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Many restaurants in Montreal are famous for their tasty dishes and attract tourists for food adventures; hence, we will look at some of the best places to eat in Montreal.

Montreal is an exalting mix of old-European charm and trendy north yank metropolis, and it’s nothing short of charming. We can see an ideal dynamic in Montreal’s exciting food scene. 

Ancient bistros, old-fashioned beigel outlets, and funky fusion restaurants grow and flourish within the same house. If you’re trying to find a style of Montreal’s distinctive gastronomy, look no more than the list below. 

Here’s a glance at some of the best restaurants in Montreal for your next gourmet journey.

1. The Signature Dishes Of Montreal Restaurants

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Now we’ll look at the popular food items available in Montreal. The global and tasty menu of greater Montreal attracts many tourists for a food adventure. Signature dishes were available in old Montreal restaurants that set high standards in delicious food items. A unique chef team is a plus point for great restaurants in Montreal.

1.1. Montreal Bagels

The Montreal bagels are a variety of handmade, hot wood-fired baked bagels. Indifferent to the New York-styled bagels, which also contain sourdough, the Montreal bagels are small, very thin, sweeter, and mostly denser, with a large hole, and are always finely baked in a hot wood-fired oven.

1.2. Montreal-smoked Meat Sandwiches

The Montreal smoked meat, or well-smoked meat in Quebec, is one of the most popular food items. It’s unique kosher-style deli meat, prepared by salting beef brisket with spices. The brisket is to absorb the great flavors for over a week, smoked to cook through, and finally, steamed to great completion.

1.3 Foie Gras

Foie gras is a specialty food preparation from the liver of a duck( or a goose as well). Foie gras is the liver of a duck, or of a goose fattened by gavage. 

1.4 Buckwheat Pancake

Tasty buckwheat pancakes are light and fluffy and made entirely from scratch. Generally, they are not very sweet and are scented with vanilla flavor, making them delicious.

1.5 Portuguese Chicken 

Traditional Portuguese chicken is called Peri Peri Chicken (or sometimes Piri Piri Chicken) and is served with Piri-Piri peppers. These are commonly from South Africa and imported to Great Portugal from two Portuguese colonies, are Angola and Mozambique, on spice ships.

1.6 Lobster Pasta 

Lobster pasta is a rich, creamy pasta, and one of the most delicious seafood dishes. It’s a pasta dish with most chunks of flavorful lobster meat and a creamy Parmesan sauce. This recipe will take more or less than 30 minutes to prepare, and it’s a suitable choice for a quick dinner.

shrimp spaghetti dish
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1.7 Lobster Ravioli

Lobster ravioli is a pasta dish that contains regular ravioli noodles with a lobster filling and is commonly served- with a fresh seafood sauce. Sauces might include a creamy sauce, a seafood broth, or a buttery sauce.

Many different ingredients are combined with lobster meat to make the ravioli filling, and then one of the regular sauces is made to serve with the many dishes.

1.8 Chicken Poutine

Chicken poutine is popular Canadian street food: generally marinated chicken stewed and served with potato fries, lightly spiced bechamel sauce, and three completely different kinds of cheese.

Poutine may be a Québécois dish manufactured from fresh white potatoes screw-topped with fresh cheese curds and gravy. It first appears in the nineteen-fifties in rural Quebec snack bars. 

1.9 Foie Gras Torchon

A Packed French snack is a very popular delicacy in French cuisine. Foie Gras Torchon is a specialty food prepared with the liver of a duck or of a goose. Torchon reflects the tradition of wrapping the foie gras in a towel or cloth, poaching it, and letting it steep for a few days. Recipes change a bit over time.

1.10 Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a fresh sea preparation of salmon, typically a fillet that could be cured and hot or cold smoked. Smoked salmon is considered a delicacy. Although the term- lox is used for smoked salmon, they are different preparations of the products.

2. The Best Places To Eat In Montreal

 2.1. Dinette Triple Crown

Pioneers of a picnic within the park summer takeout, this well-established, wicker basket-dispensing Mile-Ex haunt is understood for its delicious Southern comfort classics. The cook Colin Perry’s crisp fried chicken, satiating macaroni and cheese, and rotation of flaky, buttery afters pies do not seem to be lost.

