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A Waterpark inside a mall? Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well, Canada has one for you! The West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Western Canada, the second most visited mall in the country, is the perfect hotspot that has an indoor waterpark- The World Waterpark.

Waterparks are the coolest option to spend a holiday with your whole family and friends. The Wem Waterpark, exclusively, is one hell of a place to be in to enjoy to your fullest, making you not want to leave!

The place is packed with entertainment and fun activities for you to go the whole day without getting bored!

The Edmonton mall has endless attractions along with the waterpark like shopping centers, an indoor amusement park- Galaxyland as well as an Ice Palace with a figure skating rink, ice hockey area, and a venue for concerts and events such as the WFG Hockey Classic and the Edmonton Rock n’ Gem Show; making it a great place to hang out! Now, what else can one possibly need at a mall?

Moreover, the Wem Waterpark, which opened in 1986, has numerous interesting water slides and rides for all age groups.

A visit to the World Waterpark is definitely worth the while and would be an experience you will never forget!

5 Facts about the Wem Waterpark

So, if you are also an adrenaline junkie, stay hooked to find out 5 amazing facts about the Wem Waterpark to have the time of your life on your visit!

1. It is the second-largest Indoor Water park in North America

The Wem Waterpark is not only located inside the second most visited mall in Canada- West Edmonton Mall but is also the second-largest indoor waterpark in North America after the DreamWorks waterpark in New Jersey.

The address of the place is West Edmonton Mall, AB, T5T, 4M2, Canada. Here is the map for your convenience. 

With an area of 12 ha, the park has a footfall of close to 5.6 lacs per annum. The location is nearest to entry gate #50 of the mall.

Photo by Ollie Craig on Pexels

Parking Hours

Parking hours are 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. The timings are subject to change and are updated on the Wem Waterpark website. The toddler park timings are also different.

There is no waiting in lines on weekdays unlike on weekends, when it’s quite crowded. It is advised to make a trip to the park on weekdays to enjoy the play features better.

2. It has the Largest Indoor Wave Pool

The World Waterpark has the world’s largest indoor wave pool called Blue Thunder located in the tropical oasis and is one of the strongest attractions in the place with approximately 5-6 feet high waves.

With up to a capacity of 5,000 people, the pool has an average temperature of 88°F (31°C).

The design of the wave pool is inspired by the look of a beachside. Swimmers can choose to wallow in the shallow water or even glide through the waves at the deep end of the pool.

One can also choose to soar across the wave pool through the Skyflyer Zipline. A maximum of 4 people can ride on the zip line together.

Another fun fact about the wave pool is tubes! There is an option to carry or rent a tube for a relaxed experience, especially for the non-swimmers out there.

Wave pool
Photo by Mrkt on Pixabay

Having gone to the second-largest indoor waterpark with the world’s largest indoor wave pool is pretty cool and definitely, and you would want to cross that off your bucket list.

3. More Than 17 Unique Waterslides and Rides

World Waterpark, being one of the best waterparks out there, has not only five or six but 17 unique water slides and play features for a thrilling experience.

In total, there are 22 waterslides at the park. These are divided into beginner, intermediate, and extreme-level water rides.

Cyclone, Blue Bullet, and Twister are the most famous ones. The Cyclone is an 85-meter tall water slide opening the riders in a 360° loop before they shoot down into the water.

The Blue Bullet is one of the tallest water slides in the park, with steep and fast drops. The Twister is no less. It’s a classic water slide that twists and turns the riders until they end up in a splash pool.

Water rides like Sky Screamer, Nessie’s Revenge, Tropical Typhoon, and Tsunami are also thrill-worthy.

Rides for beginners like Dolphin Kiddie Pool and Splash Pad are ideal for kids to have fun.

Moreover, attractions like hot tubs, slider boarding, and 2 children’s areas with unlimited games are also present. The Wem Waterpark is a one-stop place fully loaded with excitement and good vibes.

Water slide
Photo by Jarmoluk on Pixabay

4. World Waterpark Guest Services and Rentals

The Wem Waterpark is one step ahead when it comes to providing all sorts of services for a great guest experience!

