Saskatchewan Unveiled: 12 Must-Visit Places to Witness the Wonders of the Prairie Province

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Saskatchewan is a territorial division of Canada. It is known for its oblate steppe landscapes, roughcast Badlands in southern Saskatchewan, living skies, hiking trails, Athabasca dunes, cross-country skiing, and the eternal beauty of nature with wetlands.

Saskatchewan is known for its tallest artificial borders (Montana border), crystal clear skies, Churchill River, and Saskatoon forestry farm park. In the Valley of 1000 Devils, you may even encounter fossils of dinosaurs, national parks, and many more.

Saskatchewan Unveiled: 12 Must-Visit Places to Witness the Wonders of the Prairie Province great sand hills, the Canadian Rockies, free-roaming plains bison, the Sergeant Major’s parade, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dead Sea will also give heart-warming experiences to visitors and residents.

In short, Saskatchewan offers lovely provincial parks, mesmerizing museums, wonderful valleys, huge castle-like hotels, and much more to explore.

Saskatoon is often called the "City of Bridges" for its seven river crossings (it is also occasionally referred to as "The Paris of the Prairies", for the same reason).
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1. Mesmerizing Museums in Saskatchewan

If you want to relive the glorious past in Saskatchewan, you can find around 250 member museums and a total membership of 400 individuals and associates.

1.1. Western Development Museum

A must-visit specialty museum in Saskatchewan, you can view the historical treasure of the socio-economic developmental phase, including retro cars, buildings, boomtown studios, railway development, etc.

 It is a network of four museums in Saskatchewan that showcases the province’s transportation, agriculture, economic, and human history.

1.2. Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Royal Saskatchewan Museum is among the best aesthetic museums in Saskatchewan. Here, you can find a treasure trove of historical specimens.

Significant galleries like First Nations, Earth Science, and Life Science have a large collection of archaeological artifacts, fossils, rare species, and artifacts that provide insight into the natural and cultural history of the region.

Welcome to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

1.3. Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum

Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and museum are where you will find the traditional practice and cultural heritage occupation, and it is the preservation of aesthetic and historical memories.

Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village is where fire trucks and firefighting equipment used by the people a century ago are preserved.

Long-term Stewardship Heritage Award

Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and the Museum received the long-term Stewardship Heritage Award in 2015 for preserving and presenting rich cultural history to future generations.

2. Pleasing Provincial Parks

2.1. Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is famous for its panoramic terrain and dusk skies. You can find unique flora and fauna in the Grasslands National Park.

You can also see species at risk, like short-horned lizards, burrowing owls, swift foxes, and rich wildlife.

The vivid, elegant species of flora like locoweed, cinquefoil, vetch, and many other aromatic flowers can be explored in the Grasslands National Park.

Dixon Ranch in summer. Grasslands. National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Valley of 1000 Devil

The route through the Valley of 1000 Devils in Grasslands National Park offers a challenging trail with scenic views and the opportunity to encounter wildlife.

The landscape features rolling grasslands, native wildflowers, and geological formations such as buttes and hoodoos.

2.2. Prince Albert National Park

Prince Albert National Park is a haven of greenery created by nature, and while walking in the woods, you cannot take your eyes off the beautiful carvings on trees, which are stunning.

At the Grey Owl cabin, grab the opportunity to welcome the migratory birds; you must be present near Waskesiu lakes during the spring season.

Additionally, scenic views such as the Boundary Bog trail, Bagwa paddling route, King’s Mere Lake, Waskesiu River trail, and a heritage museum are enjoyable.

3. The Crooked Bush

Exploring the “crooked trees” of Saskatchewan

For weird yet precious memorable moments, the Crooked Bush, one of the 54 wonders of Canada, is a perfect choice.

You cannot find such twisted trees and peaceful silence while walking in the woods anywhere in Canada other than northwest Saskatchewan. You can explore the gorgeous greenery of twisted trees and feel like you are in the imaginary world of a Halloween party hosted by nature.

4. Cochin Lighthouse

The lighthouse near Cochin, the hexagonal wooden tower with 153 stairs, is the only lighthouse in Saskatchewan. It is unique for its exotic glance at sunrise and sunset.

You absolutely cannot take your eyes off the beauty of nature during dawn and dusk when you are at the top of the 153 stairs of the lighthouse.

