Top 8 Best High Schools Montreal for Your Kids

Every parent dreams of the best for their child and providing the children with the best education in the best school is the dream of each and every parent. The child’s school plays a significant role in their overall development.

There are so many parameters that every parent investigates before admitting their student to any school including school rankings, university rankings, and all the aspects of that particular school. Montreal is a place that is full of schools and universities, these schools provide the best education to its students. 

1. 8 Best High Schools in Montreal

The best high schools in Montreal mentioned in this blog are the best schools in every aspect – perhaps because they are completely focused on their students. These schools have all subjects including science, mathematics, and English. They have proper and sequential layouts and techniques for teaching the students.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about best high schools in Montreal measure, difficulty level, caution taken in these schools, their ranking, offers, how to choose the best school for your child, what are the rights of parents and students in these schools. 

1.1. Anglophone Schools in Montreal

Anglophone schools in Montreal is the top high school cum university in Quebec, Canada in Montreal. This school’s ranking is very good and this school is a co-ed school, which means both girls and boys can take admitted to this school.

This is an English medium school, having a science and mathematics stream for high classes. This school is a private school in Quebec city. Anglophone schools in Montreal are a group of schools and universities that are situated at different locations. 

1.2. Jean-de-Brebeuf in Montreal

This school’s ranking is among the top best high schools in Montreal. This school is also having its own elementary school. Jean-de-Brebeuf in Montreal has science and mathematics streams for students. It is a private school in Montreal.

Previously this high school was subsidized by Jesuits in French language education which was offering the students secondary school and up to college level education in Quebec city in Canada. At first, this school only allow the admission of boys students but after 2014, this school starts taking the admission of girls students as well.

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courtsey: Jean-de-Brebeuf

The location of this high school is 3200 ch de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montréal QUEBEC H3T 1C1. 

1.3. College Saint-Louis in Montreal

College Saint-Louis school and the university is majorly liked by students along with parents for admission because of their popularity and ranking. The province and performance of this best high have completed almost 1930 years in Quebec city.

This school is fit for each student along with students who are french speaking or any other language speaking as they pay attention to each and every student. This best high school is the day private English medium school.

The Haitian education system is followed in this best high school in Montreal. The secondary schools of this college are located in Philo from grade 7 onwards. 

This school is located at 275 36e av, LACHINE QUEBEC H8T 2A4. 

1.4. Saint-Nom-de-Marie in Montreal

Another best-ranking day private English medium school is Saint-nom-de-Marie in Montreal, Quebec Canada. This is among the best high schools in Montreal which is having its own hostel for students.

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Courtesy: Saint-Nom-de-Marie

The infrastructure and hostel life on this campus is loved by students. This high school is providing very good food facilities in its cafeteria. The cafeteria is not public and is only for the students of the school. This best high school in Montreal is situated in the elite area of the city. 

1.5. Ali Ibn Abi Talib in Montreal

Ali Ibn Talib educational institute is one of the oldest running education institutes in Montreal, Quebec. This private institute in Quebec is holding the best position in the ranking list of best high schools in Montreal.

The rankings of all these high schools are given by government bodies. This school is a public school, any student can take admitted to this Quebec school. This private school is doing very well in the field of education. Along with education this high school also offer many co-circular activities to its student for their overall development.

It is located at 1610 Rue de Beauharnois O, Montreal. 

1.6. Beurling Academy

Beurling academy’s best high school in Montreal is very safe and secure for the students. This best high school in Montreal is the best choice among parents for their kids. Beurling academy’s aim and vision is the overall personality development of the children. 

Their main objectives are to certify, socialize and instruct the students. They believed that every student has the potential to tackle the difficult and life challenging situation in their respective life.

Courtesy: Beurling Academy

The location of this high school is 6100 Champian Blvd, Verdun, Quebec.

1.7. Emmanuel Christian School

Emmanuel Christian School helps its students to excel in the academic field. They provide a rigorous learning atmosphere to the students that cater to the students. Their school also organize sport meets from time to time for developing the sportsmen ship in the students. 

Their focus is on every student irrespective of anything. They have excellent teaching experience and plans which are able to help every child. The location of this best high school in Montreal is 4698 Boul, Saint-Jean, Dollard-dee-Ormeaux in Canada.

1.8. John Grant High School

John grants high school is fully oriented for students’ growth and development in all aspects. This high school believes that every student has the strong potential to learn and grow in their life ahead. 

Their academic programs include studies along with co-curricular activities which are designed basically to keep in mind the wholesome development of the child as a responsible adult citizen.

Final Note

These schools are the best among all the other public and private schools. The ranking is given to every school each year and anyone can read these rankings after it is released on the government site. These best high schools in Montreal are fully dedicated to child career development. 

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