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Being a part of the Northern Gulf Islands, Denman Island is situated in the British Columbian part of Canada with a majestic appearance. Here in this article, we will check the things to do on Denman Island. Though it is well known by its native name Sla-dai-rich, it hasn’t lost its indigeneity yet.

The island has provided shelter to a number of Canadian citizens since 1391. It has the meaning that symbolizes ‘inner island’. Being a part of the Archipelago of the Gulf Islands, it also acts as a home to every British Columbian citizen. There are so many regions to visit here, which has its traces back to history. 

Denman & Hornby Islands: Full TRAVEL GUIDE of the Canadian CARIBBEAN! (British Columbia)

The Village Point is one such place, which was earlier owned by the native community called Pentlatch. This Village Point now gained prominence by having a new name, that is, the Denman Point. When we trace the history, it is evident that the population was reduced due to the striking of a pandemic called smallpox, which ultimately forced the rest of the population to move towards their neighboring place, known as Comox. 

Denman Island received its name from Captain Richards, who named the island with the name of their commander, Joseph Denman. People who lived here undertook many activities like coal mining for their daily survival. A wetland is present in the midst of the island, with a story regarding the past.

1. 10 Things to Do on Denman Island

There are so many activities that one can do in the Denman Islands. Some of them are listed below, which every tourist can have a look at while visiting the Islands of Denman. There is no doubt in saying that these activities will truly engage all the visitors.

1.1 Camping in Denman Island

Denman Island is well-known as a place that provides every visitor with astonishing activities to enjoy there. Activities like hiking seem to be very common here. Usually, on this beautiful island, there is a Provincial Park called Fillongley, present with its charming enchanting beauty, which lets every passenger to have a one-day trip there.

The presence of the ocean surrounds the island, which makes it unique from other places. There are so many facilities available for every person who visits there for access like the potable water, the toilets available which are pits, the fire rings, etc.

Even though this place uses firewood instead of gas stoves for cooking purposes, it is highly recommended to use gas stoves due to the scarcity of such firewood present in that area. So, for having food, it is always advised to use gas stoves here. From the park itself, the operator will be providing firewood for everyone. You can also purchase firewood from these operators as well.

Denman Island

1.2 Pay a Visit to the Lighthouse of Chrome Island

With unique sites like the natural areas, which appear to be the sightseeing options for every tourist who visits there, Denman Island is unique in its own manner. The first activity that everyone visiting here can do is visit the Lighthouse of Chrome Island. From the Provincial Park of Boyle Point, you can visit the Lighthouse present on Chrome Island. 

You can reach here by hiking. The entire scenery is very attractive, with the snow-covered mountains which cover that particular area. Even though these Provincial Parks cover the entire southernmost part of this Denman Island, you can also pay a visit here.

The Eagle Rock lets every visitor view Chrome Island while standing on top of it. This is yet another sight that is present here.

Chrome Island Lighthouse

1.3 Visiting Morning Beach Park is One of the Best Things to Do on Denman Island

This charming Morning Beach Park is situated in the northern part of Denman Island. There are lots of open beaches present there, which makes this place overwhelming to all the visitors who visit this place. Because of the presence of beaches, people used to expect this area to be sandy. But you will wonder after noticing that the area appears to be more rocky.

Many wooden stairs are present, and those people who are daredevils can have trekking down those stairs. There are many picnic tables and sightseeing places from where you can watch the entire place from the top of it. If you are not at all a daredevil, then do not worry! All these sightseeing spots are also available there to engage you with. 

One thing you need to think of here is the parking facility available because only a few spaces are available. So, be sure to get a safe parking space for parking your vehicles. The driftwood is present here with all charm, enabling every visitor to peep into that. There are many wildlife present here as well. 

You can also have a walk towards Long Beak Point, which welcomes you with lots of Douglas Fir. There are lots of campsites also present here. The presence of Seal Islets makes this place in a way unique as well. Tide pools are also present there. Before going to this place, be sure of the high tides that may arise here. Do ensure these with the help of tide charts present there. 

Morning Beach Park Comox Valley Website

1.4 Shopping

Denman Island is one such place that promotes various artistic innovations like paintings, jewelry, etc. The craftsmanship of the sculptors, potters, etc., is also being ensured in a well-known manner by the people who live here.

There are various shops in which these people can display their craftsmanship, talents, and creativity. Thus, they can engage the visitors like this. 

The visitors, for sure, can reach here as well and can encourage these people by buying these works of the natives. There are usually private galleries that are set up near the homes of all the people who do these jobs. Denman Art Gallery, Denman Craft Shops, etc., are some of the shops which exhibit these types of craftsmanship of different people. 

Shopping Things to do on Denman Island
Source Shopping at Denman Island

Many visitors used to visit here while having a drive on the way to other destinations. They peep into these shops on both sides of the place. The people who have some interest in these will buy all these sorts of things and keep these items as a memory of this place, which can be kept in their own home. This will be yet another happy thing that we can see here. So many talented people are here to portray their talents and craftsmanship. 

