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23 Best Burlington Patio Restaurants to Explore

Burlington patio restaurants, ever heard of them? If not, let’s check out one of the best in town.

Seated at a patio table in this gastropub’s backyard beer garden, accompanied by blooming herbs and plants, sounds amazing. You can find many secluded courtyards or restaurants to spend a beautiful getaway with your family and friends. 

As summer approaches, deciding what to do first is difficult: cook a pleasant lunch with friends or lounge in the glorious sunshine. Whether this issue is a struggle for you, you’re in for good fortune: visitors can put two and two together by dining at one of the many outdoor eateries around Burlington.

Humans are here to keep you up to speed on the latest restaurant innovations and assist you with the most extraordinary food quality possible. We’ve compiled a list of the top restaurants in Burlington that provide outdoor seating.

Patio restaurants
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1. Tavern in the Square

The Tavern in the Square, located across the parking lot from Burlington Mall, is the best location to chill out and unwind. It assures its visitors of fresh cuisine created from local sources that are delicious. You may find a variety of foods at reasonable prices.

Lunch cuisines are available, including smoked wings or even desserts like Apple Cobbler Cheesecake and Cannoli Napoleon.

Youngsters’ and children’s favorite foods, such as macaroni and cheese or fish and chips are well served.  Restaurant in the Square is one big hub where you may go for a light lunch with friends or have a wonderful evening with group members on their patio.

2. Redstone American Grill

Redstone American Grill is a new, stylish grill establishment ideal for private and formal occasions. The restaurant is happy to provide a diverse menu that includes everything from hamburgers to smoked salmon platters and wood-fired meats.

Unless you’re looking for food items, try the wonderful Oyster & Shrimp Benedict, or go for something healthful and lightweight with their salad dressings: Tuna Poked Bowl and Chicken Chopped Salad.

Purchasing an Asian cuisine like Instant Ramen Plate will provide you with a genuine experience. Redstone American Grill has an extensive wine list that encompasses premium coffee, liqueurs and tonics, inventive beverages, and wines.

3. Burton’s Grill & Bar 

Were you searching for something unique, such as excellent pork chops? Burlington Grill is well-known for its grilled chicken franchise and elegant bar with a large menu of American meals and excellent beer options.

Burtons Grill is delighted to provide gluten-free options. In keeping with their dedication to providing fresh ingredients to their customers, every one of their employees gets a health and safety education.

4. Tuscan Kitchen

Would anyone enjoy pasta? Tuscan Kitchen serves a variety of Italian pasta sauces, including lobster ravioli and tortilla breast.

Individuals also provide Sparkling, Espresso Martini, and Manhattan Cocktail beverages.

Speculate you do not intend to go completely insane and dance all night long. Inside that circumstance, restaurants offer non-alcoholic drinks such as Lemon Meringue and Blueberries Lemonade, or you might unwind with the extensive tea menu:

Tuscan Kitchen welcomes commercial food for forthcoming events such as magnificent festivities. Furthermore, it is a favorite spot for solitary eating, catered meals, and party caterers.

Jack's Coal Fired Pizza - Burlington, MA

5. Jack’s Coal-Fired Pizza

Jacks Coal will provide customers with coal-fired pizza straight from wood-brick furnaces if you enjoy pizza.

Try Coal Burning Wings and Charcoaled Cauliflower from all menus to enjoy the finest fun at this trendy, red-hued eatery. Traditional cheese pies and Picante are served hot from a wood-fired oven. 

By combining outstanding finishing possibilities, you may go crazy and amazing. The delicious delicacies, Banoffee Pie and Warm Brown Sundae, should be tried.

6. Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill

Tony C’s is a leisure pub and place called after Red Sox great Tony Conegliano. One could witness major sports on the large-screen TV while munching on snack foods like overloaded chips and chicken tenders.

These menus include a range of fast foods such as loaves of bread, portions of pasta, and hamburgers. Have users been searching for something unique?

Tony C’s is a sports-themed pub and restaurant after Red Sox great Tony Conegliano. Visitors may enjoy important sports on their large-screen television while munching on comfort foods like loaded nachos and chicken tenders.

Furthermore, Tony C’s is the ideal burger joint.

7. Row 34

Row 34, situated on the renowned District Avenue, is a lively pub with a fantastic range of beers, drinks, and inventive cocktails. The trendy and stylish ambiance of the establishment will attract your attention. 

It’s indeed delighted to interact with its clients, irrespective of whether they’re regulars or visitors, and serve people the best seafood from Fish Pier, perhaps as crab pastries, roasted mussels, and New England Cham chowder. Cooked meals such as fish tacos and oyster sliders are also available at eateries.

Row 34 is an all-around good spot. If you want to dine there without having to reserve a spot, Row 34 allows arrangements for basic meals and exclusive gatherings. If you want to eat in comfort and privacy, you may purchase their meals on the Internet. 

8. Not Your Average Joe’s

Not Your Typical Joe’s is “not typical” because it offers an amazing and diversified American menu at a reasonable price.

You may sample their delicious dishes, which include starters, appetizers, vegetables, pies, main courses, and sweets. They also have a wide selection of beverages, including cans and bottles, beverages, and sparkling wine.

9. Osteria Nino

Osteria Nino, a contemporary and clean rooftop cafe with Roman influences, has been operating since 2015. People dropped in Osteria Nino after visiting Burlington’s shopping center and tried their locally crafted specialties.

Osteria Nino can never fail to impress you with its menu, which includes starters, dressings, wood-fired pizzeria, noodles, seafood dishes, and sweets, all inspired by real Italian cuisine. Visitors may also unwind with their extensive selection of wines, beers, and drinks. 

Do you want anything sugary and delectable? The cafe accepts all modes of payment.

