Unveiling Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: History, Attractions, & Hidden Gems

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Southern Saskatchewan is home to the fantastic small city of Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw is packed with exciting activities, like skydiving, ice skating, and dining at world-class restaurants. You won’t find anything quite like the history and attractions here.

1. About Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 

The fourth largest in the province, Moose Jaw, gets its name from the Cree word for “a warm spot by the river,” which is moscâstani-sîpiy.

Amid Prohibition, Moose Jaw became a major distribution center for illegal booze, making its railroad links crucial, especially to the United States.

In 1882, the Canadian Pacific Railway decided to settle in the area, and the city was born. In 1893, the Soo Line expanded the rail network by connecting with Chicago. Since it seems plausible that Al Capone hid in the Moose Jaw tunnel system, the city has earned the moniker “Canada’s Most Notorious City.”

The Mac the Moose statue in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
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2. Moose Jaw’s 5 Best Attractions

2.1. Go Underneath the City in The Moose Jaw Tunnels –

One of the most interesting and enjoyable things in Moose Jaw is to descend into the city’s famed Tunnels. When the buildings along Main Street were created, so were the tunnels beneath the street.

2.2. Relax at the Geothermal Spa  –

There is no better place in Canada to soak away your cares than at the luxurious Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa. The mineral-rich, warm water is perfect for soothing sore muscles and winding down after a long day.

The mineral water’s composition is extremely similar to that in the illustrious English baths of Bath. Epsom and Glauber’s salts are among the ingredients.

2.3. Make friends with Burrowing Owls  –

The Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre is a must-see if you want to view some adorable tiny owls. Burrowing owls are critically endangered and nearly impossible to see in the wild. Only nine inches long, these owls weigh about as much as half a can of soda.

The owls are ground dwellers that build their nests in the abandoned burrows of other species, such as prairie dogs or badgers.

Burrowing Owl in culvert amongst vegetation
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2.4. Explore Wakamow Valley –

Wakamow Valley is a large urban park that spans over 500 acres and features over 20 kilometers (12 miles) of paths. You can be in the heart of the action in just a few minutes.

The trails are accessible year-round, and the area is home to over 190 different species of birds.

The Yvette Moore Gallery may be found inside the renovated Land Titles Building from 1910.

It’s a gorgeous space for showcasing the works of Yvette Moore and other Western Canadian artists, including various jewelry, ceramics, sculptures, and more.

The gallery’s tagline reads, “Every day is an art show,” and this couldn’t be more accurate.

3. Parks in Moose Jaw for A Quick Picnic Getaway!

3.1. Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, just twenty minutes northeast of Moose Jaw, is great for enjoying nature and recreation. The park has a captive bison herd in a paddock among the beautiful rolling hills, which the First Nations once used to corral the animals.

Buffalo Pound Lake at sunset in scenic Saskatchewan
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This park includes hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, a beginner 9-hole course, and a pro-18-hole course. Nicolle Flats Interpretive Area and Marsh Boardwalk offer waterfowl watching.

The park also offers excellent fall vistas of the Qu’Appelle Valley.

Buffalo Pound offers multiple-night camping possibilities. Two Camp-Easy yurts are available for booking in Buffalo Pound. Buffalo Pound Provincial Park now offers hammock camping. The weaving construction can hold six hammocks, so grab some buddies and “hang” in the park this summer.

3.2. Crescent Park

Crescent Park is a well-kept Moose Jaw park renowned for birdwatching, touring, and relaxing. The park is located on Spring Creek and is well-hidden by trees from downtown Moose Jaw.

Crescent Park has a paved path with benches and picnic tables. The paved walk is part of the Rotary Trails of Moose Jaw community trail system. Crescent Park’s lawns are well-kept. The time capsule, cenotaph, and Queen Elizabeth Rose Garden dot the park lawns.

Spring Creek has fountains that shoot water into the air. A rock wall waterfall stands at the park’s end. Waterfowl and songbirds flock to Crescent Park’s waterworks and trees.

Crescent Park is near a museum, art gallery, and library in downtown Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Relax in the park and then enjoy art and culture.

The park has a playground, water, an amphitheater, tennis courts, and lawn bowling greens.

Crescent Park Pt. 1, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan / the Jewel of The Prairies / Filipino in Canada

3.3. Wakamow Valley

Wakamow Valley is a huge urban park in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. The River Valley Park consists of many smaller parks and a path system.

Wakamow Valley parks and trails are popular. In summer, people hike, walk, jog, and bike on the paths. Paved trails are handicapped and stroller-friendly. Some tracks are cross-country ski routes in winter.

This valley has many smaller parks. Year-round activities, excursions, festivals, and special events are popular in the parks and trails.

Summertime at Wakamow Valley means fishing, picnics, relaxing, canoeing, kayaking, and birdwatching. Wakamow Valley parks include 190+ bird species.

Connor, Kiwanis River, Kinsmen Wellesley, Rotary River, Lions, and Plaxton Lake Parks are Wakamow Valley day-use parks.

4. Top Moose Jaw Romantic Getaways & Hotels

4.1. Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa

Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa is the best place to get away in Saskatchewan. It is in the historic downtown area of Moose Jaw.

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

4.1.1. Retreat-

Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa in downtown Moose Jaw is the ideal environment for corporate meetings, conferences, weddings, and celebrations of 14 to 220 people. It may inject new life into your next conference or corporate retreat.

4.1.2. Rediscover-

The downtown area of Moose Jaw contains several secrets you may not know. You’re within a five-minute stroll from the famed Tunnels of Moose Jaw attraction, which you may visit after a hike in the vast municipal park directly across the street.

