Best restaurants in Moncton Best restaurants in Moncton

Embark on a Culinary Journey with the 15 Best Restaurants in Moncton

Based in New Brunswick, the vibrant Moncton – is a rapidly developing city with a rich history. It is also called a hub city.

The biggest green space in the city, Centennial Park, offers many attractions and activities, including a walking trail and ski trail to the natural beach, a zip track, and an erection track on top of trees and other obstacles. After all these activities you will probably feel hungry.

To simplify your search, we have listed the best restaurants in Moncton, including restaurants with amazing food, excellent service, and cozy atmospheres.

Here Are the 15 Best Restaurants in Moncton-

1. Little Louis’ Oyster Bar

Little Louis’ Oyster Bar and Restaurant is a four-time Diamond Restaurant Status Award holder. This restaurant also has a wine list that was awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

The name Little Louise was given after the first elected Acadian premier of New Brunswick, Sir Louis Joseph Robichaud (serving from 1960 to 1970), who was popularly known as Little Louisamong the common people.

This restaurant has popular dishes like Perfectly Cooked Oysters, Rockefeller, Lobster Pasta, and Tenderloin. Opt for any decent wine pairing that can double the taste.

The interior is classy and themed with dim lighting, giving you a sweet and calm feeling. Fast service and attentive staff are strong plus points of the restaurant.

Some more services that these restaurants provide are:

  • Full-Service Land and Sea Menu
  • Daily Chef’s Features
  • Sommelier Selected the Wine Cellar
  • Private Dining Rooms
  • Customized Catering Services
  • Lunch Bookings
  • Private Functions
  • Live Music

2. Catch 22 Lobster Bar

Catch 22 Lobster Bar primarily focuses on lobster served in 22 different ways. It was featured on Food Network Canada’s You Gotta Eat Here! This restaurant serves other classic seafood dishes, salads, steaks, chowder, lobster rolls, and pasta.

Lobster Thermidor is the specialty of this restaurant; lobster and mushrooms are grilled in a white wine tomato-based sauce and served with Swiss cheese along with the choice of fries, potatoes, or rice.

This place is also one of the best bars in Moncton! 

Screenshot from Catch 22 Lobster Bar
Screenshot from Catch 22 Lobster Bar

Some more services provided by the restaurant:

  • Outdoor Seating,
  • Television,
  • Wine Pairings,
  • Reservations Seating,
  • Highchairs Availability,
  • Wheelchair Accessible,
  • Full Bar,
  • Accepts Credit Cards.

3. Windjammer

Windjammer is a longstanding winner of the CAA Four Diamond Award since 1992, named after a commercial sailing ship with multiple masts that may be square-rigged, fore and aft rigged, or a combination of the two.

They own a rooftop garden from which they hand-pick fresh and use locally sourced ingredients for their delicious dishes. If you want, you can ask their staff to serve wine which pairs with your meal.

The Windjammer Restaurant

4. Cinta Ria Malaysian Fusion Malaisienne

The cozy Malaysian restaurant is renowned for its cuisine, which is low-budget and excellent value. 

Malaysian Cuisine takes its inspiration from the crossroads of Asia, particularly from Indonesia, Thailand, India, and China, with a touch of Europe in the mix.

The restaurant’s name is derived from the Malaysian words ‘love’ and ‘happiness,’ and its menu reflects all the varied influences of traditional Malaysian cuisine.

5. Les Brume du Coude

Les Brumes du Coude sits inside the Aberdeen Cultural Center, a major hub for the French-Acadian population.

When visiting, don’t forget to order their special Seafood Pizza, prepared in an oven that doesn’t use any fuel but wood logs burning in it to cook food, which gives the pizza a different taste and smell. This must be one of the best seafood pizzas available in Moncton.

6. Calactus Restaurant

Calactus Restaurant has a very healthy menu, including vegan and vegetarian dishes, with the option of gluten-free food. Not all the options on the menu are vegan, but if you request, they can be prepared vegan.

Calactus also has a wide range of fair-trade espresso coffees, organic wines, and local beers, from which you can select what suits you best.

Unlike other restaurants on this list, this restaurant’s interior is filled with bright colors and lights with big windows.

The exterior looks like a simple house-like structure, giving the restaurant a homely feel from the outside and a quirky and energetic feel from the inside.

7. Red Satay Grill

Red Satay Vietnamese Restaurant In Moncton | Our New Favourite Restaurant

Vegetarian Red Satay Grill is a tiny and simple restaurant in George St., specializing in Vietnamese Food.

The menu includes Pho soup & stir-fried vermicelli noodles alongside lesser-known dishes like Fuschia noodles stuffed with meat, grilled with peppers, onions, and peppers. The Wonton Soup is also pretty famous in this restaurant.

The restaurant’s ‘Jenny Special’ offers something different and is popular in town.

This gigantic bowl contains cooked beef pig, poultry pig shrimp, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, spring rolls, and peanuts stuffed into vermicelli noodles or steamed rice.

The restaurant also offers a wide range of loose tea leaves of more than 100 varieties, which can double the taste of your meal, or if you want, you can also take that to your home.

8. India King

As its name suggests, India King is an Indian restaurant in George St, Moncton. This restaurant is newly built but a famous restaurant for Indian cuisine.

This restaurant has some special Indian dishes that other restaurants in Moncton don’t have, like Mutton Biryani, which is ideal for one person’s lunch or dinner, cream chicken, chicken takatak, and vada pav (which is a very famous street food from Mumbai, India).

