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There is a number of best Parks in Montreal and they are special attractions here, especially during the summer months. Montreal is a city that is well known for its beautiful parks.

It has 17 large parks with a total area of 4900 hectares. Because of its location, Montreal parks can offer something for everyone – some wood features, some marshland, and some beaches; others have a huge range of functions and facilities to offer.

A visit to the parks in Montreal is great for a super fun day for nature lovers. Parks here are equipped with several facilities such as tennis courts, a wading pool, a tandem swing, a splash pad, unique play equipment, even raised sand table, and an outdoor gym- the area is surrounded by green spaces.

Ride your bike on the biking trails and you will even get to do ice skating in some of the parks in Montreal. The parks also have certain play materials that are kids friendly, separate toddler sections and even a dog park where you can take your pets too.

Best parks in Montreal
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11 Best Parks in Montreal

1. La Fontaine 

Park La Fontaine offers relaxation from the monotonous urban hustle with its scenic location, the greenery and the variety of plants and trees resources that allow recreation.

Originally it is a beautiful green space or farm which got transformed into a public park in the 1870s, surrounded by fashion bars and restaurants in the middle of the Plateau-Mont-Royal area.

Since then, Park La Fontaine has served as a community gathering place for people to get together to appreciate nature, take part in leisure activities and fully enjoy the bohemian vibe of Montréal.

More about The La Fontaine Park

In the summer, there is no better place than the La Fontaine Park to sit and read a book in the shade of a tall tree, soak up the sun, have a picnic, play tennis or petanque, take a walk on the streets or take a show at the outdoor Théâtre de Verdure.

During the winter, skaters skate happily across the frozen pool while listening to music and skiing across the country on snowy roads.

For a snack or weekend brunch, the Espace La Fontaine bistro of the relaxed and beautiful cultural park offers a varied menu of healthy food and presents local art shows and original shows that provide entertainment for the whole family.

2. Jarry Park

Jarry Park is also among the topt parks because of its resources including softball, cricket, soccer stadium, swing park, tennis and basketball courts, community pool and artificial pool. In addition, there is a monument called the “Paix des enfants” (Children’s Peace) in Jarry Park.

About the Park

The park is surrounded by Rue Jarry in the north, Boulevard Saint-Laurent in the east, and Canadian Pacific railway tracks in the west.

South of the park is surrounded by Gary-Garter Street (formerly Faillon Street), named in honour of longtime Montreal Expos player Gary Carter. The park was named in honour of Raoul Jarry (1885-1930), a member of the Montreal City Council.

On June 24, 1965, Jarry Park hosted an exhibition on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, the day of the annual French-Canada celebration. That year, Jarry Park was chosen to host the most important event of its kind.

Provincial Park
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3. Mount Royal Park

Mount royal park is a symbol of the city’s heritage, history, geography, inspiration, founding centres, and beautiful mountain cemeteries. It has a 4-season playground.

Opened in 1876, Mount Royal Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame. It is amazingly green all over with 200 acres of biodiversity and natural beauty.

Something More About This Amazing Park

Green, clean, and refreshing, the park is home to a huge variety of plants and animals. Urban wildlife (a.k.a. Montréalers) is plentiful and active throughout the year for many recreational activities: running, cycling, boating, skiing, jogging, bird watching, dog walks and picnics.

A stop at Smith House is a must, as Les Amis de la Montagne offers a wide range of tourist amenities and services, including route maps and a permanent exhibition highlighting the history of this unique natural area that was declared a heritage site in 2012.

With three places in the heart of the park (Smith House, Chalet, and Beaver Lake Pavilion), the Café des Amis offers a great place to enjoy a bite while taking a stroll. And going home with a mountain souvenir, two gift shops offer a selection of real gifts or souvenirs.

