11 Best Food in Scarborough to Try this Year

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Are you a foodie? Or are you looking for the best cuisine while discovering Scarborough for the first time? Then you are in the right place.

This article will help you know about the unique and popular food items to taste in Scarborough. You can get everything from bbq (barbecue) to sushi, from Caribbean food to Iraqi food.

As Scarborough is among the most cosmopolitan communities, it does have diversity in its food. There are wide varieties on the menu to fulfill your foodie’s tongue. Even from roti to the food like Hakka, it can be a burger restaurant and the best food in Scarborough of old schools.

As Scarborough is on the seaside of England’s the North Sea, the restaurant and cafe bring the sources such as herbs and veggies required to make the different types of the food in different restaurants, produced on the farms around them, which enhances their taste of them as well as results as the best food in Scarborough.

Moreover, the seafood that is the most popular item comes straight to the kitchen from the boats. You can find the traditional French, British, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Asian, authentic Italian, or even oxtail dinner here in the local’s favorite too of Scarborough.

There are so many restaurants in Scarborough, but I had concluded some of them based on the content review search restaurants. These restaurants in Toronto can also have the facility for takeout.

Here is the list of the best restaurants and food in Scarborough that you must check out.

1- Lanterna Ristorante

Lanterna Ristorante is one of the famous and oldest Italian restaurants in Scarborough. This restaurant specializes in Northern Italian fast food, such as meat dishes, handmade egg pasta, risotto, and truffles, Lanterna’s Italian specialty. Every morning, you may enjoy a large variety of delicious fish that has been picked right from the boats in Scarborough’s Harbour.

Best food in Scarborough
Photo by Olayinka Babalola on Unsplash

With these, you can also expect the popular dessert items of an Italian restaurant, such as meringue, panna cotta, made-at-house ice cream, Roberts, and Italian pears baked with whipped cream. The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking Italian food

Address- 33 Queen St, Scarborough YO11 1HQ, UK

2- The Bryherstones Country Inn

This restaurant is located between Cloughton and Staintondale, providing one of the best food categories in Scarborough. It is an original ancient tavern in Scarborough’s north. Everyone is allowed to eat and enjoy a three-course feast, and anyone is to drink a glass of bourbon barrels brewed in the relaxed setting. It is the place for folks who flock to enjoy classic Sunday roasts, British bars, and fast food. The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking fast food.

The menu changes frequently, but it always features fresh meals produced with several regional and local produce as feasible.

The restaurant is famous for its meat dish with crunchy chips and vegetable dishes. Also, it serves various delicious dishes, like oak-smoked salmon with horseradish crème fraîche as an appetizer and the restaurant’s famed the main course, the best food in Scarborough. Here all of the meat, fruits and vegetables, and the meat comes from farms owned by a business of family and friends.

Address- Newlands Rd, Cloughton Newlands, Scarborough YO13 0AR, UK

Best food in Scarborough
Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

3- Scarborough Arms

Scarborough Arms is a local pub to try out while having a chit-chat with a pint. Locally sourced fish, burgers, steak pie, spinach, and ricotta cannelloni are among the freshly prepared dishes. Lagers, packaged and flowing beers, whiskeys, and bourbons are available as drinks. This restaurant is a little distance from the famous castle and the town core.

Mainly on the Saturday nights, this pub has their kind of entertainment live to make people feel more refreshed on their weekends. Residents congregate at this kinship establishment to drink beers and eat cooked dishes at their house while hanging out with mates or enjoying the current sporting events in this pub. The pub takes all the safety measures while making food and beverages.

Address- North Terrace, Scarborough YO11 1HU, UK

4- Golden Grid

It is an old shop of 130 years, providing the favorite chip and fish for locals’ best food in Scarborough. With the mash and sausage, you can also get the steak and chips, the core parts of crab, oysters, lobster, Yorkshire pudding, and roast beef. The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking food.

A vacation in Scarborough would not be complete without stopping at the famed classic fish and chips supper at Golden Grid.

Address- 4 Sandside, Scarborough YO11 1PE, UK

5- Lifeboat Fish Bar

A hidden treasure of a dish and the best food in Scarborough is a must-try in British fast food. You will be given a big portion of the servings in this small restaurant run by a family serving typically British chips and fish.

You can have cod or haddock, served piping hot with a British crispy batter. The chips are very crispy and never taste greasy with a fluffy filling. To refresh yourself from a day spent touring around Scarborough, this place will go best for recharging yourself as it is situated right on the seafront. The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking food.

Address- 76 Eastborough, Scarborough YO11 1NJ, UK

6- Eat Me Cafe and Social

It is a trendy gastrocafé that serves a delectable combination of Asian and British cuisine. This cafe is placed behind the globe-popular Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough.

