Sculpting Elegance: Toronto’s Top 3 Japanese Hair Salons Redefining Beauty

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Japan is one of the most famous cultural centers in the world. From technology to animation, this little island country rules the world with its fine art, culture, style, politeness, and cuteness. Japanese culture has spread its wings across the globe and in different fields, including food and hairstyle.

As Japanese hair salons offer the latest trends, the best products, and honest services, the trendy hairstyles of Japan have seeped into Canada as well. With soaring skyscrapers and the CN Tower, Toronto is a metropolis city in the province of Ontario.

With many green spaces, sports facilities, and zoos, Toronto is always up and ahead to follow the recent trends and styles. This lively city never fails to welcome different cultures with open arms.

According to a report in 2007, nearly 20,000 Japanese Canadians live in Toronto, which has given rise to several Japanese hair salons.

So, if you are an inhabitant of Toronto, you can visit some of these hair salons for hair treatment. Here is a list of the top 4 Japanese hair salons in Toronto.

1. Seefu Hair Salon

Established in 1998 in the greater Toronto area of Spadina, North York, and Yorkville, Seefu Hair Salon offers high-end styling services to clients. This well-equipped hair salon has a team of professional stylists with advanced knowledge about different techniques and hair treatments.

This Japanese hair salon in Toronto offers beauty treatments and services like haircuts that go with your preference, blow-out styling, color services, and damage repair services that revitalize the hair with organic reconstruction treatment.

modern hair salon interior design
Image Source: Sheefu Hair Salon.

Other than expert services from professional stylists, Seefu Hair Salon has a 48-hour cancellation policy. This Japanese hair salon offers 50% cash back on service charges if the appointment is canceled without prior notice.

The primary focus of Seefu Hair Salon is to create an honest environment and navigate their clients to proper hair treatment. Therefore, they offer expert consultation to clients who wish to balayage or color their hair.

In this expert hair consultation, they discuss the current condition of the client’s hair, the necessary treatments and services required to achieve the end goal, and the total cost of the service.

2. Tac Tiq Hair Salon

If you are searching for a feel-good hair salon at an affordable cost, then Tac Tiq hair salon is the perfect place for you. This Japanese hair salon offers clients menu items, styles, and treatments.

From shampoo and blow dry to perm, hair treatment, hairstyle, and updo, this Japanese hair salon offers everything exalt and show off your trendy lifestyle at an affordable price.

This Japanese hair salon was opened in 2012 by Canada Styles Ltd with the intention of training top-notch hairstylists and Japanese people who wish to have foreign work experience.

This Japanese hair salon is run by master stylists like Keiko Iwasaki, who graduated from a renowned beauty college in Fukuoka and worked as a hairstylist in a reputed beauty corporation for nearly five years; Akemi Yamashita, who graduated from Yamano Beauty College and has an experience of 8 years in this field, etc.

In this Japanese hair salon, the cost of haircuts and hair services begins at $15 for kids, $20 for students, and $25 for adults. Tac Tiq hair salon offers a head spa, wedding makeup, and updo.

3. N15 Hair Salon

The N15 hair salon is one of Toronto’s most reputed Japanese hair salons. Hiroki Sugita, the owner of this hair salon, worked as a master stylist for nearly 15 years in Aoyama, Tokyo. Now, he dreams of training other Japanese-North American stylists. Once you enter this hair salon, you will be welcomed with refreshment drinks like Japanese tea.

This Japanese hair salon uses modern techniques like a digital perm and offers honest and authentic service. While you sit back and relax, you can surf and browse the internet with this hair salon’s free Wi-Fi. From Shiatsu massage to quality products and precision cutting, N15 Hair Salon is here to provide you with the best services.

The N15 hair salon is equipped with modern techniques like a digital perm. It is a unique technique where hot rods with temperature regulated by a digital display machine are used to treat the hair. Toronto’s famous Japanese hair salon is expanding its branches in Sheppard and Yonge Centre in North York.

Japanese hair salon in Toronto
Image Source: N15 Hair Salon

The hair salon is driven by a motto, which is also the Japanese tagline of the company, meaning “Leave everything to N15”. This suggests that you can trust the honest service of this salon.

It offers a variety of services like hair coloring, hair styling, children’s cuts, perms, Asian Hairstyle, balayage, ombre, somber, color correction, brow lifts, digital perms, digital straightening, keratin treatments, skincare, and many other luxurious services.

The Bottom Line

All these hair salons mentioned above offer online booking and cancellation policies. Some of the websites of the hair salons discussed above can provide you with essential cookies, which will help them understand your choices and improve their service.

So, if you are a resident of B and an ardent follower of trends, then go ahead and enjoy the luxurious service of these Japanese salons in Toronto.

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