The Beaver lake

Beaver Lake is an artificial lake set on Mont-Royal in Montreal, Beaver Lake is in the shape of a four-leaf clover. It was usually used for an outdoor rink in the winter, but the practice was discontinued in 2017 and skiing is now taking place in a nearby artificial rink. The lake surroundings are equipped with a variety of recreational activities: skiing and skating in the winter, and take the pleasure of lying on the great grass during the summer.

In the warmer months of the year, there are many best things to do in Montreal, but if you just want to chill then you can relax on the lawn around the lake and soak up the sun or get a BBQ with friends and family. And of course, there are always rowing boats you can rent and roam around and see ducks in the lake.

4. Parc Maisonneuve 

The large Parc Maisonneuve offers a variety of activities throughout the year, including cross-country skiing, and skiing at the race course as you watch the Montréal Tower of the Olympic Stadium. Visitors can use the park chalet to warm up or go skating on the rink in the evening.

In this beautiful park during the summer you can practice cycling and in-line skating. If you listen closely and carefully during your picnic, you may hear a beautiful vireo, a small bird known for its versatile and continuous singing which will amaze you.

More about the Park

The atmosphere is a bit pleasant, especially when hundreds or thousands of Montréalers flock here to celebrate various events, such as the Fête Nationale (Québec national holiday).

A park is a unique place where people enjoy walking day and night and cycling on its bike trail that runs around the park. The park’s center is a quiet place where people enjoy picnics peacefully and is very popular among young people and families.

This park is 80 hectares (200 hectares) in size divided into three stages. The main section is a public area surrounded by Montreal Botanical Garden to the west, Rosemont Street to the north, Viau Street to the east, and Sherbrooke Street East to the south.  The other two sections towards the east of Viau Street are a nine-hole public golf course and a public garden.

parks in montreal
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5. Delpha Sauvé Park

The park offers a variety of activities for each and every one, especially for hiking or cycling on its many trails. It is a special place with a variety of unusual trees planted during its construction. Delpha-Sauvé Park offers a variety of activities for the whole family looking for sporting, cultural or sailing. 

More About This Beautiful Park

You can also jog, ride a bike, or play tennis in its four stadiums. During the summer season, Delpha Sauvé is one of the best parks, where you can enjoy its outdoor water complex with a large tropical outdoor lake, eight training trails, an active river, and a slide. It is important to note that the entry of people in this park is with limited mobility.

There is also a baseball field and in the winter, a slippery slope made up of four lanes. Jean-H. Besner’s building often referred to as the Parc Sauvé chalet is a center of cultural activity that takes place year-round. 

6. Cap Saint Jacques Nature Park

Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques is the largest park in Montréal, covering an area of 330 hectares. It is home to a sugar shack, two hot chalets and a biological farm and among other things, this park also has a natural sand beach. 

The beach at Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques is located in a sandy, wooded area on the Lac des Deux Montagnes. It is a popular place for gathering all summer.

Hot sand and cool refreshing water are the requirements for a good day at the beach, and if you are looking for it this is among the parks in Montreal where you can enjoy your beach day and it is the best experience one should get. The Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park beach in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro area offers those essential ingredients for summer entertainment on West Island.

Interesting Things about this Nature Park

You can participate in many activities throughout the year like swimming, cycling, skiing, mountaineering (12km), cross-country skiing (14km) and fat biking (6.5km). Visitors will enjoy the on-site equipment rental service. As you are walking through the park, take a look at its historic buildings: the Thomas-Brunet House and Château Gohier.

The harbours of the park are home to a variety of animals, including tortoises. Environmental science services are provided by the Groupe uni des éducateurs-naturalists et professionals environment (GUEPE).

The park includes silver birch, sugar maple stands, and a sugar shack where visitors can watch the production of maple syrup, during the season.

7. Lachine canal

The Lachine Canal National Historic Site is a fascinating multi-faceted site that offers a relaxed atmosphere in the city. For leisure and entertainment, a well-maintained trail along the canal offers one of the best places in town to walk, run or take a walk surrounded by green space.

