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Edmonton is the largest northernmost metropolis and capital city of Alberta. Apart from being known for its culture, history, and natural beauty, it is also famous for its food. The city prides itself in hosting some of the best restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and local breweries.

As someone rightly said food is the universal binder that connects people and brings them together regardless of their culture, ethnicity, and religion. The people of Edmonton are very proud of the city’s food scene. So here we are going to look at some of the best restaurants in Edmonton.

Best Restaurants in Edmonton

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1. The Marc

The restaurant owned by Patrick Saurette and Doris Saurette was opened in 2010 at Cross Street. The place has a relaxing environment with a casual vibe and very friendly and professional service.

The restaurant has a classic French menu and comprises simple items with unique twists. The menu also includes special vegetarian, glutton-free, and vegan diets.

One can enjoy scrumptious dishes from their meticulously planned lunch menu and dinner menu. Some of the must-try dishes are duck confit, salad nicoise, cream caramel, steak, and escargot.

The restaurant has been awarded the “Best Steak” award by Avenue Magazine and is among Edmonton’s Top Three dining experiences. The customers can enjoy delicious food while being seated on its patio or may enjoy the outside seating arrangement.

Few upcoming events planned here include Sunday Supper Club on May 22 and Spring ‘in Paris’.

2. The Lingnan

The Lingnan, situated on 97street and Jasper Avenue, was started by the Quon brothers in 1947. This is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Edmonton.

The main cuisine is Chinese and it specializes in authentic and traditional Chinese dishes prepared with fresh, delicious, and high-quality ingredients that suit western tastes.

The charm of the place is the decorative lanterns, lamps, and chandeliers that are influenced by Chinese culture. Apart from the owners who are always present to oversee everything the staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Some must-try and flavorsome dishes include Peaches and Cream Shrimp, Spicy dry chicken, Peking duck, egg rolls, rice noodles, Kung pao chicken, and mini Chinese donuts. They also have some delectable glutton-free options like Imperial peppercorn beef and mandarin shrimp.

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3. Allegro Italian Kitchen

This is one of the finest fine dining restaurants for authentic Italian cuisine downtown just right off Jasper Avenue in Edmonton Started in 2002 by Rico and Jack, and the place prepares daily meals from scratch using the freshest, unadulterated, and seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant has both inside dining and patio dining. The interiors are in red, white, and black with quiet music playing in the background. The place also has live piano music.

Calamari in tomato sauce, lasagna, penne la diablo, pasta dishes, cannelloni, and Tiramisu are some of the ambrosial options that one must try from a very extensive seasonal menu. This is one of the top restaurants in Edmonton for Italian cuisine.

4. Khazana

Khazana was opened in December 1998 and since then has showcased India’s rich culinary heritage through its delicious traditional dishes. The aroma of spices engulfs the senses as you enter the restaurant.

This is an award-winning restaurant that has won numerous awards like Consumer Choice Award and Golden Fork Award. This restaurant is among the top 100 restaurants in Canada and is also mentioned in the two top restaurants in Edmonton. This place boasts a clientele ranging from leading politicians, celebrities, Hollywood stars, and ministers.

The cuisine here is Indian/Asian and also includes various vegetarian, glutton-free, and vegan options. Khazana has also launched its brand of beer. Some of its most interesting food dishes are Tandoori dishes, Hara bhara kebab, Hyderabadi biryani, Goan fish curry, and Daal kahzana.

The restaurant uses traditional clay ovens to barbeque and grill. People can enjoy their meals sitting beside the fireplaces and enjoying live music.

5. Padmanadi

This restaurant started in Indonesia in the 1970s and Edmonton in 2002 and has branches in both downtown and southside Edmonton. Padmanadi is a must-try place for vegetarians and vegans.

Even meat lovers find it hard to believe that the chicken, prawns, beef, and everything served here is plant-based.

Customers can relish their meals sitting beside a big buddha statue that occupies the center place and is surrounded by fresh plants and flowers. The interiors are bright and airy with a very friendly and courteous staff.

The menu is extensive including many options ranging from starters, soups, vegetable dishes, tofu dishes, and vegetarian meat dishes.