2.2. Wilensky’s Light Lunch

This mile-finish lunch counter is as classic as available. Montrealers and tourists flock to 90-year-old Wilensky’s for one thing: The Special, a signature sandwich that layers beef sausage and bologna, cheese (optional), and mustard (mandatory), beat a grilled, ironed roll.

Part of intake at Wilensky’s Light Lunch is the eating expertise. Diners sit on bar stools facing the grill and chat with consecutive Wilensky generation (Sharon and Asher) throughout their fast meal.

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2.3. Ma Poule Mouillée

A fire at the start of 2019 might have created some panic for this rotisserie’s future. However, the Portuguese grill Ma Poule Mouillée makes a name as one of the best places to eat, complete with line-ups out the door. The quarter or half chicken plates — doused with a spicy Piri-Piri sauce and served with a delicious mountain of fries and token dish — are the quality play. However, the poutine has reached icon standing, bulked up with chicken, chorizo, and Sao Jorge cheese.

2.4. Jun I

Kyoto native and cook Junichi Ikematsu has been fastidiously crafting raw fish on rice morsels at his eponymously named Mile Finish Dish restaurant for over sixteen years. It’s a staple for upmarket Japanese eating within the town. Since 2020, they have joined a neighbor grab-and-go counter and grocery outlet Ôkini, which provisioned everything from nigiri and sake to ceramics and sauces.

2.5. Le Coq de L’Est

Le Coq de L’Est has since moved, one or two blocks east, though still on Hochelaga Street. You will find the most popular gorgeous pink-hued, Pakistani-spiced tandoori chicken here. However, this restaurant’s deep-fried pork ribs, tossed salad, and saucy poutine deserve honorable mentions as well.

2.6. Antonietta

best places to eat in Montreal
By: Jay Wennington/Unsplash

This two-year-old Papineau Street-Italian restaurant named Antonietta excels highly in their food department. They are good enough to satisfy the foremost discerning nonna, yet artistic sufficient to dazzle the new guard.

The restaurant menu changes usually, but native veggies, many cheese and pecorino, and flavor-rich guanciale (cured pork cheek) create frequent appearances. 

2.7. Casse-Croûte Sissi & Paul

Montreal is brim-full with Haitian restaurants dishing succulent cubes of marinated-braised-then-fried pork (aka, griot). Sissi & Paul’s chicken and vegetable stew (with meat) conjointly catch your attention.

Everybody has their favorite spot; however, this one, out by Iberville railroad station, undeniably occupies an area within the prime tier.

2.8. Hogan et Beaufort

Tucked over within the ever-developing Technopole Angus, Hogan & Beaufort brings an earthy feel to its customers. Under chef-owner Marc-Andre Jetté’s watch, mushrooms, beets, turnips, and many other dishes create appearances, usually serving to showcase catches from the province’s lakes and land.

2.9. Hélicoptère

With a cooking approach that feels like fine dining, however, is additional casual in setting and value, Hélicoptère has been checking boxes left and right since the gap in 2018. 

Expect a menu of vibrant, artistic plates spotlighting many seasonal fares from cook David Ollu.

2.10. Joon

First-time restaurant owner Erin Mahoney opened the doors to Joon in the fall of 2020, transporting the flavors of the Caspian and South Caucasus regions to very little Italy. Small, seasonal sharing dishes slathered in herbs and spices characteristic of Georgian, Persian, and Armenian foodways frame most of the menu, with highlights together with her zucchini fritters, cooked Cornish hen, and pistachio-dotted, saffron-laced frozen dessert.

2.11. Pichai

This St-Hubert Street newcomer highlights Thai flavors in an exquisite formal, wine bar-esque setting. Pichai’s- menu focuses on Isaan grilled meats and salads, together with choices like lamb dok kalam (a spicy cauliflower dish), gai rule (a grilled chicken with tamarind sauce), and Sai Krok Isan (a rice-fermented Berkshire sausage).

2.12. Restaurant Paulo & Suzanne

Arguably one of the most effective poutine purveyors in the city.

Open twenty-four hours daily, diners can’t fail with the classics — and its extreme chicken grilled cheese and popcorn chicken poutine are celebrated to be worthy picks.

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By: Zell Thomas/Unsplash

2.13. Mae Sri

Chef Pamika Sukla has been in the Thai restaurant business for a short time with her name eponymous restaurant Pamika. However, with her casual restaurant Mae Sri, she hits the spot. Famous for its kuai tiao, the rice noodle soup is the apparent selection — it comes in an associated array of lemony and spicy varieties, adorned with a side of pork belly, shrimp, and more.