Interesting Things to do Around

The canal itself is perfect for kayaking or an electric boat ride, while its magnificent park is a popular place to meet friends and enjoy a summer picnic. For entertainment and shopping, the site is close to Atwater Market, just a few kilometres from the city and is surrounded by famous restaurants, bars and shops.

The 14.5 kilometre stretch between Old Port to Lac Saint-Louis, the green park, the five-lane waterway, the coastline with industrial remains, and a diverse activity calendar make this site a place to share with family and friends.

Yamaska National Park River QC Canada
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8. Westmount Park (Parc West Mount)

This park has made it to the list of the best parks because it has one of Montreal City’s most beautiful playgrounds. Westmount Park has many water sources and various sports facilities in its 26-acre (30 ha) channel.

The ideal landscape includes a winding waterway with small waterfalls and an island with a large tree for climbing. The park is in the middle of the community near the Westmount Library, the municipal nursery, and across the street from the Westmount YMCA.

 The Westmount Park property is well-suited for toddlers up to five years of age. There are two high-rise buildings for different age groups as well as for children and young adults.

The slides in this park are some of the slowest and softest that you have ever seen. There are a few features you don’t get to see in most children’s playgrounds like the fourth teeter-totter and the balance beam. For parents of children, there are plenty of benches around the park and picnic tables under the surrounding trees.

It is a delight Park During Winters

This is the best park in Montreal for visiting during winter as all the fresh air and exercises will surely make your stomach churn. After taking in the views along the river and the trees, you can enjoy the warmth of the rustic sugar shack in the woods.

Things to Explore in this Park

When the kids are done playing on the playground, they can be taken to a path along the waterfront, and explore ducks, small waterfalls, and an island at the end of the park.

Westmount Arena and the swimming pool area are located at the end of the park. Another great feature, perhaps more interesting for parents than children is the municipal greenhouse. Check out the white building next to the library and get into the small version of Botanical Gardens without any fees.

9. Olympic Park

One of the most famous places in downtown Montreal is the Olympic Park, built for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. At this huge Park in Montreal, there is a 175-foot (175 m) tower, fitted with a comfortable viewing arena.

The park offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Botanical Garden near the town. At the bottom of the tower, there is a stadium with many grounds for various athletic competitions and seven swimming pools.

parks in montreal
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10. Angrignon Park

Angrignon Park is not only one of the most natural and easily accessible nature parks in Montreal, but it is also a great family getaway.  It is a flat and beautiful park with a lake, walking and running lanes and two of the largest modern climbing buildings for children.

With two playgrounds, a large pool and tons of area for roaming around, this park is a great place for hiking/running/walking. There are 10 kilometres of trails and 2 kilometres of bike lanes. The playground has a large children’s ramp from Landscape Structures with metal stairs and a climbing wall with a few slides.

11. Parc Jean – Drapeau

Parc Jean-Drapeau offers a wide range of amenities and recreation opportunities for you and your family. It is just minutes away from downtown Montréal.

As it crosses two islands in the middle of St. Lawrence, this outstanding park, named in honour of the man who served as mayor of Montreal for 30 years (until 1986) hosted events that shaped the history of Montreal and Canada, such as Expo 67 and 1976 Summer Olympics and continues to host international events, festivals, concerts, and sporting events throughout the year.

Closing Thoughts

A thriving, green-hearted city, Montréal balances the luxury of large cities with its rich multicultural park. Walk up to a tree-covered mountain in the middle of the city, plan a picnic with locals by the fountain, read a book on the city square or snowshoe among nature parks because regardless of the season, the lush green landscapes of Montreal are available to make your outings fascinating.

While montreal nightlife, famous montreal museums and all the exiting montreal events are incredible to be a part too, but after only a walk the world class montreal park are the best. You know many of them by now, if you are in Montreal you can not miss its great parks.

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