These are change rooms and restrooms, cabana rentals, ticketing stations, lockers, concession facilities, and amenity supply shacks.

One is required to take a quick shower in the changing rooms before entering the park to maintain sanitation and safety.

Rental spaces for cabanas, lounges, family hammocks, party rooms, and patios are available. For concessions, Beach View Bar, Tiki Snacks, Surf Side Grill, Beach View Snacks, and a Piña Colada Bar are there.

You are definitely going to want to crash at these places as the extreme hunger after being in the water is REAL.

Private, Coastal, Palm Cove, Poolside, and Piña Colada cabana rentals can be opted for.

The Sharky’s Supply Shack provides everything ranging from towels at $3, inner tubes, shower caps, free PFDs (life jackets), and swim diapers- all at a reasonable cost. Only splash cash is accepted for purchases at the shack.

Water tubes
Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels

The waterpark has the provision for lockers at a reasonable price for personal belongings like wallets, clothes, and mobile phones.

The electronic lockers are priced at $7 and can be opened as many times as one wants. Storage lockers are also available for rent.

Parking facilities are also provided at nominal rates in the World Waterpark, which is another attraction of this place.

The mall’s parking lot circles the whole building. Free on-site parking is available for over 20,000 vehicles.

5. Cashless Bookings and Entry Passes

World Waterpark is moving towards becoming a cashless park. It is highly recommended to book tickets online using the park’s Splash cash, which can be purchased on the website.

Only Splash cash or credit is accepted for availing all park facilities except for the amenity of lockers that accept cash.

The entry pass fee structure is based on the guest’s height-

  • General (122 cm or taller): $64 | Under 122 cm: $54 | Ages 2 & under FREE | Seniors aged 55 or above and guests with disabilities: $10 off on regular admission.
  • Other special passes are also available: Multi park pass: $169 for 2 consecutive days with all attractions| Weekday value pass: $45 for Monday-Thursday | Choice pass: $64 valid for one year from day of purchase. Multi-play passes for a week, 3 months, and 1 year can also be bought to enjoy the West Edmonton Mall’s attractions any time you want!

Park Rules

Sometimes, rules are also important when it comes to having fun. Some of the important rules and regulations of the park which need to be followed are-

  1. Outside eatables and alcoholic drinks are not allowed inside the park.

  2. Glasses aren’t allowed near the pool or in barefoot areas to maintain safety protocols.

  3. One must be 18 years or above in order to rent a space. On the misuse of rental space, the guest may be prosecuted. For identification purposes, a government-verified ID proof is required. 

  4. There are certain height restrictions posed to be eligible to go on some slides due to safety concerns.

  5. Drug use is prohibited inside the park as well as the West Edmonton Mall premises.

  6. The renters are held responsible for any damage caused by them to the rental space after the key has been issued to them till they return it.

  7. Rental space cannot be resold, transferred, or refunded once the payment is made.

  8. A cleansing shower before entry to the park is mandatory.

So these were 5 facts and rules one should know before visiting Wem Waterpark for a wonderful experience!

West Edmonton Mall Attractions

The perfect location of the World Waterpark inside the West Edmonton Mall gives it an edge over other waterparks, as the footfall is crazy!

The mall has many attractions, making it one of the best malls in the country, like-

  1. Galaxyland- Amusement Park

  2. World Waterpark

  3. Ice Palace- Arena for ice hockey, skating, concerts, and fundraising events.

  4. Dragon’s Tale- Mini Golf

  5. Birds of Paradise- Deep Sea Adventure Lake

  6. DRIVE! – Race Track

  7. Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf

  8. Alien Outbreak Escape Room

  9. Ed’s Bowling

  10. Marine Life

  11. Shopping centers

Details for each one of these are available on the West Edmonton Mall website.

Wrapping Up

So, wait no more; book your tickets to Wem Waterpark now and go on to create the most unforgettable memories of your life. Wem Waterpark, featuring winding corners and transparent and color-changing sections, is 50 ft tall and 450 ft long on average, and all water parks are worth enjoying.

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