2.14. Satay Brothers

Satay Brothers have evolved over the years from a seasonal market stall supported by 2 brothers and their mum to an active, destination-worthy restaurant on the Notre Dame, one of only a few places to supply Malaysian or Singaporean food within the town strip. 

Stellar peanut-sauced satays, steamed sides of pork belly buns, small laksa, and coconut-topped rendang have propelled them to icon standing on the city’s restaurant scene. The early days stand at the Atwater Market still noticeably within the image.

2.15. Arthurs Nosh Bar

From the McArthur dish sandwich to the high mound of chickpeas, eggplant, and cucumber on bread for the Moroccan toast, it’s just about not possible to go anywhere else after ordering at this St-Henri brunch-and-lunch haunt. 

The team behind the next-generation Someone Nosh Bar is additionally at the helm of pandemic jailbreak star and fried chicken provider Bucky Roosters.

2.16. Beba

The intermingling of Spanish and Italian culture in Argentina square measure what brothers Ari and Pablo Schor (both Liverpool House alum) sought to recreate in the battle of Verdun with their 2019 gap. 

With the pandemic, empanadas (fresh or frozen) filled with spinach and cheese, chorizo and potato, and beef and olive became their go-to-card. However, currently, feeding rooms square measure are allowed to open up except for pasta, seasonal salads and food, and bright cooked meats and vegetables.

2.17. Falafel St. Jacques

Falafel St. Jacques shines as one of the best places to eat with reasonable all-vegetarian options along with occasional famous kebabs. They are well-known for their wide range of falafel and Israeli-style pita sandwiches around the town. 

However, that’s not all the casual counter-service spot in Lachine has to offer: you should try its Lentinus edodes shish taouk and sabich (fried eggplant sandwich), which is sure to become a favorite after a single try.

2.18. Joe Beef

The reservations area unit is robust to induce at Joe Beef. A testament to the recognition of Frédéric Morin and David McMillan’s tiny Burgundy restaurant. 

A relative baby opened in 2005 and named once a colorful 19th-century building; Joe Beef is a cozy restaurant determined to make you feel comfortable in its establishment.

Feel the angle before long as you practice the doors, see the chalkboard menu, and listen to the music streaming through the speakers. Most significantly, you’ll style the angle once you eat the food at this typical however intimate establishment.

Invite your friends to hitch you at Joe Beef, so you’ll share different plates and waver glasses of red French wine – and by glasses, we tend to mean bottles. Begin with meaty P.E.I. oysters from the raw bar, and so choose your passion from the daily menu on the wall.

Surf and turf dominate the menu with lobster spaghetti and calf’s liver decisions. Costs skew high here. However, the valuation is straightforward to justify considering the standard of the massive servings and, therefore, the overall eating expertise. You can find Joe Beef at 2491 Notre Dame St W, Montreal, QC H3J 1N6, Canada.

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2.19. Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon is another excellent restaurant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located at 536 Duluth Street East in the borough of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal location and was named the 34th best restaurant in Canada.

Au Pied de Cochon restaurant is where it all began. Constantly evolving, the Pied de Cochon celebrated its 20th anniversary in November 2021. This à-la-carte restaurant is located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Authentic and faithful to their Quebec and Canadian roots, the dishes are hearty and comforting. Passing family knowledge contributes to the restaurant’s reputation.

Also drawing inspiration from French brasseries, the chef and his team draw inspiration from local and seasonal products to create a timeless menu.

With private-import wines, beers brewed in Montreal, and signature cocktails, Au Pied de Cochon restaurant is a friendly place where local products are showcased. This restaurant is where one of the first open kitchens in Montreal exists so that you can see the cooks in action.

2. 20. Reuben Schwartz

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By: Louis Hansel/Unsplash

Schwartz’s is, also called the Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen, is a Jewish delicatessen restaurant located at 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, Quebec. Reuben Schwartz was established on December 31, 1928.

This joint is famous for its smoked sandwiches. 

2.21. Fairmount Bagel & St-Viateur Bagel

Crowds flock to Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood to eat bagels in the last few hours of the day and night. However, where can you find the best bagels in Montreal?

Many argue that Fairmount Bun has been serving the most effective Montreal bagels since 1919, whereas others, like St-Viateur, open since 1957, are simply around the corner. 

