Turquoise Tranquility: The 4 Best Activities at Turkey Point Provincial Park

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The Turkey Point Provincial Park is a recreational park in Turkey Point, Ontario. It is one of the most spectacular provincial parks in Ontario.

The Turkey Point Provincial Park is in operation starting from May to October.

It is great for a good half-day trip or a weekend getaway. Here is your guide to the Provincial Park, so you have just enough time to prepare for your trip to one of the best Ontario parks.

You just cannot miss the provincial parks on Vancouver Island.

1. Activities at Turkey Point Provincial Park

Enjoy the below-mentioned activities at Turkey Point Provincial Park during your visit.

1.1. Embrace the Beauty of Turkey Point Beach 

Turkey Point Beach

Among many other outdoor attractions is Turkey Point Beach, located on Lake Erie. The beach is almost two kilometers long. It is great for a swim on sunny days.

If you do not like to swim, it is also a great place to lie in your beach chair, watch the younger children play around with the beach sand, and plan for your next delicious meal at the best nearby restaurants at Turkey Point Provincial Park.

The waves are calm and shallow, so Turkey Point Beach is a fantastic option for families with young children. The soft sand is ideal for sandcastle construction.

There are no entrance fees because this beach is open to the public. Simply appear and take pleasure in your day at Turkey Point Beach. Parking can be a huge concern here if you don’t reach early due to limited parking space.

If you are planning a weekend getaway to the Tukey Point Provincial Park, there is a beautiful beach house across Turkey Point Beach.

1.1.1 The Lakefront Beach House 

A lovely, completely refurbished beach bungalow named The White House is across the street from Turkey Point Beach. It is a great place to stay with your family and friends.

The sandy beach is so close to the White House that you can leave your kids sleeping while you explore the beachside shops, eat sumptuous local food early in the morning, and experience nearby attractions at the Turkey Point Provincial Park.

Together with the ideal location, the apartment has a fully furnished kitchen, a flat-screen smart TV, and cabinets stocked with board games.

You can spend your days lounging on the front patio, reading a book, or conversing with fellow vacationers on the back deck.

A spacious patio set, a small propane BBQ, a campfire, and a fully walled backyard exist. Of course, the beach is super close to the beach house.

Also, there is enough space on-site to park automobiles. The location at Turkey Point Provincial Park is ideal for lodging.

1.2. Camping 

One of the most popular Turkey Point things is camping. There are two ways you can camp at Turkey Point Provincial Park.

One is car camping, and the other is group camping. Be careful while camping, as there are chances of a change in the weather at any time of the day.

(a) Car Camping 

There are 26 pull-through campsites available at Turkey Point Provincial Park. 15- and 30-amp electric power is available at over half of the campsites.

The campgrounds have a good fire pit placement.

Turkey Point Beach Nature Escape
Image Source: Turkey Point Provincial Park

(b) Group Camping 

You can also traditionally camp at Turkey Point. There are three group camping areas at Turkey Point Provincial Park.

The largest can accommodate 40-50 people and is located north of the park, whereas the second and third areas can fit 20-30 people in the park’s south end.

There is a designated space for toilets. All three areas have fire pits and picnic tables.

Some Things To Do While Camping At Turkey Point Provincial Park

Camping is one of the tourist favorites of Turkey Point’s outdoor activities. There is a bunch of stuff that you can do at the highly supervised campground at Turkey Point Provincial Park.

You can use the fire pit lots to set up your campfire using wood from the hardwood forest. Make sure you handle the campfire wood with care.

While camping, you can set up your tent and dining shelter, have a BBQ with the natural beauty surrounding you, and gather for Saturday group dinner.

You can also enjoy the pristine beauty by listening to a traditional song sung by a resident. It would be ridiculous if you didn’t have fun with your family and friends at such an exotic location.

Be sure to keep the site clean and pick up all the beer bottle caps from the previous night to make the work easier for the cleaning guy. You could face the consequences of littering, as decided by the park warden and the park’s authorities.

1.3. Hiking 

One of the reasons the Provincial Park is famous is the hiking trails. The Three hiking trails at Turkey Point are the Lookout Bluff Trail, the Fin and Feather, and the Oak Savannah Trail.

The Lookout Bluff and the Oak Savannah are short hiking trails, while the Fin and Feather Trail is moderately long. Hiking leads to a hatchery pond.

Hike at Turkey Point
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

The Lookout Bluff Trail is a 2.2 km route around the forest. The hide leads to a viewpoint called Long Point Bay. Hiking is the most popular outdoor adventure at Turkey Point Provincial Park.

The Oak Savannah Trail is a popular choice among parents visiting with their kids as it is a short 1km hike.

The Fin and Feather Trail is slightly longer than the others, leading one to the Normandale fish culture station.

1.4. Turkey Point Boat Tours and Fishing at the Provincial Park

Turkey Point beach, Ontario - Lovely village on the shores of Lake Erie

The Turkey Point Provincial Park does not have boat services, but boat rentals are readily available for a tour around Lake Erie.

Close to the fishing and boating area is also a space for younger kids to play around. On the boat ride, you can observe Turkey Point’s nature, the flora, fauna, coral sand beaches, etc.

Fishing is another popular activity among visitors of Turkey Point Provincial Park. Tourists can fish along the shore. There are many fishing charters available at Turkey Point that provide guided tours and equipment rental.

You may also fish from the shore or use a boat to explore the lake. Some boats can be rented at Turkey Point.

People who are fishing on boats are advised to fish at Long Point Bay. The species of fish include walleye, perch, bass, and trout.

1.5. Other Activities at and About the Turkey Point Provincial Park

The only park in Ontario featuring a golf course is the Turkey Point Provincial Park. The golf course at the Provincial Park is a public one and, therefore, welcomes visitors.

The golf course at Turkey Point Provincial Park has nine holes.

If you’re feeling brave at the Turkey Point Provincial Park, numerous outdoor activities are available. Close by is Long Point Eco Adventures.

The adventure sports available include zipline and canopy tours and water sports. There are also provisions for looking at the stars at night.

Golf Course at Turkey Point Provincial Point
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Some famous restaurants near the Turkey Point Provincial Park will serve you the best local delicacies.

Some include ‘Sandbar on the Beach,’ ‘The Jetty Bar and Grill‘ and ‘Blue Skies Chicken and Fries.’

Some wineries and breweries can be visited near the Turkey Point Provincial Park. One of the breweries present is the Charlotteville Brewing Company in St. Williams.

They have a patio that welcomes the general public in the summer.

2. Plan Your Trip Today!

There are ample activities one can do at Turkey Point Provincial Park. The article has listed down just a few.

A weekend getaway to the exotic Turkey Point beach house, a warm and cozy camping trip, swimming, golf, adventure sports, hiking trails, and biking, the Turkey Point Provincial Park has everything.

The Provincial Park will ensure a fairly private weekend away from the world. You can travel alone, with your lover, family, or friends. You won’t be bored or disappointed no matter who you go with.

The best time to visit is in the fall. Hiking would be fun with the crunchy yellow and orange leaves under your shoes while the wind blows through your hair. It will be an experience you want to keep going back to!

Carry bug spray, a first aid kit, and a sleeping bag if you go camping.

If you plan to swim, carry dry napkins, sunscreen, dry towels, and a change of clothes. Remember to carry your fishing license and equipment.

Do not litter the beaches or the campsite; you might have to face the park wardens.

Plan your visit to Turkey Point Provincial Park now. The park is mostly reserved months in advance. Book here before it’s too late and delight in your family’s visit.

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