Few must-try divine vegetarian options are eggplant omelet, rice pudding, spicy string beans, padmanadi vegetable deluxe, wontons, soy chai latte, cupcake, and cheesecake.

6. Golden Rice Bowl

Golden Rice Bowl was established in 1975 . This place has also been awarded” Best Dim Sum” in Edmonton. This place is famous for its yummy food and drinks. The restaurant is perfect for family and friends to get together.

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The restaurant’s cuisine includes some ambrosial dishes like dim sum, curry squid, lobster with rice, shrimp eggplant, cashew beef, mango dessert, and mouth-watering sustainable seafood. Their uniqueness lies in the bamboo baskets/steamers in which food is served.

7. Cafe Mosaics

This Cafe was started in the 1990s by a local family and specializes in American/North American cuisines. The place has a cozy atmosphere, and friendly and courteous staff serving delicious and healthy plant-based food that is of great quality.

Most of the food and drinks are made in-house and care is taken to provide delicious meals without compromising the taste buds. The interior also includes repurposed and affordable items. Customers can enjoy their meals while listening to good live music.

People can relish their delicious breakfast bowl, tiramisu, Ceasar salad, potato latkes, vegetable burgers, pho with extra veggie, fresh juices, and mint tea. The dishes here have lovely colors, and an amazing presentation style, and serve with loads of love and warmth.

8. Sabor Restaurant

Sabor was opened in 2008 by childhood friends Christian Mena and Adelino Oliveira. This restaurant specializes in seafood, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese cuisine. The extensive menu here includes seafood, meat, vegetarian, and glutton-free options.

This local place is Oceanwise Certified for the most sustainable seafood menu. Customers can enjoy a high-end dining experience in an exquisite and romantic atmosphere. The food here is awesome and the staff is highly professional and serves the customers with the utmost respect.

Customers can enjoy their flavorful delicacies like lamb rack, bacon-wrapped dates, lobster, octopus, risotto, seafood, and meat platter with sides and sauces, and mixed desserts. Sabor also specializes in handcrafted cocktails at their BODEGA Tapas Bar.

9. Haweli Indian Kitchen And Bar

The owner of Haweli is Ramesh Devangodi who himself is a professional chef and hails from the south of India. The restaurant has branches downtown as well as south common. The interiors are luxurious with exceptionally fresh food from different cuisines of India.

Customers can taste different flavors of India from their amazing delicacies of butter chicken, saffron rice, a lamb dish, tandoori chicken, popcorn chicken, a spicy fish dish, and mango pudding accompanied by a fine collection of wines and drinks.

10. Blue Orchid Chinese Restaurant

Blue Orchid is located at Jasper Avenue in Edmonton and has been a cornerstone of this community. It is known for its delectable Chinese dishes and for giving a modern twist to classical Chinese cuisine.

People can enjoy finger-licking meals and some great dishes like peaches and shrimp dishes, ginger beef, egg rolls, pork belly, deep-fried pork chop, beef brisket with rice rolls, wonton soup, and green onion cakes in their dining room.

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11. Vaticano Cucina

Established in 2017 this is a premier Italian restaurant located in the city of Edmonton. The restaurant serves high-quality food that not only is delicious and flavorsome but also very visually appealing. Almost everything served here is handmade and is a must-visit for an intimate experience.

This restaurant famous for its fresh pasta-tasting menu and wood-fired pizzas. A few of the delectable dishes are St.Francis pizza( which is a mix of fresh figs, goat cheese, and onion jams), pasta served with creamy cheese and egg sauce, and the signature dish of Gnocchi Bosaciola with wild mushroom and cream sauce, St.benedict pizza (with red pepper, olives, ham).

Some delightful beverages like Raspberry vodka mojito and Vaticano sunset which are also my personal favorite can be tried from a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

12. Loma House

Loma House was established in 2010 and is a family-owned fine vegetarian and vegan dining restaurant   The restaurant serves vegetarian cuisines and uses meat substitutes that are derived from soybeans.

The cuisine is inspired by Chinese flavors and dishes to give vegetarian meals a unique flavor. Several appetizing dishes from this place are BBQ flavored drumsticks served with sweet chili dipping, soy nuggets, veggie spring rolls, Asian tacos(crisp wonton wrapper filled with soy, pepper, carrot, and lettuce), bao buns, baked beans, ramen noodle soup, red curry mutton, and vegan-friendly clay pot.