If you are a person who is a wine lover, then you must definitely visit the Cornell Vineyard. One should not miss visiting this place if they plan to be here for at least a short time. This is such a place in which you can delve deep into this place for enjoying the beauty of the vineyards, gardens, etc.

1.4.1 Shopping is One of the Best Things to Do on Denman Island

You will have many places which provide lunch for you. Trust me! It will be a mesmerizing experience for everyone and the wine you receive from there. There are many costly organic wines also available here. This is such a place that has been open to all visitors since 2015. 

The Denman Island store is a very old, classic, generalized store that has almost everything that you need in your day-to-day survival like groceries, gas facilities, supplies, etc. Several cafes are also present here. Nearby these areas, there are some renting shops in which people used to rent bikes for the tourists who visit here, to have a pleasure trip them. Most travelers will also use these rented bikes to visit all such astonishing places.

family grocery shopping together
By Gustavo Fring on Pexels

1.5 Forest Walk is One of the Best Things to Do on Denman Island

These people can even walk through the Fillongley Provincial Park. Douglas Fir trees completely surround this place, and here we can see many local artists who came here.

These fir trees are present here and are many years of age. There are so many trails also present here, which makes these people visit here in a great manner. 

Other types of trees also belong to the category of Deciduous trees. The grassy fields, which have the presence of various wildflowers, are yet another place that comes into the mind of every visitor who plans a trip to these places. Especially during the springtime, these wildflowers blossom, and it will be such an amazing experience for all those people who pay a visit here. 

While walking along the trails, several short wheel-chair facilities are also available for all the people there. There are many other things present nearby, like Beadnell Creek. 

Beaufort Mountain Trail Scenery Jan2020

1.6 Water Adventure is One of the Best Things to Do on Denman Island

The next activities that one can do here are daring activities. All the daredevils can do Kayaking, Canoeing, etc., here in a great manner. While heading on to these activities, you will be mesmerized by the sceneries present there and spotting many aquatic species in the marine ecosystem. 

Canoeing Things to do on Denman Island
Source Canoeing at Denman Island

Some places rent you the properties you need to have for undergoing all such activities. Many basic lessons, as well as package tours, were also organized by many people who were present there. You can do boat riding as well here. You can visit Bill Meet Park as well. This place is very much protected with aqua, and most people can enjoy being there.

1.7 Farm Visit and Purchase

Meanwhile, Various farms are present on both sides of the road or sometimes on either side. Many products can be called local as well. So, the local traders will be selling all those things.

We can say that it is, in a way, an honor for all those traders if we take whatever things we need from them. They always gave first priority to the customers rather than giving emphasis to the money that they received. 

Farming Things to do on Denman Island
Source Farming at Denman Island

The Two Roads Farm, which appears to be a very small one with a complete organic farming facility available, will be present there on Denman Island, which is accessible to every person over there. Every vegetable, including carrots, beans, eggplants, etc., is available, which is accessible to all the people who are present there. 

In the Denman Islands’ Farmers’ Market, you can have access to all such things, especially on the weekends. If it is summer, then you must visit that place. Do not miss a trip here while being in Canada. 

1.8 The Denman Island Central Park Loop.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the terrain or some sightseeing spots or viewpoints, then definitely do not miss the option of the Central Park Loop. You can do hiking here. You can reach here by biking as well.

The Denman Conservancy Association is the organization that owns the central park. Several trails pass through the forest areas, which appear so enchanting to everyone who visits here. 

Many wetlands also make this place even more worthy to have a walk. Well-maintained as well as easy-going type trails are present here, even though certain places appear to be over-occupied with mud. Many bird species can be witnessed here, along with the view of several mountain ranges, which act as ornaments in adding more beauty to this place.

Hiking the Denman Park Trails

1.9 Graham Lake 

This lake has its own beauty along with the warm water it owns. If you want to visit here, you need to hike through the very short forest which is found here. You can also do various activities like fishing here. Every tourist who visits here used to enjoy these types of activities.

All such activities so entertain them because they engage these visitors without letting them get bored. Many wooden docks which can be handled by hand are also present here. You will be able to do swimming and lounging here. 

GRAHAM LAKE Fishing - Upsala Ontario

1.10 Hornby Island Visit

There are several islands, like Hornby, which are present here. This place has significance since it has various art forms, music, wine, etc., to enjoy. There are so many different beaches which are present there, along with different types of trails. 

These become a part of these people’s hiking points as well. The Tribune Bay beach, which has fine sands present in it, appears too warm, especially during the summer season. People used to visit this surprisingly astonishing beauty almost during that time. 

So many facilities like ferries are available on the coasts, which will be till Denman. You will only take 15-20 minutes to take a ferry trip here. So, you can enjoy this as well while being here.

Sunrise Silhouette Hornby Island Coast

2. Conclusion

Denman Island is definitely a treat to your body and soul. You can go hiking, and there are many things to do on Denman Island. This island gives an opportunity to spend quality time with nature and forests. It will teach you to respect mother nature.

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