Best food in Scarborough
Photo by Susann Schuster on Unsplash

Any time in the day, you can discover dishes to suit all nutritional requirements on the unique menu, which mixes tastes from all across the globe. This Asian and British cafe offers Japanese ramen, Shetland pies, breakfast burritos, and Thai curries. Moreover, you can also get conventional Asian café fares like sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers.

You can try out the amazing drinks, cocktails, mocktails, and the ice cream shake of peanut butter. The cafe takes all the safety measures while cooking food.

Address- 1 Hanover Rd, Scarborough YO11 1LS, UK

7- Lazenby’s on York Place

This place is a laid-back restaurant serving British and French food sections of the best food in Scarborough. You can select from the variety of beautiful dishes made at home and cooked using regionally produced materials for fast food or a relaxing, long evening dinner. This is a delightful British-French restaurant managed by a business family.

Take out your friends and family at the Lazenby’s on York Place on Sundays as your British meals will become more special with champagne, Bloody Mary, prosecco, or mimosa, the best food in Scarborough. The menus for the Scarborough dinner and lunch can change frequently.

However, British-French traditional best food in Scarborough, such as oysters, burgers, lobster, steaks, and fish, is available every time.

Address- 11 York Pl Scarborough YO11 2NP, UK

8- The Foulsyke Bistro

This is one of the best restaurants in Scarborough, providing the best food. This place serves British food court restaurant categories to meet all guests’ tastes. It’s a cafe during the day and serves as a restaurant till the night. In the morning, this restaurant in Scarborough does have a stunner menu that includes sandwiches, steaks, burgers, vegetarian dishes, and British seafood. On Sunday specials, you can skip your lunch to try and enjoy the combos of sweet treats, sandwiches, and teapot as of British classic noon tea. The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking food.

It is a picturesque family-run British restaurant in the suburbs of Scarborough that provides one of the best food in Scarborough, set on a renovated farm on the border of Scalby Village.

Address- Barmoor Ln, Scalby, Scarborough YO13 0PG, UK

Best food in Scarborough
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

9- AZ Restaurants

Another of the best restaurants in Scarborough that provides the different types of classic and new Turkish delicacies is one of the best food in Scarborough.

You can order different types of classic and innovative Turkish dishes, one of the best food in Scarborough, from the menu of AZ Restaurant, which is a family business.

The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking food. Begin with an Eastern Anatolian salad, a classic falafel or kisir, composed of bulgar wheat, veggies, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. For the meals, you won’t be disappointed with a Turkish dish like moussaka, lamb shank, or stove eggplant stuffed with chopped lamb as the main course. There’s also a wide assortment of seafood and vegetarian options.

Address- 89 Columbus Ravine, Scarborough, YO12 7QU, UK

10- Scarborough Harbour

Scarborough’s old waterfront has been situated at the capital’s center for generations. Each day, the anglers brought in fresh harvests, and it’s no wonder the port is also home to several outstanding seafood eateries. Don’t miss the best food in Scarborough and the seasoning of the chips and fish with vinegar and a pinch of salt.

The typical fish and chips are the food of choice to be found at this restaurant like Winking Willy’s, Harbour View Café, and First Catch. As the name suggests, Harbour View provides spectacular views of the safe berths and the historic tower. The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking food.

Address- 18 W Pier, Scarborough YO11 1PD, United Kingdom

11- The Green Room

Here, you can get the delicious best food in Scarborough, made with locally sourced ingredients. The Green Room is a quaint, friendly restaurant in Scarborough’s center in which you can enjoy 6-course tasting menus and the best food in Scarborough at great prices. Here, it’s a great bonding experience, with the skilled son on the stove cooking a delectable blend of French, English, and Indian, Asian food, and his mum looking after their regular customers. The restaurant takes all the safety measures while cooking food.

Address- 138 Victoria Rd, Scarborough YO11 1SL, UK

You can also find the famous restaurants providing the best food in Scarborough in places such as the Mediterranean, Steeles ave e, ave e, Ellesmere rd 6, 271 old Kingston rd, Kennedy rd, Lawrence ave e, 8 glen Watford dr, old Kingston, Kingston Rd, North York, Sheppard ave e. You can search for hotel types, open new restaurants, and check the hotel class in Lawrence ave, middle eastern, Kingston rd, and the Mediterranean.

Best food in Scarborough
Photo by SKYLAKE STUDIO on Unsplash


Scarborough, Toronto is known for the diversity of food of different styles and the best food in Scarborough, including the menu of different countries such as British, Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Asian.

The restaurants in Scarborough provide family-like customer service and the best food in Scarborough. The food is super delicious, which is why takeout in Toronto. Well, you can have everything from Indian to Chinese. From fried chicken to jerk chicken shawarma poutine on your table.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s drive through the flavors of Scarborough with some delightful restaurants.

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