13. Tang Bistro

This Bistro combines northwest Chinese cuisines that are traditional but the flavors are altered to suit western tastes. Dishes are inspired by northwest china and are different from typical Chinese dishes served at other restaurants.

The best part of this place is the bright and large dining room and the pictured menu which makes ordering easy.

Special big plate chicken (with potatoes, onion, green pepper, and hand-pulled noodles) a signature dish, Liang pi(cold noodles), bean sprouts with gluten, BBQ lamb skewers, tapa noodles, and dumplings are a few of the scrumptious dishes available here.

Customers can also choose from a wide variety of drinks, cocktails, beers, and wines. For dessert deep fried stuffed rice balls are a must-try.

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14. Uccellino

Uccellino is a nice cozy place with modern decor and a warm comforting atmosphere serving Italian cuisine. This place is perfect for a date night or any celebration with family and friends.

Some mouth-watering delicacies served here are ricotta ravioli, fresh pasta with varied flavors, potato gnocchi ,bistecca, arancini, pork sausage, and delicious chocolate cake.

The restaurant also has a tasting menu available every night. The staff is very attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. The wine selection pairs well with the dishes and the wine list are exclusively Italian.

15. RGE RD

This place explores the flavors and tastes of Canadian food. The ingredients are locally sourced from small farmers and producers and the menu is seasonal depending upon the availability of spices, fruits, and vegetables.

The restaurant was opened in 2013 and is a hidden gem with earthy interiors and use of wooden furniture.

Several dishes that are a hit with customers are potato perogies, kitchen board, seared sablefish(with wild rice, caramelized carrot, puffed sorghum), beef tartars, and a signature dish called road trip( this is a multi-course blind tasting journey comprising classic to modern dishes).

16. Namaste India

This is an East Indian Restaurant in Edmonton with branches in the Castle down, Northside, Whyte avenue, Westend, and Downtown. The customers call it a hidden gem for authentic Indian cuisines.

The beautifully colored and fresh-looking meals include vegetable biryani, Lamb lababdar(with silky sauce and incredible spices and flavors), butter chicken, beef samosa, mango prawn, vegetable korma, and incredibly delightful gulab jamun(in dessert).

17. Ragazzi Bistro

Ragazzi Bistro has been serving Edmonton since the 1970s and is owned by the Mazzotta family which is renowned for making world-class pizzas. The bistro infuses Italian cuisine with refined flavors, style, and elegance.

People can relish pasta, pizzas, and entrees sitting in their comfortable and inviting interiors. Spaghetti Carbonara, Penne All Arrabbiata, Davide’s Inferno, The Bronx and Gelato .To end the meal some tempting Italian Tiramisu or assorted cakes are worth trying.

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18. Jumbo Dim Sum Dining

This is a perfect destination for traditional Chinese dishes and dimsums in Edmonton. The dishes are exquisite and cooked to perfection.The servers are attentive and courteous which elevates the whole dining experience.

Some of the most appetizing dishes from this restaurant are black beans spare rib, dumplings, deep-fried chicken wings, stir fry mixed, honey and garlic spareribs, steamed BBQ pork buns along with a variety of beverages.

19. Dorinku

Dorinku was opened in 2016 to bring Tokyo street food with a creative twist to the people of Edmonton. It is not a regular fine dining place for Japanese food but gives a taste of the authentic dishes from the street food in Japan.

One can get the taste of flavourful takoyaki, sashimi, miso ramen, shaka-shaka fries, pressed cold salmon, tuna tataki, Japanese whiskey, and Tokyo cocktails among many of their irresistible dishes.

The interiors are decorated with paper lanterns, Japanese cartoon figurines, and manga. There is also a mock Tokyo bus stop and Japanese vending machine to make customers feel that they are visiting a restaurant in actual Tokyo.

20. Guru Restaurant

Guru is a fine dining Indian restaurant that offers a classic and contemporary ambiance. Dishes are an amalgamation of fresh ingredients and spices that are presented in a very innovative way.

Some must-try delectable dishes are tandoori chicken, chana masala, lamb masala, guru street food, beef korma, and fresh clay oven naan. The beverages like gin blossom and berry mojito are also very soothing and tasty.

