Whitehorse Library: 4 Important Facts

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Whitehorse Library is a famous library which is situated in Whitehorse, Yukon. The address of the Whitehorse Public Library is 1171 Front Street, Whitehorse. Many branches of Whitehorse Public Library are working in the country. These Yukon public libraries provide library cards, and along with library cards, they also provide free access to Wi-Fi on public computers.

Yukon public libraries have study and reading areas, and light refreshments are served to the readers. These are open for all seven days, even on Sunday.

These libraries, along with the good facilities for reading, also offer some accessibilities, including wheelchair accessibility, elevator access and automatic entrance doors, which makes things very easy for the visitors or readers.

The time for the Whitehorse public library is 12 pm to 8 pm on Monday, 10 am to 8 pm on Tuesday to Thursday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Friday to Sunday.

Public Libraries

Public libraries are libraries which are open to all, and anyone can go there and read whatever they want to read. They only charge you some minimal charges for some changes. Otherwise, it is free of cost, and these charges are used to maintain the libraries and books.

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These charges are very normal, so anyone can pay them. The government of Canada officially runs public libraries. Under Whitehorse Public Library, there are two important and famous libraries, The Doncaster Library and The Nunawading Library.

1. Nunawading Library

Nunawading Library is located at 379 Whitehorse Road. This library is a public library. Some features of the Nunawading library include the seventeen public access computers and some important apps. An after-hours returns chute is also available in this library.

This library has air conditioning along with heating for winter. The other facilities include baby change facilities, casual reading areas, daily newspapers, a defibrillator and group study tables.

The Nunawading Library celebrates Early literacy programs; this program is very popular among the Canadian population, and details of this program are shared on the official log-in site of the library. This library also has toilets and Wi-Fi.

2. Doncaster Library

The Doncaster Library is situated on Doncaster Road, Doncaster. The famous features of this library include the sixteen public access computers, after-hour returns service, baby changing facilities, free wifi, access to apps, and free sign-in facilities. Farsi language collection, greek language collection, group study table, Parents’ rooms, prayer space, Toilets, Off-street parking, and Onsite cafe are available here.

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This library also organizes lifestyle and learning public programs, which people mostly like; they understand the demand for public speaking and personality; so, for the development of the personality of the local people, such programmes are organized by the library from time to time.

Things To Do In Whitehorse Library

There are a lot of things which you can do in the Whitehorse public library or Yukon public libraries. 

1. Reading

These libraries have a vast diversity of books; they offer the readers the perfect collection of classic rock, styles ranging, and folk rock to read along with a very peaceful environment. Readers enjoy reading in the Whitehorse public library because of its collection as well as because of its services and facilities.

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2. Watching

Yes, surprised by how and what you can watch in libraries, But yes, the Whitehorse public library also offers the facilities of watching. Many people are not that interested in reading like the old tradition; they want modern methods. So, Whitehorse Public Library introduces the feature of watching.

Here, you can watch documentaries, catalogues and any other ebooks. They have similar technologies, like smart boards in schools and colleges. Whitehorse Public Library also has a very diverse range of ebooks and documentaries.

For any person who is not very interested in reading books but still needs to gather some information, it’s my personal advice to visit these libraries. As the name suggests, public libraries, so libraries are free for all, and they charge very minimal prices for their services.

You can visit them and take their membership; they will provide you with a library card and all the important access related to apps, Google and Facebook.

3. E-Newspapers

Along with reading and watching facilities, Whitehorse public library also has an E-Newspaper facility, which is very much in demand. Due to a busy schedule, people do not have time to watch or read the news in the newspaper. So, the Whitehorse public library has a solution for this problem too, and they introduced the E-Newspaper facilities to their readers.

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4. Programmes

Apart from other facilities, this library also organizes time-to-time events for its readers; the acoustic concert is famous among all the events. Entry to this concert is free for all, and the entire concert is managed by the government of Canada and library staff. The details of these events and highlights are also shared on their official Facebook page. The programs organized by the library are very learning and entertaining along with very informative. 

Final Note

Whitehorse Library is very famous in the area; this library is run by the government and is free for the population, they charge some minimal charges in rare cases, and these charges are used in the library maintenance. The two above, mentioned libraries come under the Whitehorse Public library.

These libraries have many facilities and provide a great experience for their readers. They provide free log and sign-in access along with this free wifi, onsite cafe service. They organize time-to-time programmes for their readers, including lifestyle and learning public programs and acoustic concerts. They also share as much as details from their side on each and every important topic on their official Facebook pages and other social media sites. 

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