Screenshot from India King
Screenshot from India King

Not only this, this restaurant offers some new dishes that are a fusion of two dishes; for example, they have Butter Chicken dosa, a fusion of Butter Chicken and Dosa, and Butter Paneer Dosa, which is also a fusion of Butter Chicken and Dosa.

9. Kimganae Korean BBQ

If you are a fan of Korean Drama or Korean Music, you must have thought about having Korean food; if yes, you have the moment now! Head toward 1633 Mountain Road and reach your destination, Kimganae Korean BBQ. Go inside and fulfill your dream.

It is a famous spot where most Moncton locals come to have Korean BBQ; if you ask me, this is the best restaurant for Korean BBQ in the whole town. You will be amazed to see the meat they serve; it is fresh and tastes so nice, and the juice is perfect!

Also, they possess a good ambiance. It would be best if you tried this restaurant at least once.

10. Japan Go Restaurant

Like Korean Drama and Music, Japanese anime series and movies are also trendy topics among all Gen-Z youngsters. If you are also one among them and always want to taste the Japanese meals that are shown in those pictures, then your ideal destination is Japan Go.

You will find all the famous foods your favorite character in Anime or Show eats, like Sushi, Dumplings, or Ramen, on their menu, and my favorite Sushi and Roll Party Tray.

This restaurant is on the list because of its amazing Japanese offerings. They have great food, atmosphere, and quick and friendly service. I suggest you try some Japanese food and you will not regret it later.

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11. Tide and Boar Gastropub

Tide & Boar Gastropub offers a variety of fresh seafood and condiments for pre-meal snacks. This well-liked Main Street hangout combines modern pub fare and delicious seasonal fresh seafood.

Various craft beers, domestically brewed and imported from the Maritime region, are served to accompany the food.

The restaurant makes everything in-house, even sauces and flavoring.

Its most famous and best-known menu dish is the only Boar Poutine, which features hand-cut fries topped with braised boar, caramelized onions, cheese curds, chicken gravy, and ketchup. This menu is complete with an excellent selection of craft beers and cocktails.

The restaurant frequently hosts live music events and decorates the interior walls with portraits of classic music icons.

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12. Taj Mahal – Flavor of India

The first independent Indian restaurant in Moncton to be owned and operated by Indians, Taj Mahal Moncton opened its doors in 2003. It became one of the top-rated restaurants in Moncton.

At this well-known restaurant, you may indulge your taste senses while tasting some of the most mouthwatering flavors available.

You will find the most food in India, starting from Samosa, the famous street food, to Mughlai, Tandoor cuisine, Rice and Curry, the lunch of India, and local favorites. But remember that most dishes are spicy, so if you are used to it, only go for it.

At rather affordable costs, the restaurants offer delicious and authentic Indian food with all the same flavors, fragrances, and essence of local Indian food, along with a very good ambiance.

All the staff is super friendly, so if needed, don’t be shy and ask them to choose the best cuisine from the menu.

13. Pump House

Screenshot from The Pump House
Screenshot from The Pump House

One of Moncton’s top dining establishments is The Pump House. This establishment is a fantastic pub since it boasts Moncton’s best craft beer and mixed drinks. Amazing is an understatement for the food and beverages. A plate of food and a great beer—what more could you ask for?

Don’t forget to sample Pump House’s blueberry brew—its patrons highly praise it. The pizzas they make over a wood fire are also excellent. The atmosphere in the restaurant is wonderful, and it is roomy. You and your friends can hang out there with no problem.

Additionally excellent is the service. In general, it is a premier dining establishment in downtown Moncton.

14. Kelsey Original Roadhouse

Since 1978, Kelsey’s has been Canada’s authentic roadhouse. At Kelsey’s, the policies are one-of-a-kind due to the Roadhouse and the unrestrained spirit of avenue trips. You can consume, drink, and be who you need to be there.

Their famous spinach dip, clean double-stacked burgers, two-surpassed sandwiches, and unforgettable chook wings are all favorites. Fuel your courageous soul that longs for something unique and extra unique!

So, are you equipped for a super time with food, drinks, and fun? Go on a day trip down the block to Kelseys.

Kelseys Original Roadhouse

15. Tokai Ramen

Japanese meals are right here! You’ll be served flawlessly cooked jap ramen, broth, and gyoza. Their spring roll is always in my order.

The fancy decor and captivating ecosystem permit customers to sense comfort here. The dedicated group of workers welcomes visitors all year round.

Fast carrier is something that traffics the spotlight of their reviews. Many reviewers have observed that fees are affordable for what you receive. You may also get takeout at Tokai Ramen.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What food is Moncton known for?

Moncton is mainly known for its seafood, including Atlantic lobster, Bouillabaisse, and seafood casserole.

Q2. What are the unique restaurants in Moncton?

Catch 22 Lobster Bar, Taj Mahal Flavor of India, Kimganae Korean BBQ, Calactus Restaurant, and Windjammer are some of the unique restaurants there.

Q3. What are people from Moncton called?

They are called Monctonian.

Q4. What are the family restaurants in Moncton?

Many family restaurants like India King, Bistro 33, Cinta Ria Malaysian Fusion Malaisienne, and Japan Go Restaurant are in Moncton.


So this is the end of our list of best restaurants in Moncton. We have solved your problem of finding the top restaurants in Moncton with amazing food and a wide range of dishes from different countries.

I hope you liked our list and visit one of the restaurants mentioned above from our recommendation to enjoy and have a good time with good food in the restaurants with your family or friends.

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