Halifax skyline with green hills under cloudy skies. Halifax skyline with green hills under cloudy skies.

10 Must-Try Waterfront Restaurants in Halifax

Often the most challenging thing to decide in our everyday lives has to be what or where we want to eat. While we may not come to a common consensus on what to eat even after an age-long debate, we’re sure that the waterfront restaurants in Halifax would be a place where you’ll want to go again and again.

The waterfront restaurants in Halifax serve the best of delectable cuisines and cocktails, along with a wide spectrum of ambiance. The special thing about these restaurants is their locality near the harbor and their patio with the views and the vibes they have to offer.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the best places to eat at Halifax waterfront, where you can just sit back and enjoy a good gulp of your favorite wine or just a weekend brunch with your friends. 

Top Waterfront Restaurants in Halifax

Here is our collection of some of the best waterfront restaurants in Halifax located on lower water street as well as upper water street in the port city of Halifax. With a patio to relax on a summer afternoon having lunch, to a night at the bar with a pizza for dinner and a drink at the bar with friends, we have got you covered. Do visit these amazing and popular waterfront restaurants in Halifax during your vacation.

1. Darya 1079 Lower Water Street

Getting the name from Persian, Darya is a Mediterranean restaurant, one of the popular waterfront restaurants in Halifax, serving Eastern Mediterranean food with a refreshing take. With the cozy, casual dining vibe and an inviting ambiance, this place makes a great place for a Sunday brunch or evening family dinner.

The kebabs are the specialty, a suggestion would be their Tenderloin Kebab along with other items on their menu. Make sure to drink their cocktails and wines on the patio with a relaxing feel and a great view, especially after the sun sets, and gift yourself a good evening.

2. Café Lunette 1741 Lower Water Street

If you are craving some French food while in Nova Scotia, this popular waterfront restaurant in Halifax got you covered. With a very appealing atmosphere and even better décor, it makes a worthy place to visit for its Parisian delicacies.

The surprising thing about it is ‘It’s a café by day and a bistro by night,’ So they have their croissants for the day and then have their homemade cocktails at night by their scenic patio. Try out their croissants and crème brulee to get a taste of French cuisine with the fascinating views from their patio.

3. Drift 1079 Lower Water Street

Drift serves Atlantic Canadian dishes with a fresh take on them. Located at the Muir Hotel, downtown Halifax, their menu is curated by keeping in mind its roots, serving dinner, lunch as well as breakfast to its patrons along with outdoor seating and a patio that gives stunning views from the ocean, thus making it one of the best waterfront restaurants in Halifax.

This restaurant is also appreciated for its service of providing late-night drinks. It is awarded for having one of the best ambiances among restaurants in Nova Scotia. So when planning for a visit, make your reservations in advance if you don’t want to wait as it is a heavily crowded place in the city.

4. The Bicycle Thief 1475 Lower Water Street

One of the most talked about waterfront restaurants in Halifax, The Bicycle Thief is an Italian restaurant known for its romantic and cozy ambiance; it blends the old school and the new school, which makes it charming along with the delicious food it serves.

They even let our furry friends stay with us on their pet-friendly patio so that they don’t miss out on delicious food with us. It has a classic décor with outdoor seating and houses a wine bar, which also serves the best wines and cocktails with, of course, their great service.

5. The Summit Café 1601 Lower Water Street

At the Summit café, you’ll have a wide selection of breakfast items as it is an all-day breakfast. Located in downtown Halifax, it is considered one of the best places to have coffee. It offers seafood on its menu as well, grab some steak or fish and chips on your way.

If you want to enjoy your meal there, they have an outdoor seating table available along with rooftop arrangements as well to spend a good time having your brunch. They have multiple combos ranging according to your appetite, thus making it one of the finest waterfront restaurants in Halifax.

6. Bar Sabbia, 1475 Lower Water Street

This beer garden is a place you won’t want to miss out on while in Nova Scotia. It is an outdoor café along the Halifax waterfront and is most beautiful during the evening and night hours. Also known as ‘the BG’ popularly, it serves fresh local food to its visitors, telling a story of their roots.

Fall in love with evenings on their beautiful patio and the even more beautiful views it has to offer. They serve seafood and cocktails. Make sure to visit one of these lovely waterfront restaurant in Halifax and try their oysters and Sangria.

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7. Pickford and Black 1869 Upper Water Street

One of the best places in Halifax if you want a very casual and chill atmosphere to hang out in; great for summer as well. This restaurant has a waterfront patio and a terrace, thus making it one of the beautifully decorated waterfront restaurants in Halifax, with interiors designed in a laid-back fashion. They specialize in craft beer with an on-site bar.

The best part about it is its night ambiance because they have a fire pit for bonfires, live music, and late-night food and drinks, all in one place alongside outdoor seating with a gorgeous patio. Make sure to visit the place during the oyster happy hour so you get great deals along delicious Calamari they serve.

8. The Lower Deck 1887 Upper Water Street

Known for its great service and even better ambiance, The Lower Deck is one of the best waterfront restaurants in Halifax Harbor and is a place that food critics favor. It is known for serving seafood as well as fast food on its menu, with some must-try items being beer-battered fish and chips. It is especially known for its bar, where you can grab a glass from its great selection of cocktails.

The night there is even more fun. They have a special space dedicated to live performances and for dancing for people who love to dance. The patio is stunning, with people watching the lights dancing off the water while having their food.

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Courtesy: The Lower Deck

9. Salty’s 1887 Upper Water Street

This seafood restaurant and pub is one of the famous waterfront restaurants in Halifax and is a great pick for anyone looking for a fun day out or a romantic dinner with their partner. It is a two-storied restaurant in which the first floor is equipped with a grill and a large seasonal patio on the harbor where you can enjoy your food with breathtaking views of the ocean, especially during the night.

It has a bar as well, which serves excellent wine and scrumptious seafood. The upper floor has a posh dining space unique to waterfront restaurants in Halifax. Keep an eye on their menu items to find the best local and fresh seafood in Halifax. Try out the lobster and oysters there while enjoying the views of Halifax Harbor.

10. Cacao 70 Eatery 1875 Upper Water Street

This is a place in Halifax that is a great option for people who have a sweet tooth, as they specialize in making scrumptious chocolate delicacies. So if you know someone who lives for chocolate, suggest them this for a quick bite during a weekend trip.

It also has an interesting story of starting as a chocolate-drinking brand and then evolving into a whole eatery. Witness all this for yourself by visiting the place and trying out things from its tempting menu, like the chocolate treats and dipped ice creams, thus making it one of the go-to waterfront restaurants in Halifax for all the sweet-tooth.

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So if you do get a chance to have a meal in Halifax, you know where to go. These places have something for everyone, whether you’re traveling solo, have someone to take out for dinner, or even looking for a place to hang out with your people.

All that with even better options for things to eat and unique menus designed keeping in mind the ambiance of the place and the satisfaction of the visitor. It’s specially curated with the efforts of the chefs behind the curtains striving so that you get the best experience out of every bite you have. From seafood to vegetarian and vegan options, they make sure no one goes back hungry from their place.

It would be safe to say that the waterfront restaurants in Halifax won’t leave you disappointed, be it in terms of ambiance or food.

10 famous waterfront restaurants in Halifax

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