5. Manitou Beach at Little Manitou Lake

Manitou Beach is the resort village on the shore of Little Manitou Lake. It is famous for its dance venue, annual Chainsaw carving festival, and cultural celebrations.

The Lake of Healing Waters

Little Manitou Lake is also known as the Lake of Healing Waters to remember the gathering of First Nation people affected by various skin diseases.

Even today, the resources near the lake are rich in medicinal value and used to recover and treat many diseases.

6. Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Wansukewin Heritage Park is the best place to relive the memorable past. It is an archaeological site and cultural center significant for its historical use by First Nations peoples, who gathered there to hunt bison and gather food and herbs,

Today, this place celebrates many cultural events. A housing museum, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, and many restaurants serve traditional food to the next generations. Even today, you can spend a fun night in a traditional tipi.

7. The Athabasca Dunes

You must strive to reach and enjoy the wilderness in Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, perfect for those who prefer to enjoy their company under the shining sky.

Here, you can find unique geographical features. On the one hand, there is the south shore of Lake Athabasca, and on the other hand, there are huge dunes, making a perfect combo of no network of people and uniqueness exactly like you.

8. The Boreal Forest

The boreal forests are one of Canada’s most beautiful and toughest walking trails, covered with overgrown erect greenery and damp terrain near Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Walking in the woods in the early mornings is like a blissful joy to be experienced in the nature center. No words can describe it.

Humphrey Tower is the captive site and visitor center where visitors can view the surrounding boreal forest. The sunrise and sunset are especially magnetizing.

9. Lake Diefenbaker 

Sunset over autumn leaves on a hillside overlooking Lake Diefenbaker in the Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park —
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Lake Diefenbaker is famous for the valley originating here, the Qu’Appelle River (valley). The meaning of “Qu’Appelle” is “who calls?” and an interesting story is behind it.

Who calls? -River calls!

A young man listens to a soothing voice from the river while crossing it and replies, “Qu’Appelle?” which means “Who calls?” The same sound returns due to echo; thus, it got its name.

The legend of the Qu’Appelle River is a Cree oral tradition and was later elaborated upon in the poem ‘The Legend of Qu’Appelle Valley’ by Emily Pauline Johnson.

10. Tunnels of Moose Jaw

The tunnels of Moose Jaw are a notable tourist attraction in Saskatchewan, offering guided tours about the city’s speculated connections to prohibition-era activities and the experiences of early Chinese immigrants.

Furthermore, Moose Jaw is a hidden treasure of pleasure. It is a place where entertainment, arts, music concerts, art galleries, and relaxation are wrapped up into one place.

The Mac the Moose statue in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Moose Jaw is where you can find Vaudeville-era theatres of old styles, and many old theatres are renovated into art galleries.

10.1. Mae Wilson Theatre – Moose Jaw Cultural Center

The 420-seat Mae Wilson Theatre is the perfect place for entertainment, where concerts are organized throughout the year, and booking is also available. It is an old-style theatre that remembers the past’s golden days.

Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery offers a mix of local history and art, including various exhibitions and collections from local and regional artists.

Visitors can explore the Heritage Gallery and the Norma Lang Gallery and enjoy the permanent collection, which includes sculptures, paintings, and ceramic works.

The museum also features a gift shop with works from local artists.

10.2.1. Igniting Minds

Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery provides educational tours and opportunities for students to register and learn about history and culture through hands-on workshops.

10.2.2. Tribute to Lewis Rice’s

Lewis Rice was an incredible photographer of many historical buildings and scenarios, and the murals of Moose Jaw are a tribute to Lewis Rice.


10.3. Wakamow Valley

Wakamow Valley is one of the best places that you can visit near Moose Jaw. Camping in the valley and having a road trip with audio is a heavenly pleasure, especially during springtime.

You can explore the Yvette Moore Art Gallery nearby, where you can find various handmade jewelry, pottery, and handicrafts for daily needs.

10.4. What Else to See at Moose Jaw?

There is a lot more to explore, such as the Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre, Casino Moose Jaw, Mac the Moose Monument, Crescent Park, Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, Happy Valley Park, Labyrinth of Peace Gardens, Moose Jaw Trolley Co, Moose Jaw airplane museum, snowbird airplane museum and lot more exciting sites to explore.

