Craving French Cuisine:10 Best French Restaurants in Vancouver

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Are you a fan of delicious French cuisine and looking for the best French restaurants in Vancouver?  You have come to the right place as this article includes the top 10 best French restaurants that you should not miss if you are on a tour or a resident in Vancouver.

10 Best French Restaurants in Vancouver

1. L’Abattoir Restaurant

Cuisines of L’ Abattoir

Cuisines served in this restaurant include French, European, Canadian, and Contemporary.

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About L’Abattoir

L’Abattoir is situated in the focal point of Gastown between noteworthy Gaoler’s Mews and Blood Alley.

Initially, buttressed to the city’s famous butchery and meatpacking region, the name L’Abattoir gives proper respect to the area’s beautiful past.

Culinary specialist/Owner Lee Cooper is devoted to featuring better eating and savoring L’Abattoir’s educated yet homey atmosphere, with his French-propelled Pacific North West admission. L’Abattoir is open every day for dinner as well as for a weekend brunch with world-class French cuisine.

Features of L’Abattoir

The restaurant has comfortable seating arrangements, a complete bar to serve alcohol, local wines and beer, reservation facilities, a private dining area, free wi-fi, and table services. One doesn’t have to worry if he is not carrying cash because the restaurant accepts credit cards as well.

Special Diets of the Restaurant

  • Vegetarian friendly.
  • Gluten-free dishes.

Reviews of the Restaurant

Some say that the restaurant has incredible cuisine, attentive services, and an amazing ambiance, while some of them think that it is ridiculously expensive. Therefore, there is a mixture of responses about this restaurant.

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2. Le Crocodile

Cuisines of Le Crocodile’sCuisines served in this restaurant include French, and European.

About Le Crocodile’s

Le Crocodile’s story started in Strasbourg, France, where Chef/Owner Michel Jacob was conceived. As a student under Chef J.Letzer of Zimmer, Michel and his kindred cooks were regularly taken to cafés for a firsthand encounter of the neighborhood eating scene like braised short rib, poached egg, duck breast, and other well-prepared dishes.

At some point, Chef Letzer took the whole unit to Restaurant Au Crocodile. The culinary specialists were served an impeccably delicious feast. The dish was used to be something that they had never seen or tasted in their lives.

Gourmet expert, E.Jung turned into his ‘motivational culinary coach’. In 1984, Chef Michel opened his own restaurant Le Crocodile in Vancouver with classic French cuisine. Initially, it was situated on Homer Street, they at once bought consideration and needed to move to the bigger current area.

And after thirty years, with a part of the first staff still there, the people of Vancouver are thankful to have one of the city’s most acclaimed and visited restaurants.

Features of Le Crocodile’s

The restaurant has reservation facilities, cozy seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, a full bar to serve alcohol, after-hour services, and different table services. It serves both lunch and dinner. It also accepts credit cards and one can grab gift cards while paying.

Special Diets of the Restaurant

  • Vegetarian friendly.
  • Gluten-free options.

Reviews about the Restaurant

About Le Crocodile, some customers say that it has great food, but average services, while the others tempt to visit this place and taste the French menu by saying that it serves the best dinner in Vancouver as it is an exceptional French bistro.

3. Jules Bistro

Cuisines of Jules BistroCuisines served in this restaurant are French and European.

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About Jules Bistro

Emmanuel’s expert vocation started as a student at gourmet specialist Rene Villard’s café Chateau Bourgogne in Dijon. Here, he mastered the abilities, he was expected to go out all alone and in 1984 he opened his first French bistro in quite a while old neighborhood.

The bistro turned into one of the well-known Parisian cafes, yet as Emmanuel’s family developed, he put his focus on another city. They migrated to Vancouver in 2000 and Emmanuel ended up opening Jules Bistro in 2007.

Jules Bistro is the encapsulation of Emmanuel’s carefully prepared profession as a classic French dishes expert. His menu merges the kinds of French classics with a West Coast style, presenting true, customary French dishes and everyday specials using new, and neighborhood fixings.