You don’t have to leave the Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa to visit the Casino Moose Jaw, but there are plenty of other attractions in the area worth checking out.

4.2. Grant Hall Hotel

If you’re looking for a relaxing setting to enjoy some excellent cuisine and wine, go no further than Grant Hall Dining Room & Lounge.

The elegant dining room can host up to sixty guests for dinner and makes a great first impression for business lunches with its linen-covered tables and soothing music.

4.3. Wakamow Heights Bed and Breakfast

This historic home was built in 1908 and is now used as a bed & breakfast. It is located near Wakamow Valley Park and boasts views of the Moose Jaw River Valley and the city of Moose Jaw.

Every room at the Wakamow Heights Bed and Breakfast features a free high-speed Internet connection, a television with a flat screen, and a DVD player. Each one comes with its private bathroom and is decorated in a Victorian style.

Every morning, guests can have breakfast in the dining room or on the entire property’s veranda. Breakfast consists of fresh fruit, freshly baked goods, and a hot entrée.

Tour at Old Mansion Wakamow Heights B&B//Manding Celia

From the Wakamow Heights Bed and Breakfast, you can reach the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in around 5 minutes by car. There is parking available for no charge.

5. Moose Jaw Museums

5.1. Western Development Museum

The museum chronicles transportation history in the West and how it altered the landscape. Vehicles, trains, and even old airplanes are all on display at this museum.

The Snowbirds aerobatic team performs for visitors as part of its aircraft exhibits—plenty of free parking, a gift shop, and picnic tables.

A ride on the K+S Potash Canada Short Line 101 in the summer is a great way to see the only steam locomotive used in Saskatchewan as it chugs along the 400 m track. The steam locomotive can only run if the weather permits. You should always contact us ahead of time to ensure availability.

Learn more about the Western Development Museum’s fascinating artifacts, innovative projects, and exciting events by browsing the institution’s online special features.

In addition to a museum and a visual Art Gallery, the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery also has a learning center, a small performing arts theatre, and a gift shop.

This organization oversees the facility’s day-to-day operations and the preservation of the city’s art and historical collections.

6. Best Trails in Moose Jaw

Want to know where to find the greatest Moose Jaw hiking routes? There are five beautiful trails in the Moose Jaw region that you may use for hiking, biking, trail running, or any other outdoor activity. You’ll get trail maps, user reviews, and pictures from different outdoorsy types.

Moose Jaw is home to 5 different trails, many suitable for families. Hikers and nature lovers of all ability levels will enjoy exploring the natural surroundings near Moose Jaw, and you can experience the city’s many paths that feature interesting historical landmarks.

6.1. Moose Jaw River Walk

The 4.7-kilometre circular route is located close to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. In most cases, it is a straightforward path, and it can be finished in 1 hour and 14 minutes on average.

You are not likely to come across many other people while exploring this trail, which makes it ideal for walking, running, and hiking.

  • Length – 4.7 km
  • Elevation Gain – 116m
  • Route Type – Loop

6.2. Eco and Trans Canada Trail loop

Explore this loop route that is 5.6 kilometers long and close to Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan. It takes a typical participant 1 hour 29 minutes to complete the trial and is rated as having a moderate difficulty level.

This path is ideal for walking, and you’ll rarely encounter many other people while exploring it.

  • Length – 5.6 km
  • Elevation Gain – 143m
  • Route Type – Loop

6.3. Bison View Trail

Try out this circle route that is 3.2 kilometers long and close to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. In most cases, it is regarded as a simple path and can be finished in an average of 46 minutes.

  • Length – 3.2km
  • Elevation Gain – 60m
  • Route Type – Loop

6.4. Victoria Heights Path

Explore this loop route that is 3.2 kilometers long and close to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. In most cases, it is regarded as a simple path, and it can be finished in an average of 43 minutes.

You are hardly likely to come across many other people while exploring this trail, which makes it ideal for running and walking.

  • Length – 3.2km
  • Elevation Gain – 41m
  • Route Type – Loop
the beauty of La Victoria Heights😍😉

6.5. Moose Jaw Rotary Trail

Try this out-and-back route that is 5.3 kilometers long and close to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. In most cases, it is regarded as a simple path, and it can be finished in an average of 1 hour and 7 minutes.

  • Length – 5.3km
  • Elevation Gain – 49m
  • Route Type – Out & Back

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Is it worthwhile to make the trip to Moose Jaw?

The Canadian city of Moose Jaw is located in the province of Saskatchewan. The Western Development Museum, the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, and the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum are popular destinations in the area.

Q.2. Just what does Moose Jaw specialize in economically?

The city is essential in the surrounding area’s agricultural, food-processing, mining, and transportation sectors. It is also a major service hub, with significantly higher-than-average employment rates in hotels, department stores, and retirement communities.

Q.3. How do you refer to a native of Moose Jaw?

“Moose Javians” are the locals of Moose Jaw.

Wrapping Up

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is a popular stop for tourists driving across western Canada due to its convenient location, 65 kilometers from Regina International Airport (YQR) on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Mae Wilson Theatre, Mosaic Place Event Centre, spas, and the Moose Jaw Casino are all within walking distance from their downtown location. Dolce Salon offers spa treatments, and Hudson’s Boutique sells boutique goods. Steakhouse & Lounge offers both fine meals and a relaxed atmosphere.

Additionally, because of the breathtaking nature of the landscape around you, this place will allow you to shoot some remarkable photographs. And due to the fantastic activities and festivals available and celebrated here, you will want to come here constantly.

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