is as follows:

(i) It has to ensure the academic potential and competency of the candidate to be able to practice.

(ii) The candidate must provide the basic diagnostic, medical, and surgical facilities in private or public practice with quality standards per accredited under the College.

(iii) The College must respond to the patient’s complaints and address them.

(iv) Any illegal or unfair means of practice by the medical professional is liable to face the repercussions by the College.

The College of physicians and surgeons is registered under the authority of the provincial law, which has to be abiding by for the practice of medicine in British Columbia. It keeps a check on the conduct and the standard of practice followed by the family physicians and surgeons.

2. Objectives

The regulatory body of the College of physicians and surgeons of British Columbia works and conducts based upon the 4 principles: Transparency, Objectivity, Impartiality, and Fairness.

(i) The initial duty of the College is to the public. So, the regulating body must be transparent in its policies and essential information and maintain the same set of expected standards in the practice of medicine.

(ii) The objective behind the important decisions should be clear, evidence-based, and account for various opinions and perspectives.

(iii) Fairness and no impartiality in the decisions and the individual conduct should always be on the agenda of a regulating body.

3. Accreditation Programs

The two sets of programs carried under this head are the diagnostic accredited program and the non-hospital medical and surgical facilities accreditation program.

Some accredited facilities are a part of this program. There is a range of services provided by the College of physicians under these programs for the public health of British Columbia.

4 Website of College

There is a well updated and informative website of the College which presents when researched on Google. From the latest news, accredited facilities, expected standards of care for the public, and the code of conduct of the British Columbia physicians are all well mentioned.

It is a well-managed and organized portal for the physicians and surgeons and the public of British Columbia. The first registration or the renewal certificates under the health professions act of the College is all made less tedious with this portal.

All the necessary information is well placed and available on the site. Finding your relevant physician, family physician, or surgeon is more accessible. All the professional standards of health care and guidelines to practice medicine can be looked for here.

The website has an easy to use and browse interface working as a suitable college connector with the public of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The College of physicians and surgeons of British Columbia is a non-profit organization whose interests only lie in providing the standard and quality of care from the physicians to the patients of British Columbia. A lot of research is available under one banner, which is an excellent preview to look for your choice of doctor in a health profession.

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