An authentic French restaurant experience in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver BC. The restaurant is found on Abbott Street between Water and Cordova Street, offers a quaint ambiance and delicious French food at an affordable price.

Features of Jules Bistro

The restaurant is equipped with reservation facilities, outdoor and indoor seating arrangements,  wheelchair accessibility, a bar to serve alcohol, after-hours services, and varied table services. Everything is served in a friendly and affordable price range.

Special Diets

  • Vegetarian-friendly dishes.
  • Gluten-free food.

Reviews about the Restaurant

Some customers have reviewed this restaurant by saying that they had a disappointing evening, while others say that it is a very nice, little French restaurant and they always look forward to it.

4. Au Comptoir

Cuisines of Au ComptoirThe restaurant serves different dishes of French and European cuisine.

About Au Comptoir

Their menus change with seasons to feature the abundance of unimaginable products that their nearby cultivators bring to them. The enthusiastic group in the kitchen, driven by Chef Daniel McGee and Sous-Chef Matt Eaton make a solid effort to grandstand their aggregate abilities and vision. Therefore, the making of traditional French dishes is set up in exemplary French strategy.

The waiters at Au Comptoir give an encounter dissimilar to some others in the city. The Pastry Chef, Julian Salomoni places a great deal of affection into the baked goods and treats – an ideal method for beginning your morning or ending your dinner.

Features of Au Comptoir

The restaurant provides relaxing seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, a full bar to serve alcohol, and different table services. It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch to the visitors.

Special Diets

  • Vegetarian-friendly dishes.
  • Gluten-Free Options.

Reviews about the Restaurant

Some customers say that this French bistro offers exceptional and mouth-watering items on its menu and provides services that are superior to all around.

5. Linh Café

Cuisines The restaurant serves dishes in French, Asian, and Vietnamese cuisine to the customers.

About Linh Cafe

The Linh Café has a family-style restaurant atmosphere in delightful Vancouver, BC to serve classic French dishes. The menu is a mixture of what happens when you combine traditional French and modern Vietnamese cooking.

Tai decided to settle in Vancouver in the year 2001. He decided to take ahead his affection for dishes from France. He gained experience at the honor-winning French eatery L’Emotion, where he was assisted by Executive Chef Jean-Yves Benoit. He also worked at the eminent restaurant of France, La Régalade before heading to Mistral French Bistro (Kitsilano), joining him with Chef Benoit.

Tai rejoined Café Régalade beside Steeve Rayé in Kitsilano in the year 2011. During the following year, Tai became a part of the group of Chef Thierry Busset at Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe to gain more experience and generate a good ability till 2014.

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Features of the Restaurant

The restaurant provides takeout services, reservation facilities, parking areas, street parking facilities, availability of high chairs, wheelchair accessibility, a bar to serve alcohol, wine, and beer, comfortable seating arrangements, and table services. One can also get a chance to win gift cards at the time of making payment.

Special Diets 

  • Vegetarian-friendly dishes.

Reviews about the Restaurant

While one customer says that the cafe has good food, the other one says that the cafe has overpriced greasy food.

6. Les Faux Bourgeois

Cuisines The restaurant serves dishes of French and European cuisines.

About Les Faux Bourgeois

Les Faux Bourgeois is a bustling bistro with classic French recipes like duck confit & steak frites. It serves local wines as well on the French table, labeling itself as the best French restaurant in Vancouver.

Recent awards and nominations won by the Bistro in 2021 are Vancouver’s only best bistro, 2nd place (tie) in best continental, and a runner-up in Best Fraser Street (Neighborhood) Restaurant- Golden Plates 2021.

Features of the Restaurant

The restaurant has reservation facilities, cozy seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, a full bar to serve alcohol, and different table services for the customers. It serves dinner and has after-hours services.

Special Diets 

  • Vegetarian-friendly dishes.
  • Gluten-free options.

Reviews about the Restaurant

Customers have reviewed this restaurant as a restaurant with a good atmosphere, French food, and services. Some have given it a tag of ‘one of the affordable French Restaurants’ and has become its regular customers.