11. Historic Sites in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, you can sense the fragrance of precious history everywhere.

11.1. Fort Walsh National Historic Site (FWNHS)

Fort Walsh’s historic site is named after James Walsh. It was built in 1875 for trading purposes (illegal whiskey trading).

You must visit Reesor Lake, cypress hills, and conglomerate cliffs and experience the joy of cycling and hiking amidst the gorgeous greenery.

11.2. Batoche National Historic Site

The Saint Antoine de Padoue Roman Catholic Church at Batoche, Saskatchewan. — Photo
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Batoche is famous for its scenic views; you will find plenty of beauty wherever you look.

In the past, there was a 4-day-long battle held at Batoche (from May 9 -May 12, 1885). The war was between the Métis and their First Nations allies and government troops, and it was the Métis and their allies who were defeated by the government forces.

11.3. Battleford

In the past, 8 Indigenous men were hanged at Battleford on November 27, 1885. They were Cree and Assiniboine warriors.

You can visit Battle Ford Provincial Park, Red Berry Lake, Table Mountain Regional Park, Continental Park, Blue Mountain, and Finlayson Island nearby.

Battle River

The Battle River is the name of the river near Battleford, and it got its name due to the conflicts between the Cree and Blackfoot aboriginal nations. The town of Battleford derived its name from the Battle River.

11.4. Seager Wheeler Farm

Screenshot from Seager Wheeler Farm
Screenshot from Seager Wheeler Farm

This site was named after great terrain farmer Seager Wheeler. He was popular as the World Wheat King. He brought tremendous change in agriculture and cultivation in those times, especially in Western agriculture.

There is a wide diversity of fruit species, gorgeous greenery, and fresh fragrances everywhere.

11.5. Battle of Cut Knife Hill National Historic Site

The battle of Cut Knife took place in 1885 on the 2nd of May between the Battleford Column by William Otter and the Cree Nation. Under the guidance of Poundmaker and after 6 hours of fighting, the Cree Assiniboine won the battle.

What Is to Be Seen at The Cut Knife Hill?

Apart from being a Historical site, it also has places nearby perfect for cycling, strolling, picnicking, and campaigning.

World’s Largest Tomahawk – A Symbol of Unity

A giant witness of the history and world’s largest Tomahawk, it is a must-visit place to relax and understand the great history and the unity among the people during the battle. Also, visit the Big Bear Monument and Poundmaker Historical Centre.

Who is Big Bear?

Mistahimaskwa, the Cree chief, played a vital role in Canadian history.

Why the name Poundmaker?

Pihtokahanapiwiyan, the Cree Chief, was also known as a peacemaker and was named ‘Poundmaker’ because of his expertise in building and utilizing pounds for hunting buffalo.

11.6. Other Significant Sites to Be Seen in Saskatchewan

12. Hotel Saskatchewan


Finally, here is the famous and luxurious hotel in Saskatchewan. Apart from the other tourist spots, a must-visit is the site to experience the comfy and luxurious food items, a spa, a fitness center, and a provincial park all in one place at affordable prices and exciting offers.

Do you know that even without flowers, you can experience the fragrance, as the signature scent is sprayed in the lobby all the time? A free Wi-Fi connection is also available for every room out of 224 in Hotel Saskatchewan.

You can also find huge cute jack rabbits running here and there in the parks and relax. They are harmless and human-friendly.

Have you ever heard about cowboy coffee? It sounds strange just because of its preparation process. In its preparation without the filter, coffee beans are ground as powder, boiled in water, and then strained.

A secret twist is a pinch of salty and cracked egg shells added to a crunchy twist, a must-try beverage during the visit.

Apart from these, also try the iconic foods of Saskatchewan like spud nuts, Saskatoon berries, Borscht, Deer sausage, perogies, Cabbage rolls, Shishliki, and a lot more delicious food items you can enjoy there.


Saskatchewan is one of the best places to meet people from all over the world. It is rich in diverse cultures and customs.

Moreover, Saskatchewan is the right choice for nature lovers; you can learn the best things from nature in all four seasons and sense and enjoy peace everywhere.

You can view the best scenic surroundings and partake in several adventurous activities, along with learning about the history of the place.

Hence, you must visit Saskatchewan at least once to enlighten yourself, become acquainted with mindfulness and inner peace, and have fun!

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