Either way, these two Montreal icons are charged with turning the doughnut-shaped jap European bread staple into one of Montreal’s signature foods. 

Montreal bagels are different from their Big Apple cousins. They’re smaller and have a sweet flavor because of a cookery method that uses a water and honey bathtub.

Montrealers swear by their bagels with a passion typically reserved for hockey. Although we tend to in person like the big apple bagels, we also appreciate the Montreal version once it’s straight from the kitchen appliance and slathered with fine cream cheese. 

One factor is evident – consumption of Montreal bagels is a must once you visit Montreal whether or not you visit Fairmount or St-Viateur bun. Better yet, go to both.

2.22. Okeya Kyujiro

Performative fine dining experiences in Montreal are not specifically commonplace, and perhaps that is because it isn’t the fashion most well-liked by locals. Once it’s done right, however, it’s terrific. 

What is higher than the exactness found in associate omakase service then? The frilly multi-course, cook-driven meals from Japanese chef Takuya “Tom” Matsuda are a humongous twenty courses with chanoyu that’s an excellent dance that you will be distressed if you begin looking for faults.

2.23. Tuck Shop

A classic tale of young chefs and edifice(restaurant) frontmen returning along to develop an area of their own, candy store was among the OG operators to turn the neighborhood of Saint-Henri into a destination. 

A beautiful back furnishes designed into a garden make for a nicely secluded service, if not their complete bright raw bar to eat back oysters. The mission to make an honest associate eatery with a seasonal menu in 2010 has since massed a loyal following and a relentless client base for their business service.

They are doing sensible work while keeping people guessing; keep a watch on their Twitter page to remain updated on what’s being served.

2.24. Club Chasse et Pêche

There are always restaurants vying to be the new factor on the scene. However, restaurants like Club Chasse et Pêche prove experience wins at the end. 

The founder Claude Pelletier and dining-room attendant Hubert Marsolais did not take long to earn solid stature for their alternative skills in knowledgeable service, food, and drink. 

Placed within the historic country house Diamond State Ramezay in Old Montreal, the complete ambiance of this house exudes Montreal fine dining at its best.

In the summer, the fine dining and dining room on its garden furnishings is the real cherry-on-top expertise here.

2.25. Provisions Bar à Vin

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By: Dan Gold/Unsplash

Chefs Hakim Rahal and Pablo Rojas achieved success throughout the pandemic once the first Provisions shut down. Since they turned their full attention to their wine-forward spot, it’s all been gravy. 

With even nearer access to their butchery operations, this place is singlehandedly, combining it with casual-yet-refined service and decoration beat tin and counter consumption found in Montreal’s hippest institutions. Sensible for each long, natural wines- and wine list excellent, fuelled nights with steaks and oysters in addition to grand-and-go sandwiches throughout the day.

2.26. Chez Sophie

Chef Sophie Tabet’s room celebrates international flavors with French techniques. Change of state and executions reveals a lot of expertise and maturity of tenure acquired from stints at L’Antrance in Paris and decaliter Pescatore in Italia.

As a Michelin restaurant, this place was bound to land on this list. The service is as attentive as it is skilled without distancing itself from pleasure and friendliness. Frozen dessert allows seasonal fillings, lobster pasta, lobster ravioli, and sweetbreads.

2.27. La Chronique

Opened in 1995, this restaurant from Laurence Olivier Delaware Montigny serves dessert apple Sitaras, and chef-owner brandy Delaware Canck delivers all the heights of French cooking. 

Situated in an address with a white-minimalist interior and an eating mezzanine, no dish disappoints inside these four walls. That extends from late afternoons of straightforward but no less exquisite, pared-down decisions to evenings of full wine glasses and plates of duck foie gras, resplendent French fare at its best. Visit for a tasting menu and great food items.

2.28. Île Flottante

Chef Sean Murray Smith systematically wows with tasting menus that offer seasonal vegetable pride of place — while not being strictly feeder. Dishes area unit attractive layerings of fascinating textures, organic colors, and elvish flavors, and they’re all served up during a polished eating house.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you want hot dogs, steak frites, six course tasting menu, japanese omakase tasting menu, italian dishes made with  fresh pasta, some classic smoked meat sandwich, or speciality dieshes like beef tartare served with natural wine. These 28 amazing places got you coverd for everything you need.

So, What are you waiting for? Go out today and make you day special.

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