7. La Baguette et Compagnie

Cuisines The restaurant prepares and serves food of French and European cuisine.

About La Baguetter et Compagnie 

Established in 2009, this is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver. La Baguette et Compagnie is a French-possessed pastry shop and bistro.

The craftsman has baked goods, cakes, pies, and bread made on-site the very day, by a group of culinary specialists and bakers, who make progress towards reliable quality and rich flavor. Every single item is ready with absolute attention given to the details to guarantee the best texture and taste for the customers to appreciate.

Features of the Restaurant 

The restaurant lays down takeout services, homelike seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, and other services. It provides breakfast as well as lunch to the customers.

Reviews about the Restaurant 

Some customers have a complaint about the restaurant that it provides bad customer services, while the others are quite impressed by flaky, and buttery croissant yum.

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8. La Cigale French Bistro

CuisinesThe restaurant serves dishes of French and European cuisine.

About La Cigale

La Cigale French Bistro serves unpretentious French food and is situated along 4th Avenue, in Vancouver’s Kitsilano area. Previously it was known as Bistrot Bistro.

La Cigale, situated in the core of Kitsilano is believed to give a remarkable eating experience- famous for a comfortable climate, bilingual assistance-centered staff, and luscious French cuisine.

Gourmet specialist, Jason Daniel was traditionally used to preparing French food at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and now brings his enthusiasm for cooking and gives a remarkable encounter back home to Vancouver.

Features of the Restaurant 

The restaurant has reservation facilities, seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, a bar to serve alcohol, and other table services. One can visit this restaurant for having lunch, dinner, brunch, and after-hour services.

Reviews about the Restaurant

A happy customer reviews the bistro as a restaurant having excellent food and great atmosphere, while the other found it to be a disappointing restaurant.

9. Absinthe Bistro


The restaurant prepares food of French and European cuisine.

About Absinthe Bistro

Absinthe Bistro offers exemplary French cooking on the commercial drive – open for dine-in. It is owned and run by a family- carrying new and flavorful French food to Vancouver.

Cory went to the Culinary School, Paul Bocuse. After two years, he moved to Paris, where he had an amazing chance to work for Chef Michel Rostang. After living in France for more than 6 years, Cory got back to his natal Vancouver to seek his fantasy about opening a restaurant.

Features of the Restaurant

This no-smoking restaurant provides gift Cards, reservation facilities, outdoor seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, a bar to serve alcohol, wine, and beer, street parking, and accepts credit cards.

Special Diets 

  • Gluten-free options.

Reviews about the Restaurant 

Some customers have said that the restaurant is disappointing, but some who have tasted the French cuisine have said that they have loved this restaurant and are planning to become its regular customers.

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10. Tableau Bar Bistro

CuisinesThe chefs of the restaurant prepare food in French, European, and Canadian cuisine.

About Tableau Bar Bistro

Tableau Bar Bistro is an honor-winning area bar bistro that is well known to the local people and visitors, contiguous to the inn hall. The menu offers the present interpretation of conventional French restaurant food, made by the capable culinary group of Tableau Bar Bistro.

Features of the Restaurant

It has takeout services, a space for private dining, reservation facilities, seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, a bar to serve alcohol, wine, and beer, availability of high chairs, free wi-fi, and other table services. It offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, drinks, and after-hours services.

Special Diets

  • Vegetarian friendly.
  • Gluten-free options.

Closing Thoughts

These French restaurants received review that say; they has a creative and appealing menu, cozy room, excellent services, but the price range from too high to cheap, depending on what you get. Some have said that it has great, consistent, and classic French dishes.

If you are someone who just wanna enjoy classic french cuisine like french onion soup with french toast or wanna try out modern french cuisine like foie gras, or just relax on a paris themed cafe in french cultural center then these are the best french restaurants in vancouver for you,

Let it be East Vancouver or North Vancouver, you will find your way to the best French restaurants in Vancouver for amazing mouthwatering French delicious food.

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