The dishes are outstanding and the explosion of various flavors makes the whole experience very enjoyable. The servers are very attentive and not intrusive. The perfectly lit interiors along with light music elevate the whole mood.

21. The Buckingham

This is a great place to hang out with a dance floor, live music, an outdoor patio, and a haven for vegetarians and vegans.

The food is phenomenal with a wide variety to choose from garlic fries, different flavored wings, fried chicken, pineapple chipotle burger, fried avocado tacos, fish sandwiches, garden salad, and many more.

The craft beers are amazing along with the very helpful and trained staff.

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22. La Ronde

Counted as one of the best restaurants this is a premier fine dining and the only Revolving Restaurant in Edmonton that specializes in freshly prepared in-house desserts.

Customers can enjoy their pan-seared crab cakes, artisan baby greens, roasted garlic prawns, lentil ragout in French inspired interiors, and a luxurious atmosphere along with a sip of local beer and wine from the local wineries.

23. Bistro Praha

The Bistro is located in the Empire Building in the heart of the business center in the city of Edmonton and is a pioneer of Czech cuisine and European classics.

The Bistro has been running for the last 40 years and almost every celebrity who came to Edmonton has visited this place.

Schnitzel, goulash, smoked pork shoulder, fried cheese with potato salad, escargot, strawberry crepe, zin wine, and Czech beer are some of the delicious items that are a must-have.

Impeccable friendly service along with perfectly cooked food is what makes this place phenomenal.

24. Old Spaghetti Factory

The business was founded in 1969 and has many branches around the world. It is family owned and operated business. The restaurant has two branches, one downtown and the other in West Edmonton Mall.

The place is renowned for its all-inclusive three-course meal that includes hot and freshly baked bread, soup/green salad, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream or its signature spumoni.

Among the several dishes served here chicken caesar salad, baked lasagna, chicken marsala, white clam sauce, and potpourri are outstanding. The restaurant also has a special all-inclusive kids’ menu and gluten-friendly dishes.

They have an amazing variety of shakes and beverages along with desserts. Newyork cheesecake and orange cream shake are a must-try.

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25. Woodwork

Woodwork is located in the Mcleod building in downtown Edmonton and specializes in Canadian cuisine. The restaurant is passionate about wood-fired cooking and barrel-aged spirits. The place has an open kitchen concept along with perfect lighting and great music.

This is a perfect place for a snack and cocktail. The menu option is limited but a very extensive wine and cocktail collection.

Patrons can have brussels sprouts, steak tartar, fried chicken, oysters, and cheese plate along with their favorite alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverage.

26. Normand Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants located at Jasper Avenue and serves Canadian cuisine and has been serving the people of Edmonton for the last 30 years.

The seafood selection of this place is amazing and they serve extravagant and timeless food. This is a cozy little restaurant with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Each day at least one wild game dish is offered. The menu also has special diets that are vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free.

Lobsters, shrimps, eggs benedict, Foie Gras butter, chocolate mousse, and creme caramel are several of the flavorful dishes. The place has a wonderful regional cuisine menu.

27. Sofra Turkish Restaurant and Wine Cellar

The restaurant is a pioneer in bringing the rich history and flavors of Turkey to Edmonton. People can have a taste of Mediterranean, Turkish, and middle eastern cuisines along with beverages from the wine bar.

The restaurant has won the ‘Golden Fork Award and has also been featured on the Food Network ‘You Gotta Eat Here’.

Sofra Turkish Restaurant and Wine Cellar
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Apricots stuffed with cheese, Kale Mantar(mushroom stuffed with goat cheese, eggplant, and vegetables), grilled tiger prawns, pita, lambs, and prawns are some of the delightful dishes of Turkish cuisine that are soulful.

Closing Thoughts

The city of Edmonton is renowned for the unique culinary experience that it offers to people visiting it.

Whether you are in the mood of cheese burger poutine, grilled chicken, french food like cream stuffed french toast, korean fried chicken or fried chicken skins, ramen noodle dishes, smoked chicken, seafood paella or any classic dishes, these best restaurants in edmonton excellent fine dining experience.

Hope the article will help find the best restaurant for satiating your taste buds whenever you visit this beautiful place.

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