Antique shop display at Souq Waqif, Doha Antique shop display at Souq Waqif, Doha

Calgary’s Treasures: Exploring the 5 Best Antique Stores

You can explore and shop at various vintage and antique stores in Calgary. The shops sell a wide range of vintage items. These include collectibles, home décor, jewelry, clothing, and furniture.

The antique stores in Calgary have something for everyone. They are the perfect place for you in case you are a collector.

You can also explore small shops or significant marketplaces. You can find unique artifacts from various eras. The antique shops in Calgary receive fresh merchandise weekly or daily. Also, some provide the option of online shopping.

Discovering Calgary’s Timeless Treasures

1. Iron Crow Antiques and Objects of Intrigue

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Iron Crow Antiques and Objects of Intrigue is one of Calgary’s best antique stores. This shop offers various old, attractive, and distinctive products.

You can find antique furniture, retro furnishings, collectibles, and other items there. Tools, outdoor equipment, automobiles, furniture of the house, and other things of fascination make up the collection.

It also specializes in collecting diverse objects which are of artistic and historical significance. You can also find decorations, including prints and paintings, engraved pieces, sculptures, glasswork, carvings, and much more.

The staff is knowledgeable and willing to share various stories and incidents related to the antiques. You should visit this place for an unforgettable experience.

2. Murphy’s Mid-Century

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Murphy’s Mid-Century is a popular destination for vintage enthusiasts.  It is one of the best antique stores in Calgary. They display various furniture items, including tables, cabinets, and lighting fixtures.

Murphy’s Mid Century is a veritable gold mine of mid-century modern delights. This specialty shop offers a beautiful collection of objects from the 1950s and 1960s.

Also, it is dedicated to mid-century modern furniture and decor. Their specialty includes refurbishing and restoring furniture.

The helpful staff show you around their inventory. They also assist you in finding the ideal item to add antique beauty to your room.

They are also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

3. Inside Avenue Antiques Inc.

On The Avenue Antiques

This antique store is known for its vintage clothing collection. They also have décor items, artwork, and various furniture items.

Art lovers will be interested in selecting paintings, sculptures, and prints. At the same time, vintage enthusiasts will explore the assortment of classic lamps, clocks, and decorative accents.

The staff is friendly and would love to tell you stories behind pieces. Their knowledge guarantees that you find the ideal antique and better understand its significance.

This is one of the best antique stores in Calgary. You will have a memorable experience with lots of learning there. It will leave you inspired and nostalgic.

4. Art of Vintage

Art of Vintage
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Art of Vintage is a shop with a wide variety of vintage items. It has a great collection of accessories, home décor, clothing, and much more. The store also offers a variety of fashion items that enable you to express your identity.

The shop takes pride in finding and selecting goods that capture the authentic spirit of vintage fashion. They also have typewriter collections and other collectibles. They add a beautiful touch to your home and give a vintage touch.

The experienced employees of Art of Vintage are enthusiastic about retro clothing and decor. They can share information and give stylistic suggestions.

Also, they tell the backstories of the objects in the store. You can discover the ideal vintage item that complements your taste.

Calgary Coin Gallery
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Calgary Coin Gallery is famous for its collection of coins and historical artifacts. It is one of the best antique stores in Calgary because of its extensive collection.

The space is beautifully designed with antique display cases. The gallery showcases an array of coins, such as gold and silver, from different eras and countries. Each item in the store has a story to tell.

The coins are also listed on the company’s website.

The staff provides valuable insights. Also, they are dedicated to introducing customers to the coins’ origins and significance.


1. Can I negotiate prices in the antique stores in Calgary?

Price negotiation is an everyday activity in antique stores in Calgary.

However, it also depends on the store’s policies and the specific item. Some stores may accept negotiations, while others may have fixed prices.

Nonetheless, you can inquire about negotiating the price if you are interested in an item.

2. Can I sell my work in antique stores in Calgary?

Many antique stores in Calgary purchase antiques from individuals. However, the store’s interest in buying your work will depend on factors.

It includes current inventory needs, the condition of your antiques, and their buying policies. It is also advisable to contact the stores in advance to inquire about their buying process.

3. How do I calculate the value of an antique item?

It can be complicated to determine an antique item’s worth. A few examples are age, condition, historical relevance, and market demand. It is advised to speak with antique experts as they can make an appropriate appraisal.

4. Are all the items in antique stores in Calgary genuine antiques?

Genuine antiques are usually defined as objects at least 100 years old. The majority of antique shops aim to sell authentic antiques.

Some shops might also feature vintage objects that are more recent. They still have sentimental value. Make sure to inquire about the authenticity and age of objects from the staff.


These were the five best antique stores in Calgary. In summary, these stores have a sizable collection of various vintage items. Each store has its unique collection. They provide a memorable and fascinating experience to all the visitors.

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