10. Feng Shui

Feng Shui, a fusion of classic Japanese and Chinese cuisine, offers a rich palate of dishes with outstanding presentation. 

Among the restaurant’s most eye-catching aspects have been the prominent item on the menu, the Chinese Regional favorites. Feng Shui Burlington is glad to provide a pass and quality service to you. 

Assume you even want a luxury supper or a monumental occasion. Feng Shui is happy to offer complete meals and caterers in that scenario. Although the cafeteria service was briefly closed down because of the epidemic, all products are still accessible to customers.

11. Temazcal Burlington

Temazcal is a sophisticated and beautiful restaurant that serves refined Mexican delicacies to its customers. In addition, they provide over 250 coronas, award-winning and mixed drinks.

Salmon Puebla Style and Adobo Braised Short Rib are two house specialties you should try. One may also improve the Mexican taste by pairing your meal with one of their tequila. Indeed, question their personnel so that they might get you every one of their top picks.

Burlington patio restaurants
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12. Indian and Greek Kitchen

The Treasury is a one-of-a-kind blend of Indian and Greek food, serving as a one-stop shop for all your needs. The restaurants have a capacity of 120 seats, a serving station, a personal dining area, and an outside patio portion.

Customers may sample their well-known kebabs, which are offered in a variety of tastes such as Chicken Malay Kebab, Kasturi Chicken Kebab, and Lamb Bhara Kebab. Those who also serve riffs on classics like chilli mozzarella kulcha and chicken tikka taco.

The Treasury is the place to go if you’re looking for a robust combination of Greek and Indian cuisine. In another direction, you’ll enjoy their Greek-inspired salads, platters, and pizzas. They are available for additional services such as delivery, takeout, and curbside collection. 

13. Pressed Café

If you want to start the day off with coffee or improve your attitude with a breakfast burrito, a press cafe is a place for you. 

Visitors may get it cheaper if they combine it with the best coffees: Mocha Latte, Mocha, and Casual dining Afternoon tea.

The Vegetarian Restaurant provides healthy selections as well. Pressed Café can meet all of their cuisine needs while also offering speedy and good service.

14. Kings Dining & Entertainment

King’s Dining is where you’ll fall in love with its distinctive cuisine, cooked totally from scratch.

King Dining welcomes you to enjoy its fan-favorite appetizers, Bang Calamari and Buffalo Chicken Dumplings, in its traditional and nostalgic setting.

While sipping quality drinks, you may continue to enjoy the refreshing and fresh vegetables and buffet. The restaurant offers artisan brews and delectable treats if you want to finish your dinner with something refreshing and delicious.

15. Burgerim Gourmet Burgers

If customers prefer a combination, Burgerim offers a variety of patty options and allows you to customize the burgers. There are also expensive condiments available for your hamburger.

Burgerim, an all-in-one fast-food burger shop, is excellent for quick bites, brunch, and delectable snacks.

If consumers desire meat, they sell steak sandwiches with a variety of patties options, including Spanish Beef, Southwestern burgers, and Greek Lamb.

16. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

Calming at a coffee table in the rear bar section of this gastropub, surrounded by beautiful botanicals, currently serves locally sourced burgers, artisanal charcuterie, hearty fare, and inventive specials.

Nonetheless, one may be able to secure a spot on the sunny side terrace, which is great for folks who want to witness it. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill-Burlington patio restaurant provides all sorts of menus one may look for to relish their day with yummy food.

Other Must visit Bistros around the Town

17. ArtsRiot

Inside the stylish, expansive terrace, dine on beef carpaccio, the famous 400 burgers, or fried chicken under crystal chandeliers. A fleet of food vendors parked outside the back on summertime weekends. 

18. The Inn at Shelburne Farms

The steaks and vegetables at these exquisite lodgings, open May through October, can be obtained from the farm. Outside, you may enjoy the traditional flower gardens and the gorgeous Lake Champlain.

19. Istanbul Kebab House

Try hot kebabs, delicious soups, fruit baklava, and rose-scented Turkish pleasure. Rooftop tables provide the greatest outdoor eating experience in town.

20. Bluebird Barbecue

The Riverside Avenue barbecue business, which, like ArtsRiot, is still not ready for indoor eating, didn’t have an outside area till this summertime when it unveiled the Front Yard. There is space for 50 people on the terrace.

21. Leunig’s Bistro & Café

A delightful supper includes French-influenced dishes and stunning views of Church Street. Tapas and innovative drinks are available in the upper lounge. Many more delicious cuisines and food styles are also available that would tickle your tongue.

22. B&B Taps and Grill

B&B Taps and Grill, formerly named Beaver and Bulldog, is situated just at Waterfront Hotel and offers one of several nicest panoramas. On a hot summer day, the patio facing Burlington’s riverfront is ideal for catching a gust of wind from the lake.

Experience colorful drinks, delicious appetizers, and some singing.

23. The Pump on Brant

Pump on Brant, one of Burlington’s newest eateries, Pump on Brant, is part of a tiny group of businesses. Their terrace, which is only steps away from the shore, is a favorite hangout for visitors to Burlington’s lovely downtown.

In their part of town, grown chicken wings were chosen as the best in Burlington as they also serve authentic brick hearth pizzas, delicious house-made patties, and a weekly chef highlight menu.

Final Thoughts

We all desire something new and intriguing from our eating experiences. There are numerous eateries in Burlington, MA, from which to choose. These were some of the best Burlington Patio restaurants in the town.

Whether you want anything small or a big dinner, this guide will help you find good and pleasant options.

At the best restaurants with outdoor tables in Burlington, MA, you may taste Asian, American, and European cuisines simultaneously. Take pleasure in your food.

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